Lust Or Love – whatever It Is – We are Addicted To It shot 5 by subi


Shot five

Forest Guesthouse

Episode starts.

Then decided boating as its been long they enjoyed boating.. .. So with the help of Google uncle they reached their destination….

Swa: sanskar I love my Google uncle.. See how much helpful he is…

San: Hahaha seriously your uncle you crazy…

Swa: huh y you married a crazy… Then.

San: because I love this craziness. ???? and her s*xy looks..

Sanskar told husky and leaned to kiss her while driving. But swara pushed him and asked him to drive…

They Traveled some more time… And sanky stopped the car in a corner and asked swara to drive.. Being a driving Manic.. She agreed immediately. And shifted the seats.. Unaware of her hubby’s mind….

( Guys road is empty since it’s the way reaching some rural cities.. No vehicle. Are there)

As soon as swara started driving….sanskar hands went to her thighs… He started teasing her moving his hands sensually upwards from her thighs… Swara adjusted herself and was giving death glare to him.. But without warning his hands landed on her core.. Over her dress. Swara stopped the car with a jerk… And gave him a look.. But he pulled her into a deep kiss… In the middle of road… In car… ( Guys as its my fiction.. Anything can happen OK…)

Suddenly it started raining… So they broke the kiss and swara parked in some corner. Under a tree…….

Is it not enough for swasan…. They started making out in car itself. .

???? don’t worry. Car glass are dark. So nothing will be visible from outside…..

After their session… Again sanskar took over driving seat and they reached the boating place. But to their disappointment due to rain.. It’s closed. They were thinking what to do.. Then swara noticed.. Something sparkling in a mountain top. They got close to it to find.
A banner.. ” CLASSY FOREST GUEST HOUSE ” 10 kms away.. . Seeing this both their eyes shined. As both have a freaking love towards such places. With a new excitement. Both started their way towards the forest.. Enjoying the nature view. …

They reached near only to find a ravishing sight … They blown up by the look. . The hospitality was something more than awesome. They jusr fall in love with place. After booking a room for themselves…they moved towards it… But they stopped as their eyes caught swimming pool. Both are excited. that they just like thar left to swimming pool and dived in together holding hands. After sometime. Sanskar got naughty and pulled her towards him.. Started inserting his hands inside her tops. But swara stopped him..

Swa: not here also not now sanky.

San: but you are irresistible darling.

She forcefully got out of his grip..

Swa: I’m saying na not now… I’m going to the room.. Collect the bags from car…

Saying this swara marched towards her room. After reaching room she went to take shower. Leaving sanskar all shocked.. But later he smirked and went to room after collecting bags.

Here swara was enjoying her shower with rose water …unaware the devilish planning of her hubby.

After freshnup she comes out in the bathrobe. ( Guys in some resorts they provide it. So now you won’t ask me how she got bathrobe right )

As soon as she comes back. The room changed dark. Before she could realize.. She was forced on bed and her both hands are tied up to bed… She was shouting and shaking her legs. But she felt like someone holding it tight. then suddenly lamps near the bed started glowing give swara a way to know who is holding her. She was more than shocked to see the person. Ofcourse it’s her only hubby ” sanskar fully naked.. ”

Swa: sanky.

Sanskar smiled and told..

San: now bear the punishment of saying no to me

Before she could answer. she gasped as sanskar forcefully pushed his fingers in her core. . With other hand he undone her bathrobe… By holding her legs with his. She is locked in all sides. She doesn’t know how to react. Here sanky was enjoying it. And is fingering her with more speed…. She was moaning and jumping with her back. She wants to stop him.. But she couldn’t.. But somewhere in the heart she likes it.. She couldn’t control more and climaxed… Then sanskar withdraw her hands and came above her. Kissing her hungrily and fondling her bosoms wildly.. Now swara is enjoying her sweet yet wild torture. She wants to hold him tight. But couldn’t. Her desire is increasing. She wants him now.

Swa: sanky enough I need you now. Jaan.

Even she wants her now. But he wants to tease her more..

San: my s*xy wifey even I need you but wait sweetheart..

Saying this he started kissing her everywhere in her body…..

After getting enough of his teasing. Swara moved her legs such a way that it touches his thing.. Now how could he control himself…

He winked at her and.. Came above her. And pushed himself inside her without any warning..

Both are enjoying and making out forgetting the world and tiredness… After a hour or so. He withdraw from her and removed her hands and lied near her and took her above him..

San: liked it jaan ????

Swa: loved it jaan.. You are really awesome ?? it was exciting..

San: I know champ ..

Both drifted to sleep

Episode ends…

PRECAP: how about making out in middle of forest under moon light??


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    Amazing ?????????

  3. Tamil

    Amazing ???????

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    1. Subi


      1. Mica

        the car which swaying as they do something 😀 , i mean give warning to mature content please.. thank you

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      Oh. But if you want warning. Then I should give in starting only..Obviously from the title name. All can know. Right. It contains mature content

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