Lust Love and Revenge – Raglak (episode 1)

Ragini wake up her body paining like hell she try 2 sit saw her home

Ragini-why all things r broken ?

N she remember her n laksh’s fight

Ragini(think)-why he bcome lyk dis ? Wht happend with him ? He was like not lyk dis b4 i remember dat day when i meet him 1st time

6 year ago Deharadun

A hotel show name Maheshwari hotel a girl show outside she wearing blue jeans n blue white colour cheak shirt with open hair no makeup n the face show ragini

Ragini(think)-god plz i get dis job after i won’t beg u anything plz plz

She enter in hotel n goes 2 recepsnist

Ragini-hello i m ragini gadodiya 2day is my interview

Recepsnist-ya u ryt on time sir just come u go straight n take ryt u found boss cabin laksh maheshwari

Ragini nodes n goes

Recepsnist-oh god plz dis girl didn’t leave dis job

Ragini found laksh’s cabin n knock 2 n 3 time but no responce when she enter she shock 2 cabin’s view pants shirt throw on the floor papers spread in whole room n she hear a whitsle tune n she turn n open her mouth in shock

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  1. Kristen

    Sorry guys 4 this short episode i told u my problem before posting

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  3. Awesome keep posting

  4. Interesting episode and what happened next?

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    post next one soon…


  7. Nyc entry

  8. Asra

    awesome dear….

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    Nice keep going

  10. A.xx

    fab and wonder what happen next xx

  11. Mintu

    Superb dear…Hehee.. I think laksh did something funny ?

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