LUST OR LOVE (Twinj OS)-treat


LUST OR LOVE? (Twinj OS)-Treat

Hey guys! So here i am with my promised treat on my birthday…i am really glad to be presenting this to you guys!!! Thats a way for me to include u lovelies in my celebrations n make u part of my life!!

I gave u a choice but most of u girls were indecisive n the rest were 50-50 so i tried to incorporate both of them in it….

This is pakka an os..i wont drag it like my ‘os’ turned ‘ff’??

❤️________ready set go________❤️

Girl’s POV
‘Do we really love each other?’ I wondered twirling my glass of wine

Today it has been a year since we got bound by the sacred promises of mariage….yet it feels like any regular day…but it lacked something….definitely it did…where was the love that i have been yearning for? It’s not that our relationship was devoid of intimacy…rather…each passing day was a memorable night which has witnessed a growing passion for each other….what is this? If not love then what shall i call this???

I was in deep reflection when someone back-hugged me…his hands slowly traced its way to my belly, sensually caressed my belly, making me shut my eyes and just enjoying his touch….


G-where’s he? Today i am not going to leave him!! He did not call me even once in the day!! It is my birthday today! How dare he forget that?

N she kept on blabbering n her face is shown…she is none other than our mighty Twinkle….

She was still venting out all her anger on Kunj’s pic when he came inside the room. He froze at the doorstep seeing Twinkle in a black nightie…
He came and hugged her but Twinkle jerked his hands away…

T-ohhh! Look who’s here! My dear Mr Husband! Where have u been? Anyways…why should i care? I mean nothing to you right?

Her eyes welled up…

K-look Twinkle i am really sorry! I was held up in some work. By the way you’re looking smoking hot in this outfit…what’s so special today? I mean…ur looking so s*xy…i want to eat you up!!
He said looking at her from top to bottom.

T-get lost kunj. I don’t want to talk to you! I mean u forgot such…

But before she could say anything kunj smashed his lips against hers n they both engaged in an intimate evening….

*end of flashback*

The girl pushed those hands away and went far from that man..facing him. The girl is revealed to be Twinkle only…with tears in her eyes…but this time she was very angry!

T- kunj what is it today? It is our first anniversary god damn it! N it is nearing its end…
She said looking at the clock striking 11.
I would have normally not cared…as you don’t…but i cannot take it anymore!!!

K-divorce? Are you serious? I will not let go of you so easily baby…i am sorry…it totally slipped out of my mind…n it is not over yet…let’s make it interesting…

He started kissing her neck while his hands were exploring her bare waist…
(Twinkle is wearing a black saree with golden specks of glitter and having golden border)

Twinkle flew in the moment but pushed him away the very next instant..

N she broke down on the floor.

Kunj kept staring at her. After sometime he went up to her n picked her up. He threw her on the bed… But Twinkle got down.

T-Don’t u understand? I feel suffocated in this place!! I want the one i loved not the one i lust!! I dont want to end up being just a daily ‘one night stand’. You don’t love me anymore…i guess this relationship is over…it does mot matter anymore..
N she tried to walk out of the room.

Kunj had had enough and he pinned her to the wall.
K-what do you think? I enjoy doing this? I do not!! This is hell for me!
Have you ever thought what a husband might feel when he has to prove that his wife is his only daily? Do u even realise what i go through every blo*dy day? No! U don’t!

By now Kunj’s eyes were already red and they were filled with tears…

Twinkle jerked him away..
T-so i am a mere thing for u! U have to prove ur ownership every single night…u have to put ur name’s stamp on my body! I HATE U!

She was about to go away when Kunj pulled her towards him. She landed on his chest n they shared an intense eyelock…
K-i would not have to if u had not gone to meet that son of a bastard on our wedding night…

N he left her while she collapsed on the floor teary eyed..she was full of guilt n was just looking down while her heart had been torn to pieces….

K-I was there only Twinkle. I saw whatever happened there…u still loved him. I stood there being a random spectator to your so called love. It was our wedding night Twinkle…


Kunj entered a room in a beige colour Sherwani with red and gold embroidery. He looked at the entire room which was decked up like a bride. There were flowers, lights and ribbons.

K-Twinkle? Where r u?

