swasan ff: lusty don

hi, guyss im sara im new here i was a silent reader but now i’ll try to comment on all stories… i hope u will like my concept

Sanskar Meshwari: age 29…. a very cruel don.. but not only kills ppl but alsoo he kidnaps the girls and use them for their lust… in other words he is a bad man overall..having a family but they lives in abroad… and they dont know about his this side.. they only thinks him a s a business man but in real he is a cruel don who kills other business man..

Swara gadodia:- age 18.. clg going student from a middle class family… loves her family alot but at a same time a very shy and scared kitten type girl… she dont like who kills innocent ppl… she dont like ppl who dont have heart…

the one the speaks only in the language of bullets how will he be able to speak by using his tongue to whom who will become his life butt after satisfying his cruel lust??…

the one only only knows how to speak sweetly how will she be able to talk to the person in his own language??

swara becomes don’s victim accidentally…

but its not like other stories in which don become mesmerized after seeing the girl… it is only and only lust… of using girls like a tissue ppr..

a sweet only 18 yrs old girl faces the cruel world.. when she only knows the sweet side of the world…

cruel man will fall on the feet of that person whose soul is killed by only him….

its not a simple story in which a don will like a girl and kidnaps her..

it is not a simple story in which girl will fall in don’s love and change him…

the major part of the story is depends on only lust of a person…

what will happened when his family comes to know about his this deeds??

who will pay for whom deeds??

soo guys tell me that u like the concept or not?? shall i continue or not?? i know im new here i just hope u all will welcome me warmly


  1. Sanswa


    |Registered Member

    M sooo glad dat u broke ur silency shellπŸ‘πŸ‘…n wat a concept depicted tag line ‘Lusty don’…woaahπŸ‘Œ…just loved it…nw post nxt update soon..eagerly w8ing..😊

  2. Rabia


    |Registered Member

    Interesting concept but i cant say that i will be able to read or not soo beat of luckk for future epis also andd welcome to tu 😊😊😊

  3. Srusti


    |Registered Member

    Very interesting concept and the title lusty don superb yaar firstly I surprised silent reader become a writer not bad yaar so good and about ur ff there is no doubt u should continue this one

  4. Swarmayi


    |Registered Member

    Awww.. what a lovely nd interesting concept dear.. mind blowing. I just loved it.. n ur title.. Goshhh.. It killed me yarr.. Lusty Don.. wowww.. keep it up.. I’ll pray fr ur successful episodes as u r new in tu.. best luck

  5. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Welcome to the tu as a writer dear…About storyline, it’s interesting dear…Plz continue..All the best for the further parts..
    Take care
    Keep smilingπŸ˜€


    Hi Sara……I’m Ritwika…..I’m was also a silent reader….BT after reading ur prologue i fill to leave a comment.
    I just love ur concept…….. Its very different…….. n i love different things…..so plz plz plz post soooooooon………plzzzzzzz…tack care…

  7. SM

    Awesome Sara Dr.. . Interesting concept m really eagerly waiting for he further updates…. and unique tittle i must say

  8. Anniya


    |Registered Member

    Ummm wow what an concept….
    And about title what say…
    Its totally unique……
    You can become amazing writer, you have all qualities…
    Plz pst first part as soon as possible can’t wait for seeing lusty don

  9. Aliya123

    First of all welcome to tu….tu get a new family member……whhhooo..our family is increasing day by day😁😁

    About concept must say….its nt only different bt also an interesting one…….continue it…..no doubt everyone will love it…….😊😊

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