His Lust Or Love (Episode 7)

Episode 7
The episode start with Swara was waiting for Sanskar… Swara drink some water just then a boy came and said
boy:ooh hello Swara
Swara look up and saw the boy and said
Swara:raj u here
raj:yeah but what r u doing here alone
Swara:I’m not alone I came with my husband
raj:husband u r married congrats
Swara:thanks raj
Sanskar came and saw Swara with raj talking happily… Sanskar fume in anger… he came toward them and said
Swara look at Sanskar and she can sense his anger… raj look at Sanskar and said
raj:OMG is he ur husband Swara
raj:I can’t believe it I’m so happy for u saying this he hug Swara tightly which make Sanskar even more angry… Swara look at Sanskar in fear… raj look at Sanskar and said
raj:hi I’m raj Shona’s best friend saying this he extend his hand and Sanskar hold it and said
Sanskar:I’m Sanskar her husband
raj felt something wrong but didn’t said anything and said
raj:I should go now bye
raj left and Swara look at Sanskar… he looked at Swara with anger in his eyes and left from there… Swara follow him… both came out near car… Swara was hell scared seeing Sanskar and said
Sanskar:sit in the car
Swara:Sanskar please listen
Sanskar:I said sit in the car Swara don’t create scene here
Swara get scared seeing his anger and immediately sat in… Sanskar start driving… there was pin drop silence… Sanskar was angry where Swara was scared… both reach home and Sanskar get down from car and came toward Swara… he open the door and hold her right arm tightly and drag her out… Swara get even more scared because of this act of Sanskar… he drag her in house…. Swara was crying and said
Swara:Sanskar he’s just a college frd please trust me saying this Swara tried to get put of his hold but all in vain… Sanskar didn’t listen anything and keep moving toward their room… Swara tried to stop Sanskar but nothing happen… both reach in room… Sanskar push Swara on floor and said
Sanskar:I think u forget that I’m ur husband and u don’t have any right to hug someone like this except me
Swara:Sanskar he’s a college frd u can ask Ragini
Sanskar:ooohh yeah right college frd
Swara:Sanskar please trust me
Sanskar:do u think I’m stupid to believe u I know even Ragini don’t know about u and that raj right
Swara:there nothing like u r thinking Sanskar please trust me
Sanskar hold Swara’s hairs in his fist and Swara cried in pain then Sanskar said
Sanskar:stop ur nonsense I know everything every girl is like this I know u want to leave me u r trying to find a reason to leave me don’t u
Swara:no… San…Sanskar its not like that please
Sanskar:u know I did a mistake by believing u because u took advantage of my kindness I cared for u but u
Swara:no Sanskar i didn’t please don’t
Sanskar:yes u did but now I won’t do this mistake again now you’ll see the real Sanskar who don’t forget and never forgive
Swara:no please Sanskar believe me I..I lov
Sanskar:shut up did u hear me just shut up I don’t want to hear ur nonsense
Swara notice tears in Sanskar’s eyes and she felt bad… Sanskar left from there in tears and Swara cried badly sitting on floor later she fall asleep waiting for Sanskar

In The Middle Of The Night

Swara was sleeping but suddenly she woke up because of some sound… Swara look up and was shocked… Sanskar was standing near door drunken… he was smiling seeing Swara… Sanskar was about to fall but Swara run toward Sanskar and hold him… Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar:babe saying this he touch her face softly and Swara get teary eyes seeing him… Sanskar hug Swara tightly and said
Sanskar:don’t leave me Swara
Swara automatically hug Sanskar back and said
Swara:Sanskar please come and lie down u need rest
Sanskar:no promise me u won’t leave or do u want to leave like everyone
Swara:no Sanskar I won’t leave u I promise now please lie down u r not in ur senae
Sanskar:yeah u r right I’m not in my sense because whenever I saw u na I just want to make love to u Swara I don’t know why but u make me senseless jaan
Swara was shock and surprise on his statement… she just stare Sanskar for couple of seconds… Swara make Sanskar lie down on bed and removed his shoe, socks, coat, watch, wallet and at last open the buttons of shirt to change it but Sanskar pull her and she fall on top of him… both stare each other… Sanskar lock her hairs behind her ear and said
Sanskar:u r really beautiful Swara saying this he kiss on her cheek… Swara hold Sanskar’s shirt tightly and close her eyes… it’s been 2 weeks since Sanskar came close to her and in these 2 weeks everything was change… their behavior toward each other and also their feelings… Swara don’t know why but today his touch make her feel so good… she felt love in his touch… Swara’s eyes were close then suddenly she felt Sanskar’s lips on hers… she open her eyes… Sanskar was kissing her while staring her lovingly which make Swara shy and she closed her eyes immediately… Swara slowly slowly response to his kiss… both kiss each other softly yet passionately… they broke the kiss when both were out of breath… Sanskar stare Swara lovingly where Swara’s eyes were still close… Swara open her eyes and said
Swara:Sanskar u should rest now let me go
Sanskar nod in no and said cutely like a kid
Sanskar:no be with me na please
Swara:ok I’m coming let me go and change
Sanskar:no u promised now u r breaking it u said u won’t leave me saying this he tighten his grip on her waist… Swara smile seeing his childish behavior and said
Swara:ok I’m not going
Sanskar:let’s sleep I love when u sleep in my arms saying this Sanskar hug Swara tightly and Swara hug him back and both doze off

