His Lust Or Love (Episode 8)

WARNING: If Anyone Have Any Problem With “HOT INTENSE ROMANCE” Then Don’t Read The Part After “In SwaSan Room” Because I Don’t Want Any Bad Comments…

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Episode 8
The episode start with Sanskar came down for bf and saw Swara setting table… he smile and came down… he sat and Swara serve him… Swara sat beside him… both start having bf… after bf Sanskar was going but stop and turn to Swara then said
Sanskar:I won’t come for lunch today
Sanskar:I have a meeting so we’ll be having meeting at lunch
Sanskar left and Swara get busy in work…

In Evening
Swara was sitting in room waiting for Sanskar as it was time when Sanskar came from office… he didn’t came yet so she was thinking about Sanskar… she was thinking why Sanskar is like this… what had happened that he become like this… how he’s with Laksh… a total different person he was with her in past 2 weeks…. Swara thought something and came in dressing room… Swara open the cupboard in which her western dresses were kept… she see some dressed then she took a White Lace Backless Bodycon Mini Dress… she looked at it and said
Swara:I’ll try this saying this Swara gone in washroom and wore that dress… she came out and saw herself… she smile thinking about Sanskar just then door bell ring and Swara get shocked… Swara looked at herself and then said
Swara:god he came what to do now
door bell ring again
Swara thought
Swara:if I didn’t open the door he’ll get angry a lot and no one is home na so I can wear this as he said I can wear this type of dress only in front of him so it’s fine I think
door bell ring again and Swara run down… she open the door and was shocked again… it wasn’t Sanskar it was raj her frd… Swara suddenly start feeling uncomfortable… raj said
raj:hey shona
raj:won’t u call me in
Swara:sorry come
raj come inside and Swara said
Swara:I’ll just come saying this she was going but raj stop her and start talking… Swara tried a lot but he didn’t give her a chance to go… suddenly Sanskar came and saw them… seeing Swara for a second he was lost in her… he keep staring her… just then raj saw Sanskar and said
raj:hey Sanskar saying this he came toward Sanskar and Swara get stiffen hearing Sanskar’s name… she closed her eyes and said in a whisper
Swara:I’m gone today he won’t leave me
Swara turn to right side and saw Sanskar… he give a angry look to Swara and Swara gave him a pleading look… Sanskar thought something and smirk which was unnoticed by Swara… Sanskar said he’ll get fresh and come… while going Sanskar give a “Be Ready For The Punishment” look to Swara and left… raj talk for sometime and then left… Swara closed the door and left to see Sanskar