He started searching her in the entire room but in vain. He wemt towards the balcony…

K-Twinkle? Twinkle? Twink…

His eyes got caught on two persons standing on the balcony in a hugging posture. They were none other than Twiraj…

T-i am sorry yuvi..i couldn’t do anything..
He said keeping his finger on Twinkle’s mouth.
Y-i love you bby n i will wait for you till my last breath…

Kunj was shocked n heartbroken. His hands were already closed in a fist n his eyes were red. His anger was clearly visible.

But what happened next broke him to pieces…his tears went on flowing because he could no longer control them….

*end of flashback*

N the clock struck 12. Kunj looked at the pendulum hanging on the wall n smiled with teary eyes…

K- That’s the same time when u kissed Yuvi. Congrats wifey! It has officially been a year!

N he turned to leave but Twinkle held his feet n hugged them.

T-I am sorry Kunj…i really did not mean to hurt you…
Kunj turned and look at her.

K-U had promised me Twinkle…but u were weak…and so was I…u turned me into whatever i am today…N u’ll get ur DIVORCE by tomorrow! Happy mariage anniversary…sorry…belated anniversary…

N tears started flowing from his eyes…
Twinkle got up and made him to face her… She cupped his face..

T-i am really sorry Kunj..i was crushed between my bestie n my namesake love. It took me so long to realise that i lov….

K-Don’t u dare play with me Twinkle! I am away for so long in a day!! Where does he touch u then?
Here, here, or here?
(He said touching his waist, thigh and lips)

Suddenly he got a tight slap on his face.

T-Dont u dare Kunj! Can’t u see how much i love you? Look into my eyes…what do you see in them?
Can’t u forgive me once?

She looked straight into his eyes..

K-what if i had done that? Actually what if i do that now? Right away? Then?
He said sternly…

T-i would have killed u! If that is the price to pay then be it.

She took the knife from the fruit basket and put it on her wrist.


T-NO! I’ve had enough of this! I cannot see us like this…i just can’t stand this relation of lust n pain anymore!! I admit that i wronged u Kunj but don’t u think i suffered enough for it? I have been longing for your love ever since our first night together… Visually i am a complete woman but u can’t see the broken Twinkle Kunj…u have shut ur eyes too tightly to see that…

She cried and knelt on the floor.

Kunj snatched the knife from her hands.


N he hugged her tightly…

K-i am sorry…i could never see ur love because of my pain…n don’t you dare say that we had a realtion of lust again…everytime i came close to u…i only made love to you…though i always came with the intention of hurting u…but seeing ur face, i could never master the guts to do it…because…I LOVE YOU n….

But before he could carry on he felt Twinkle’s soft lips on his…

T-i am sorry Kunj…n i LOVE YOU TOO
She said in between the kiss….

They separated and Twinkle said
‘I will die witho…’
Again she felt something on her lips and she smiled…

❤️Next Scene❤️

Twinj were sitting on the couch in each other’s embrace n were pouring their heart out to each other….
Twinkle yawned.

K-bby let’s go to sleep now. It is pretty late…

N he lifted her in bridal style.

T-what are you doing?

K-i spoilt our first year of togetherness but now i do not want to waste any further time. I want to make each and every moment memorable for both of us.

Twinkle smiled brightly and kissed his cheeks.

K-This is the way u kiss ur brother not ur hubby
N he made an cute pout while Twinkle let out a cute laugh.

Kunj put her on the bed.

K-by the way…wifey…yesterday was our anniversary…where’s my gift?
N he lifted his one brow?

Twinkle looked n him and thought for a while…
T-where’s mine?
N she narrowed her gaze awaiting his answer.

K-point…hmm….i have not got anything now…
Let’s sleep n they both lay down.

T-ur boring…
T-ur boring to death!!!
K-why so?
T-don’t u know?
T-babaji! Please knock some sense in my hubby!!

N she came on top of him n whispered in his ears
K-are u sure?
T-Kunj we’ve done it before practically every day….
T-soo i don’t want to break that custom…
K-twinkle it has changed now…i am no longer that old Kunj
T-i love that old one more then…get him back cuz i hate this boring Kunj. Otherwise i will search for something more exciting….

N she winked at him teasingly…
Kunj came on top of her and pinned her both arms to the bed…

K-dont u dare! Ur only mine!
T-i promise…even if i have to put up with this boring Kunj for my whole existence n she stroke her nose to his…

Kunj covered themselves with the blanket n they enrolled on a new life with love and intimacy….

