Lust Or Love – whatever It Is – We are Addicted To It shot 8 by subi


Shot eight

Jealousy starting

Episode starts..

❤❤❤❤❤ mature content ❤❤❤❤
Sanskar’s pov. ..

I pinned her in wall with one hand and I undressed myself she, blushed like a tomato.. . Then I opened her buttons and throwed the shirt.. Atlast her beauty is infront of me without any barrier…her beautiful body is inviting me soon I accepted the invitation a then I made her lie in the bed N took a full view of her beauty.. Her hand reach for blanket but I stopped her n went on top of her and kissed her every part of her body… Not even a single part is unleft without my kiss and touch.. All the while she was mourning in pleasure n her mourning gave me pleasure too… Soon the dominant swara is back she can’t take it anymore.. She pushed meet n came on top of me n started kissing me and bitting me.. N she too marked me as her.. Yes I’m only hers.. N she is only mine…. I was mourning in extreme pleasure…

She is really a wild cat. But my wild cat. Now her jealousy damn I loved it yaar. and her anger. Hehe I know how to stop it. see I did it. With this lioness I can easily change all and end it with love making ?

Hehe see how I made her forget everything…

Pov ends…..




Both were sight seeing. Meanwhile sanskar remember how he got jealous yesterday and thought to make her jealousy today.
Both went to a mall. And swara was shopping dresses for her… Sanskar saw an girl seeing him .. So went to her and started flirting…..swara was seeing all that and was fuming.. In anger and jealousy .. She went to him and was about to speak. When someone from behind spoke.

” sry sir she is deaf… Do you want to say anything to her?? I’m her friend only ” a boy told from back..

Hearing it swara bursted out of laughter making sanskar pout…

But before sanskar could react. Swara went away remembering how sanskar was flirting. Making sanskar run behind her..

Sanskar was convincing swara in all way back to hotel.. But nothing worked.. After reaching room … Sanskar pinned her to wall.. Swara who was acting to be angry.. Couldn’t stop herself from blushing seeing him shirtless…

? rest you all know. .

Flashback ends…….

Next day.

Both decided to spend time in room itself…. Playing and talking with eachother… Obviously with little romance…

So both are playing truth or dare. Sometimes never ever. And was talking with eachothers crush making their partners fume also happy that. Both are together and bound to eachother for life time.

Screen freezes..

PRECAP: next stage of jealousy

I know it’s a short update.. But can’t help. I’m not getting time to write.. Also tierd after full day working. . And head ache..


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