Lust Or Love – whatever It Is – We are Addicted To It Part 10 by subi (Last part)


Shot 10 ( Last part)

Episode starts…

Leap of one month. .

Swasan are back to their mansion after honeymoon trip… Sanskar is cursing himself for coming from Paris. As after reaching home he couldn’t get hold of swara. In day time they are busy in office…. And he knows swara will kill him if he try to romance in office… But in home.. She Is always sticking to sujatha helping her or doing gossiping…. She wakes up early and comes late to room… Now no morning jogging too. Instead she is doing meditation with ram and sujatha..

Sanskar’s pov….

Oh god.. This girl na… Huh from where I got her.. 24 hours a day.. But not even 1 hour for her husband. Pity me…it’s been one month we are married. We celebrated our one month anniversary in office with a meeting. ?? I thought to make the night memorable. But this idiot slept after buttering me telling she is tierd and today too she didn’t even kissed me.. ?? whenever I see her lips.. My lips wanna claim it. But no… Couldn’t do it. And now it’s 11:30 I’m getting sleepy. I don’t know when I’ll fall asleep. I hope she comes before I sleep…

Thinking about it.. He falls asleep in sitting position only… With mouth little open (???)

Sanskar’s pov ends…..

Swara’s pov…

Hahaha swara how cute husband you have got…. He and his antics.. Sir is busy in cursing me for not celebrating out first month anniversary.. Forgetting. That tomorrow is his birthday. My mad hubby.. Haha. I’ll give you treat for both today and yesterday ((( ??????? both are shameless)))

Swara’s pov ends…

When the clock is gonna strike 12:00 I shouted from outside of room..

Swa: ahhhh ( screaming like hell) and showed thumbs up to ram and sujatha.. ..

Sanskar who heard her screaming got up with a jerk and rushed outside.. Panting..

As soon as he came out of room.. Poppers are blasted ? ?

And trio shouted ” Happy birthday sanskar ”

Haha it took some time for him to realize what happened ???? then he understand its their plan and got happy seeing swara’s excitement….

After spending quality time with ram and sujatha. All went to their room….

❤❤❤❤❤mature content ❤❤❤❤

As soon as both entered the room.. Sanskar removed his shirt making swara gasp in surprise…

he picks her nd places her on bed.

he slowly removes her hand from his neck romantically with a seducing smrik

He smirks and got on the bed …and comes top of her while. Having a cute eye lock …?

He. Leaned towards her ear and whispered” are u ready… ” with a smirk

She nodded” yesss”

He claimed her lips. Its a small yet.. Passionate ?

He starts rubbing and caressing each and every part of her body so sensuously yet passionately .. While she closed her eyes feeling his touch …
He cups her face both were staring into each other eyes .. A heat of desire raised in them .. She feels so loved ..her hands automatically travels to his chest ..while he pulls her mover closer to him and cups her face .. With no moment he captures her rosey red lips into a kiss … Both kisses in equal passion and desire
He removed her t-shirt nd kisses her bare back.
he slowly unhooks her ngt pant.. swara gets. shy nd tries to move away but he pinned her to bed while pressing himself more

. He places his lips on her neck and kisses and licks all over her neck giving open mouth kisses
Her hands travels to his back … Caressing his back sensuously and pressing him more on her … She arches giving him more excess to kiss all over her neck while giving ..wet kisses nd love bites

she ruffled her hands through his hair nd pushed him more on her.
he layed a trail of kisses on collar bone while
he came down nd kissed her belly and bite hard making it bleed. he then sucked the blood.
he kissed her naval causing butterflies in her stomach.
having enough of torcher she rolled over him nd opened the buttons of his shirt nd kissed his chest giving love bites. he moanned loudly but she didn’t showed any mercy.

he again came on top her nd locked his lips with her. they undressed each other without breaking their kiss.

he kissed, bite, sucked her ***** ( no words u know this .?)
she moaned in pleasure nd her moans make him go more wild.

he came down nd kissed her inner things

he came above her again.

he entered into her slowly.
she gasped loudly due to unbearable pleasure

❤❤❤mature content ends ❤❤❤

Next day…

Sun rises in East as usual… Streets are really Calm indicating it’s Sunday. The rest day.. Family day. And especially it’s sanskar’s bday…

Swara was sleeping still.. While sanskar was resting his back on head board admiring his cute wife. Who is sleeping peacefully holding his hands near to her

He wishes to freeze this moment…..he is soo blessed to get her as life partner.. An understanding wife… Funny bestie… Mature adviser.. His motivator……

Without disturbing her he pecked her forehead.. Making swara to cuddle more into him….

Now he knows his life is perfect and it’s gonna be perfect.. He don’t want to care about anything.. His wife is there.. Who loved his parents as her’s and office.. She is the best in handling business.. Sometimes he used to get shock is this arrogant business women Is his funny best friend and cute wife.. She is an all in one combo…. He saw the time its half past 6 then he saw swara.

Again he too lied in bed and took her in his embrace. And slept again.. Feeling each others solace.. ?‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍?

Screen freezes…..

After one year they are blessed with a baby boy.. Siddharth sanskar Maheshwari. Who is a carbon copy of his parents…… He is the prince of sanskar. Champ of swara. And eyes of ram – sujatha, shekar – shomi…

Now all are living in one house as a cute family….

❤❤❤❤❤❤The End ❤❤❤❤❤ ❤

Thanks #bhanu jaan for your involvement in this part.. ???

Wattpad ID: SubathraSubi

Wattpad users. I’m continuing the story only there…. And it’s different. There. part 9 is posted there.


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