In SwaSan Room
Swara came in and saw Sanskar in balcony… she looked at herself and thought to change first otherwise Sanskar will get even more angry… Swara gone in washroom and closed the door… Sanskar heard the sound and smile naughtily thinking about something… Sanskar came toward washroom and knock…. Swara who was about to remove her dress stopped and said
Sanskar smile but then said dangerously
Sanskar:open the door babe
Sanskar:open the door Swara NOW
Swara get scared and open the door… Sanskar get mesmerized again… Swara was looking like an Angel… open hairs, no make up but just red lipstick… Sanskar smile seeing her which was unnoticed by Swara because she was looking down at her hands because of fear… Sanskar came forward and said as if he’s angry
Sanskar:what is this why r u wear this and what that raj was doing here
Sanskar:what saying this he start coming closer and Swara start going backward… finally Swara hit the wall and Sanskar block her way… when Swara tried to go by mistake her hand hit the tab and shower start… swara looked at Sanskar who was smiling… both get lost in each other’s eyes… Sanskar remove hairs from Swara’s face and lock them behind her ear… they were getting drenched but didn’t care… Sanskar came close and whisper
Sanskar:I didn’t get my answer yet
Sanskar:I’m listening
Swara took a deep breath and said
Swara:actually I was sitting in room waiting for u as it was time for ur arrival and even servants was not at home so I was getting bored I thought what to do then I thought why not try dresses which u bought because I haven’t tried everything yet so I gone in dressing room and took this dress to try when I came out door bell start ringing i thought to change but then door bell ring again so I thought its u only and if I didn’t open the door u would get angry and u said only wear this type of dressed in front of u so I came and I opened it thinking its u but it was raj and seeing him I was going but he kept talking and didn’t give a chance to go and then u came saying this Swara took breath as she said everything in one go… Swara looked at Sanskar… Sanskar was smiling seeing her and hearing her explanation… Swara get confused as few mins before he was sounding angry but now he’s smiling… Sanskar looked at confused Swara and said
Sanskar:what’s wrong babe saying this Sanskar hold Swara from waist and pull her closer… Swara’s heart start beating fast… Swara said
Swara:u aren’t angry
Swara:then why did u sound like u r angry
Sanskar:I’m not angry because u said u were waiting for me and came to open the door like this thinking its me who came and more over u r looking so beautiful, hot, s*xy and cute that I can’t stay angry even if I’m
Swara blush getting complements from Sanskar… Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar:but you’ll get punishment
Swara’s smile vanished and she said
Swara:punishment but why
Sanskar:so that u won’t do this mistake again
Swara remember last night fight and get scared… Swara said
Swara:Sanskar I swear I won’t do anything like this ever again but please don’t punish me
Sanskar nod no and said
Sanskar:don’t word ur punishment is very easy
Sanskar:yeah u know what is it
Sanskar came closer and whisper
Sanskar:I won’t let u sleep tonight
Swara:ohh its fine I don’t have any problem
Sanskar looked at Swara in amazement and Swara realized what Sanskar said and what she replied… Sanskar smile naughtily and said
Sanskar:really u don’t have any problem
Swara bite her lower lips and said
Swara:no I… I didn’t mean that
Sanskar:its too late to stop me now babe let’s start the punishment saying this Sanskar pull Swara closer and kiss her hard on lips… Swara was shocked with this sudden act of Sanskar but then she slowly slowly reciprocate with Sanskar.. Sanskar was surprised with Swara’s response but he didn’t care because he was happy… Sanskar open knot of Swara’s dress while still kissing her… Swara hold Sanskar’s shirt tightly… Sanskar remove Swara’s dress from shoulder and broke the kiss… Sanskar stare Swara while her eyes were still closed… Sanskar buried his face in her neck and kiss there… he bite her neck and Swara moan… Sanskar lick there to soothe her pain… Swara hold Sanskar even more tightly… Sanskar remove her dress completely and throw it… Swara looked at Sanskar and hug him tightly feeling his intense stare… Sanskar hug Swara back and kiss her shoulder while hugging… Sanskar’s hands move down and he hold her hips… Sanskar lift Swara and she warp her legs round his waist… Sanskar came out and put Swara on bed… he took off his clothes and then he came on top of her and kissed her lips again… Sanskar kissed her chin and then sucked her chin… he moved down on her neck and start giving her open mouth kisses on her neck… Swara moaned… he then looked at her visible cleavage… he pulled her bra strips from her shoulder and start kneading her br*asts… he then roamed his tongue on her cleavage and start giving wet kissing there… Sanskar went downwards and stopped at her belly button and put his tongue inside it… Swara moan with pleasure… Sanskar went down and slowly pulled away her panty from her legs and gazed down at her wet body when the panty was at her knees, Swara raised herself so that he could take it off her completely… Sanskar kissed her exposed legs and went on top of her to kiss her lips… they broke the kiss and he took off her bra… he lowered his head to her br*asts as he kissed there hardly making Swara moan even more… Sanskar’s mouth travelled down the valley of her br*asts to her waist… he kissed his way down her midriff till he reached again on her belly button… his tongue again dipped into the slight depth as he sucked on the delicate skin there… Swara rasped in pleasure as Sanskar parted her legs to taste her dripping core… He delved his fingers into her heated core, his thumb rubbing her engorged nub. She thrashed against him as he held her thighs tight with hands while his mouth took the place of his fingers, he rubbed his tongue rhythmically over her swollen center as Swara moaned and gasped out his name…he sucked her wetness hard with his mouth.. Swara quickly pulled his head close to hers and kissed him… Sanskar broke the kiss and entered inside her without wasting further time…. Swara gasped in pain which made her numb for sometime.. She wanted him to take it out instantly… but Sanskar held her firmly by waist… After few minutes of physical fight her body became calm enjoying the best feeling of the world with none other than her husband… Swara didn’t feel like this before with Sanskar… Swara was looking at him and he was looking at her while he rocked on her… Swara unknowingly spread her legs slowly to give more access to him and he didn’t miss that opportunity to thrust her deep… she gasped in pain but this time it was filled with pleasure… Swara closed her eyes tightly as she moaned and gasped out his name… then as Sanskar said he didn’t let her sleep the whole night and when the first ray of sun fall in their room Sanskar released Swara completely… Sanskar lie down beside Swara and pulled her in his arms… then both slept in each others embrace peacefully

Next Episode: SwaSan’s Marriage Celebration Party
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