Lust Or Love – whatever It Is – We are Addicted To It Part 9 by subi


Shot 9


Episode starts..

Both are talking about their crushes. When swara was lost in thinking of her clg time crush. Who used to crush on swara too. But none proposed or told each other.

Swa: you know sanky. He was like chocolate boy.. So much cute. And chubby cheeks.. I just want to grab it….

San ( fuming) : is he cute than me??

Swa: hahaha don’t kid sanky. You and cute?? you are handsome.. But he was cute. And seeing him after a long time. I feel he became much handsome.

San: what seeing him again??? ??

Swa: yah hubby… Day before yesterday we saw him na. Vikrant. I’m talking about him only ( ?????) just see his name. Vikrant awww so sweet to hear na. He is my cutie. ?? You know sanky I thought to marry him too. ??? but see I ended up with you. Let me try my luck in next life ??? ( is it not enough of her hubby.. Her jaan ?? who pulled her into a deep kiss. Making her stop her blabbering… She was shocked…after sometime he left her because they are out of breath. ) what was that ( asked while panting)

San: you are only mine.. In all birth OK. ( said controlling his anger)

Swa: but ( stops seeing his angry glare)

San: what complete the sentence. ( glaring her)

Swa: umm but I’ll be bored of seeing your face na. ??? ( saying this she starts running… And got into the dressing room.. Locking it from inside)

It took few seconds for sanskar to realize what swara told… Before he realize she was inside the room. sanskar was banging the door. Asking swara to open

San: swara come out now. . What did you say.. Open the door monkey. .

Swa: Hahhaah donkey. I won’t open….let me see what you will do . Haha

San: stop laughing piggy.

Swa: I won’t buffalo. Just see your face now .. Looking like a gorilla.

San: huh me gorilla ah. . For this face only riya was mad. .. It’s ok.. I’ll go to her. U go to that vikrant.. ( think of teasing her)

Swara was shocked. But got the tone of his words. So she too acted along..

Swa: wow really then.. I’ll call vikrant now itself and say about it. I know he is not married. But riya is having a 2 year baby too. Hahaha..which is calling you uncle ???

San: huh ( sanky think before you speak) OK leave it. Now come out.

Swa: no no no. I’ll come when vikrant comes.. I have texted him to come.

San: what ( shocked)

Swa: ha. Sanky. He will be here any

The door bell rings.. Before sanskar could react. Swara opened the door.. Pushed sanskar down and ran to door and opened.

* Here sanskar who was pushed by swara was lying on the floor on his back .. Moaning in pain rubbing his hands which got banged in Floor.

There swara was laughing seeing him like thar..

And switched off the lights. Sanskar panicked the moment… And got up immediately. And turned on the flash in mobile. Too see the room empty.. ( windows are closed) the room is dark. When he went near the switch board and on the light…

He saw wall with wall sticker ‘ I love you sanky ‘

He was numb… Then he heard a loud voice / screaming ” Happy 20 years anniversary sanky ”

Then he remembered that today is the
Same day he meet her 20 years back. He was 5 and she was 3…

He was happy getting his childhood friend and one and only bestie as life partner….. He felt blessed to know that she loves him… Like he does.. Yes he love her…. He realized it when swara was talking with vikrant. She is only his property. . His love. His life. His soul… She hugged her tight. And whispered ” I love you too champ. ” she smiled hearing his simple confession….. Both hugged eachother tight feeling their body. Their love. And got lost in eachothers solace.. Slowly swara broke the hug. And saw sanky with loving eyes. And bite his cheeks. Making him gasp. While sanky was rubbing the area she bited and was seeing her with red shot eyes.

But after sometime both bursted out of laughter.. ( she bites him such in childhood. When she is happy.. Instead of kissing)

Swa: I love you shona

San: I love you more sanky…

Both confessed truly.

Sanskar saw her with desires now. Feeling his gaze she got to know what he wanted.. She closed her eyes.. While he captured his lips into her’s and took her in his arms without breaking the kiss carried her to bed and came above her… Both got indulged in love making. Today with not only passion and desire also with love. ❤

Screen freezes……

PRECAP: last part ( romantic part)

Just one part more. It will be on 8th July. As I told.. ( ending my fb ff world world journey.. Exactly the day I started it one year back .)

Note: wattpad users I’ll post part 9 for you tomorrow.. As the story was different there. . So stay tuned…

Wattpad ID: SubathraSubi


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