❤️___________The End___________❤️

Soo here it was…i hope i did not bore u…i am not the best writer ever but i tried to pen down something for u guys.
Love u all❤️

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  1. Meeta

    So hot
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      Thank u Meeta! I will try to write more whenever i get time?

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    1. Ayu

      Thank u Anam. Glad u liked it

  3. Roshini125

    Nice one dear

    1. Ayu

      Thank u Roshini?

  4. ????Many more happy returns of the day ayu??…have a blissful day dear…awesome OS loved it to the core…

    1. Ayu

      Thank u dear!
      Glad u loved it?

  5. Happiest birthday Ayu! May God bless you always.. n may all your dreams get fulfilled!! .. the birthday treat was amazing.. really loved it.. you really write well.. I’ve become a jabra fan of urs.. keep writing more 🙂 🙂

    1. Ayu

      Aww! Thats soo sweet Yashvee! Thank u??❤️

  6. Chiku

    Happy bura ayu❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????
    May u get everything u desire of and ur every wish fets fullfiled.
    Coming to os its amazing as usual. U write so awesome. I am ur fan girl. Jabra fan?????????????????????????????
    Loved it.
    Wat ur age ayu.
    Love u❤️❤️
    Today ur one year old bacha. Bacha enjoy kiya na????
    Ayu I submitted my ff few hours ago. Ull find it soon. Olz consider it as ur birthday special. I didnt knew it was ur bday today. ❤️❤️ Or else i would have mentioned

    1. Ayu

      My pumpkin!!! Thank u for ur wishes dear?
      Yaar mere itne saare fans ho gaye hai!! Famous ho rahi hun yaar?
      I just turned 16?
      N there’s only one more year of maturity added to my age…buda-vuda kuch nahin hota hai…n mein to baabu hi rahungi?
      Thank u soo much for this dedication dear!! It really means a lot to me??
      Love you tooo❤️

  7. SidMin

    Loved the OS Happy Birthday 🙂

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    awesome amazing fabulous emotional os….loved it….

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  9. Simiyy

    Omg … it was amazing !! You should right more… Happy Birthday … hope you have a goid day ?

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      I will try to write whenever i get time dear?
      Thank u n i did have a really nice day?? thank u

  10. Happy birthday ayu… Nd thanks for this awesome treat..

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      Thank u dear! It was a pleasure?

  11. Trisha

    Awesome OS! Loved it???
    Happy Birthday!!!

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      Thank u Trisha??

  12. It was good sorry but not the best

    1. Ayu

      I know Aaliya. But it was only a small piece of my heart that i poured to u guys….it is okay

  13. Kritika14

    It was super cute! I loved it. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ? MAY YOU HAVE A GREAT SWEET SIXTEEN! Enjoy to the fullest! Love you ?

    1. Ayu

      Thank u dear?

  14. Hi ayu
    Nice os dear
    Happy birthday
    Have a nice day

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    Happy bday ayu….
    Love u to infinity
    May god bless you
    Superb os

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  19. Happy birthday ayu….
    It was awesome

  20. Happy birthday ayu….
    It was awesome :$:*:*

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    Happy Birthday Ayu ?
    OS was awesome enjoyed d treat
    Waiting for your next os luv u dear

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      Thank u?
      Will try to get something out of my head soon?

  22. Shatakshi

    Omg Ayu tune bataya bhi nahi
    An the os was damn Amazing
    N yes aapna ff bhi jaldi post kar
    I m waiting
    Stay blessed
    Party hard
    Love u loads❤❤❤

    1. Ayu

      Hehe…i am sorry?
      Thank u dear…it was yesterday n i did party hard!! Actually i had posted the os early yesterday but it got posted really late….anyways..thank u dear n i will try to post it soon?

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    Amazing os Ayu
    And A very happy b’day…..have a gr8 blast????

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  24. Baby

    ayu amazing luvd it so very mch
    live long party hard enjoy d lyf god bless u
    luvd d os very mch dis uvraj he is evrywhere 2 create probs in twinjs relationship hehe
    luvd it so mch………love you dear……….

    1. Ayu

      Thank u soo much baby! I am really glad that u liked the os..
      Study well dear?
      Love u❤️

  25. Ayu

    Thank u Shelly..glad u found it helpful but i do not understand the link…how does this relate to my os?

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