His Lust Or Love (Intro)

Hello guys its me Angel h r u all?

well I want to write a ff on SwaSan as I’m a big fan of them its not at all my first ff I wrote many but on swasan it’s first so let’s start the intro

Note:I’m not going to write story on “What Is Love” I’ll make a one shot please don’t be angry ?

Sanskar: He’s Rude And Heartless Person Who Think Money Can Buy Anything And For Him His Needs R All That Matters (Why He’s Like This U Know It Later)

Swara:She’s Cute, Lovely, Intelligent In Short Beauty With Brain But There A Something Which Bother Her But She Don’t Say Anything To Anyone (Why She’s Like This U Know It Later)

Now Let’s Start It Prologue

A man in his mid 20s wearing black suit was sitting on big chair in his cabin the cabin was well organized he was staring a photo with desire filled eyes he took the photo in his hands and moved his finger on it and stopped on her lips and said
man:u r dam hot babe and I’ll get u anyhow even I’ll see till when you’ll save urself from me from Sanskar Maheshwari I’ll make u mine anyhow u know ur something I can’t get enough in once or twice I want to enjoy u till my heart and mind doesn’t get bored from u for the first time Sanskar want someone more than once u escape from me yesterday but how’ll u save urself from me today saying this he smirk and left from there

Scene Change
A girl in her 20s was sitting in corner of a room and was crying badly her she was covering herself with blanket as her clothes were torn and while crying she was saying
girl:why maa why baba why did u did this with me why saying this she cried even more just then someone came in room and the girl get up and hit the wall being scared and said
girl:please let me go what have I done please Sanskar
Sanskar came toward the girl and pins her against the wall and said
Sanskar:ooh god swara why the hell r u so scared trust me you’ll enjoy babe saying this he came close to her lips but Swara turn her face to left side while years roll down her cheeks but Sanskar is also Sanskar he turn her face by holding her chin and before she could react he lean closer and capture her lips shocking Swara he kissed her harder and harder he took her upper lip and suck it hard Swara tried to push him but he was so strong and seeing Swara’s struggle he press his body on her totally making her gasp in pain but she couldn’t do anything neither she can shout nor she can push him and Sanskar was now biting her lower lips and it start bleeding Swara moan in pain against his lips and he took the advantage and put his tongue in and played with her tongue then his left hand moved little down and he cupped her br*ast and then start kneading her br*ast over her clothes Swara was crying continuously but she know it’s of no use because the person in front of her isn’t human he is a blo*dy rude heartless beast

To Be Continued
hey frds h r u all ?
here is my very first ff on swasan how’s it I hope u guys like it and yeah if don’t please tell me to quit ?

and for love I’m giving the link of my one shot story Intro


Enjoy ?

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  1. awsm dude.. continue eagerly waiting 🙂 <3<3

  2. I loved it. Should go on with the story plot

  3. It is superb concept upload it please please please and regular updates it. It concept totally different yaar keep it up.?????????and try to update next part today

    1. thanks a lot and I’ll dear actually I wrote 2 stories right now one this and second “infinite” so regular update of this ff is quite difficult hope u understand ?

  4. Please don’t stop this ff in middle

    1. Off course not I never stop in mid I always end my ff ?

  5. awesome. plz continue

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    keep it up
    blessed u…

  11. awesome

  12. Poor swara can u start a ff on raglak too plsss

    1. soon when I’ll get any idea ?

  13. Poor swara! !!! But hope that sanskaar will turn positive. .and it was awesome..waiting for next

    1. thanks and yeah he’ll?

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  18. Angel again u came back with an amazing story.i have read all ur ffs but never commented.sorry for that but now i wont br silent.This story is awesomr. Poor swara .plz post nxt soon.

    1. thanks a lot dear and it’s ok ?

  19. Superb plz update soon

    1. awesome di…u once again rocked waiting….loved it

  20. As always ur just. Amazing…. u r an awesome writer….. I loved it….. love u Angel… take care…

    1. thanks a lot and love u too ??

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  22. Hey.angel di…I am glad that you are back…..I loved your story very much ….plz update soon…..

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  24. Angel….when u became rude….i never imagined it was u…
    seriously brilliant….u are making me go mad day by day…with ur story…..
    god please save me from this writer…..i am getting addicted 😛 😛 😛

    1. Thanks a lot dear ?

      Ahhahah ?

  25. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Awesome Hun, I’m planning to write a story on a Hollywood show… Based on tv show Fromm there~Nusz

    1. thanks a lot and nice u should ?

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