Next Morning
Sanskar woke up and saw Swara sleeping peacefully in his embrace… Sanskar remember his last high behavior and felt bad for what he did with Swara but then seeing Swara he forget everything and keep staring Swara lovingly… Sanskar was staring Swara but suddenly he felt headache… Sanskar slowly sat on bed without disturbing Swara… he remember that after fighting with Swara he came to bar and get drunk then he came home but after that he didn’t remember anything… he don’t know what he said and did and how he’s sleeping on bed that to with Swara in his arms… Sanskar hold his head and was busy remembering what he did when Swara woke up… she saw Sanskar sitting on bed holding his head… Swara get up and before Sanskar could say anything she left… Sanskar keep looking at door… he was waiting for Swara to come but she didn’t came… Sanskar get up and was going in washroom to get fresh but Swara came and stand in front of Sanskar… Sanskar look at Swara as if asking “WHAT” swara forward the lemon juice and said
Swara:have it ur headache will be fine
Swara:yeah u must be having headache because last night u had alcohol saying this Swara give the glass in his hand and start setting the room… Sanskar drink the juice all the while staring Swara… Sanskar thought
Sanskar:why she isn’t angry why Shea behaving normally she should be angry because of last night what I did but she’s behaving as if nothing happen thinking this Sanskar put the glass on table and gone in washroom… Swara turn and saw Sanskar left and thought
Swara:I know Sanskar hu must be thinking what happened to me why I’m not angry but now I have decided i won’t get angry in fact I’ll deal with u with Love I’ll win ur trust I’ll make my place in ur heart I’ll win ur Love… Sanskar I’ll make u fall in love with ur Mrs Sanskar thinking this Swara smile and left… Sanskar came out and saw his clothes were not arrange… Swara was making bf when Sanskar shout
Sanskar:Swara where is my clothes Swara
Swara run upstairs… she came in and saw Sanskar standing in the middle of the room that too only in towel which was warp around his waist… Swara check out Sanskar from head to toe and her mind whisper
Swara’s Mind:god I never knew I’m husband is so hot
Sanskar saw Swara checking him out and said
Sanskar:if ur done checking me out then give me my clothes
Swara came in sense and run in dressing room feeling shy… Sanskar smile and came behind Swara… she was busy in taking his clothes… Sanskar smile naughtily thinking about something and came closer to Swara… Swara turn and saw Sanskar… he was standing just an inch away from her… he was smiling and Swara’s heart skip a beat… Swara turn again feeling shy… Sanskar hold Swara from waist and pull her backward… her back was touching his bare chest… Swara’s heart start beating fast and her breath got heavier… Sanskar remove her hairs from her right shoulder and put them on left… he lean closer and kiss on her neck… water fall on her shoulder from Sanskar’s hair… Sanskar rub his nose on her shoulder and Swara clutch her saree and closed her eyes tightly… Sanskar hold Swara’s hand from which she was clutching her saree and put his right hand on her bare belly… Swara shiver because of his touch… she felt butterflies in her stomach… Swara was lost in Sanskar’s touch but suddenly she came in sense when Sanskar whisper
Sanskar:babe go and make bf I need to go office right now
Swara open her eyes and realize what was happening… she felt weird… Swara was going but Sanskar hold her hand and came close… he stood just behind her and whisper
Sanskar:don’t worry after coming from office I’ll complete rest of the work because I don’t like leaving anything incomplete seeing this Sanskar kiss on her back and left to change… Swara blush and left from there to make bf

Next Episode: Swara’s Family Coming To Stay At SM (Sanskar Mansion)
hey frds h r u all?
here is the episode 7 how’s it
quite a long one isn’t well tell me how’s it and r u guys liking the track or not ??
tell me tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ?????

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