Lust Love and Revenge – Raglak (episode 2)

Ragini turn n open her mouth in shock she saw a man near about 23 wearing only on his waist listining song n dancing like a monkey he didn’t saw ragini n that man dancing ragini is watching him n that boy turn n saw ragini n face reveled laksh he shock to see ragini

“aaahhh…who r u how u come here,laksh shout n ragini make face hearing his shout

“tell me who r u how u came,laksh said n turn n start wearing his cloths

ragini come in sence n also turn

“vo actuly adarsh sir send me as ur new secretory,ragini said

laksh wear his cloths n sit on his chair

“sir here is my qualifications n sit on chair,ragini said

laksh take her qualifications file n cheak n shock to see her degree

“what the hell u r graduated from bio n also 3rd year MBBS student n u came here for my new secretory’s job,laksh said

“yes sir bcoz a secretory has job only that to inform her boss where he has meeting when he will have to attends meeting n i think i can do this sir,ragini said with full confidence

laksh give ragini her file

“ok u appointed as my new seceretory n u can start ur job now,laksh said

ragini noded happily n laksh give a bundle of file which makes ragini shock

“what is this sir,ragini said

“oh this is files n u have to complete this at 6 pm ok bye,laksh said

laksh was about to go but he suddenly stop bcoz a man near about 6’2 inch tall fair man a r stand at the door

“adarsh bhai u here,laksh said

“ya me surprise or shock to see me,adarsh said

“oh come on bhai i happy to see u,laksh said

he was about to hug adarsh but adarsh ignore him n goes to ragini n hug her

“how r u my sis,adarsh says

laksh open her mouth

“good bhai,ragini said

adarsh saw the files n take the file from ragini n called

‘laksh come here,adharsh says

laksh come in sence n come near to him

“where r u going ? N why u give ragini this files n didn’t saw her degrees,adarsh ask

“i did n i give her this file so that she can learn work,laksh said

“oh shut up u idiot i know u gave her these file so that she worked n u can go to meet ur gfs ryt,adarsh said in anger

“remember one thing if u did any mistake n do any prank with ragini like u did with ur 6 seceretoies than i will i send u to papa n u know how he teach u,adarsh said

“no bhai whatever u told me to do i’ll do but don’t send me to dad plz i beg,laksh said

laksh take all files n goes to his chair start reading files adarsh take ragini

“i told about laksh still u wanna work with laksh,adarsh says

“i know bhai i mean sir but u know my problem n ya u have to promise me that u won’t tell maa n papa that where m I n where i m working bcoz if they got to know about my location than they will once start sending boys for marrige n i hate this,ragini says with iritating face

“ok i promise but u can call me bhai n here is your new apartment keys now u will stay here,adarsh says

“thanx bhai,ragini says n hug him

fb end

ragini open her eyes with thud n says – Adarsh bhai ya he can solve my problem n also he make understood my problem to laksh but how n where is he i have to go mm talk to badi maa

she stands n was about to go but stop bcoz her phone ring n she open her phone n she saw photos in phone in which she changes her cloths which is send by laksh her anger reach to pick n shout

“laksh i will kill u,ragini shout

her phone ring laksh name show on display she pickup

“how dare u laksh how could u do this to me u told me i m ur friend whom friends do this another friend plz tell me,ragini said in anger n cries

“i m so sorry baby but what can i do if don’t do this than i m sure u ran away or find any other way to break our marrige n i cant take this risk so i did this ok u wanna meet me na than come at xyz place ok i m waiting,laksh say n cut the call

ragini in anger goes to near her cubboard open she open drawer n take gun

‘i m coming laksh maheshwari i m coming,ragini said n gone

epi end

nexa episode-ragini shoot laksh n a big secrete reveled

ok bye

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