His Lust Or Love (Episode 9)


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Episode 9
The episode start with SwaSan were sleeping peacefully in each other embrace… Sanskar woke up and saw his beautiful wife sleeping peacefully with a beautiful smile attach to her lips… Sanskar remember last night and smile… he was the happiest person ever on this earth today… he couldn’t believe Swara was accepting him and last night was the evidence of that… Sanskar now don’t want anything from life… he felt complete with Swara… soon Sanskar’s thoughts were disturb because of Swara’s movement as she was still in his arms… Swara open her eyes and saw Sanskar staring her lovingly and she blush… she remember last night which make her blush even more… Sanskar notice and smile… Swara was about to get up but Sanskar hold her hand and pull her back because of which she fall on Sanskar… Sanskar hold her tightly from waist and said
Swara said shyly
Swara:In… wash…washroom
Sanskar smile seeing her shy and said
Sanskar:why so soon stay with me saying this he pull her more closer and Swara breath heavily… Sanskar lock Swara’s hair behind her ear… Swara close her eyes feeling shy… Sanskar moved his fingers from her ear to neck and then caresses there with his lips… Swara said slowly feeling shy
Swara:Sans…Sanskar please

Sanskar looked at Swara and smile seeing her… Sanskar kiss in her forehead… Swara open her eyes and both stare each other… Sanskar said
Sanskar:I’m leaving u only because I’m getting late for office otherwise saying this Sanskar wink and Swara blush… Swara get up and run in washroom covering herself with bedsheet… Sanskar smile and was very happy… Swara was also happy… she know she love Sanskar but she was shy to confess… Swara came out after shower… she was taking out her saree… Sanskar was ready as he got ready in other room… Sanskar saw Swara and seeing her in bathrobe an naughty idea came in Sanskar’s mind… Sanskar came and stood behind Swara without making noise… Sanskar slowly slowly tickle Swara and hide behind door… Swara turn and saw there was no one and thought it was her imagination only… she again start to do her work… Sanskar again tickle and hide… Swara thought its Sanskar and start to search him… as she came forward to look Sanskar came from behind and hug her and said
Sanskar: what r u looking for babe
Swara:it was u only na
Sanskar:who jaan
Swara:who was irritating me Sanskar
Sanskar:me no
Swara:don’t lie Sanskar
Sanskar: lie and me no no i wasn’t doing tickling babe
Swara:ok really u were not tickling
Sanskar: no
Swara:then how u know someone was tickling as I didn’t mention it
Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar:ooohh so u got me
Sanskar:hmm in this way I got to know my wife is very intelligent
Swara:that I’m
Sanskar smile and kiss on her neck and turn her then said
Sanskar:ok now I’m going have to go
Swara:but bf
Sanskar:I’ll have it in office
Sanskar:sorry jaan I have to go there is an important meeting
Sanskar smile and kiss on her forehead… Swara smile and Sanskar left…

In Afternoon
Swara was sitting in room… she was watching TV… suddenly her phone start ringing… it was Sanskar… Swara smile and attend it… Sanskar said
Sanskar:hey jaan what r u going
Swara:I’m watching TV
Sanskar:listen today I have throe a party
Sanskar:yeah our marriage celebration party
Sanskar: actually my clients want to meet u they want to see the girl who won Sanskar Maheshwari’s heart
Swara smile and said
Sanskar:so I had send a dress for u to wear in party be ready I’ll come to pick u ok
Sanskar:ok bye jaan
Sanskar cut the call and both get busy again

In Evening
Swara was getting ready in dress which Sanskar send it was Heart Floor length A-line Beadings Zipper-up Prom Dress… she wore matching accessories and light make up… Swara left her hair open then she smile looking at her dress… Swara was waiting for Sanskar… just then Sanskar msg Swara… Swara open and read

“Sanskar:babe if u r ready then come down I’m waiting”

Swara smile and took her purse… Swara came out and Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her… Sanskar stare Swara lovingly and said
Sanskar:u r looking beautiful jaan
Swara blush and then Sanskar open backseat door of car and Swara sat inside… Sanskar sat beside Swara on ask driver to go…

Party Venue
SwaSan reach… as soon as they reach media turn toward their car… Sanskar came out and extend his hand… Swara smile and give her hand in his and came out… media was shocked to see Sanskar’s care and love for some girl as he never showed any care and love for any girl who came with him till now… Swara hold Sanskar’s hand and he happily entwined their hands and kiss it… media was double shock… Sanskar didn’t talked to media and ask them to come in party and then ask what they want… SwaSan came inside and there they met with RagLak… Ragini told Swara that Sanskar has invited them to surprise her… Swara smile happily… media also came in and was recording… it was telecasting on TV live… somewhere in one mansion…. it shows 4 ladys 2 in their mid 40s and 2 in their mid 20s… they were watching the telecast of Sanskar’s party… they were having tears in their eyes and smile on their lips seeing Sanskar happy

Next Episode:SwaSan Romantic Dance
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Credit to: Angel

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