His Lust Or Love (Episode 51)

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Episode 51
The episode start with Swara…. she woke up only to find Sanskar staring her already… she smile shyly and hug Sanskar… Sanskar chuckle and hug Swara back seeing her blushing… Swara hit Sanskar playfully and he kiss her head… just then Swara said
she smile and said
Swara:bf I’m hungry
Sanskar: hungry me too let’s eat each other
Swara hit Sanskar and said
Swara: shameless have some shame u r going to get married again
Sanskar:so what I can be even more shameless with u after all u r my wife
Swara:not fair Mr hubby
Sanskar: everything is fair in love and war Mrs wife
Swara smile and said
Swara:go get fresh I’ll go and make bf
Sanskar:let’s make together we’ll have shower afterward
Swara:it’s OK I’ll make
Sanskar:no no baby let’s make it together
Swara nod and both came down to make bf… Swara was in Sanskar’s shirt while Sanskar was wearing his pants only… Swara took veggies and cut them… Sanskar give her eggs and put milk no stove to make tea… Swara made omelette while Sanskar made tea… Swara serve omelette and Sanskar pour tea in cups… they came out and sat on dinning table… Sanskar pull Swara in his lap and they had their bf…. after bf SwaSan came back in room and Sanskar pull Swara… they sat on bed and Sanskar came on top of Swara… he kissed her softly on her forehead and then on her eyes…. Swara smile and stare Sanskar lovingly… his gaze moved to her lips and he immediately capture her lips… they kissed passionately and intensely…. after a while they get apart and Sanskar lift Swara in his arms…. Sanskar walk toward washroom and they had bath together… (that’s it for romance now ?)…

In Afternoon
SwaSan were having lunch…. just then gadodia family came there with their luggage… Sanskar looked at them angrily but Swara held his hand under the table and Sanskar immediately get relax… they join them for lunch… after lunch RagLak also came and Swara ask them to have lunch…. everyone had lunch and sanlak came in study as Sanskar wanted to talk to Laksh… they sat there and Sanskar said
Sanskar:lucky does anyone know at home about my and Swara wedding there…
Laksh:no Bhai no one knows as it’ll be a surprise but everyone know that u r coming
both came out and everyone had tea…

After An Hour
SwaSan, RagLak and Gadodia family were standing outside as they were leaving for village… Sanskar put Swara’s and his luggage in car and open door for Swara… she sat in and Sanskar sat on driver seat… before gadodia family could sit Sanskar said
Sanskar:go there driver will come with u saying this Sanskar start the car and RagLak also sat in their car… gadodia family sat in other car and they left from there…

In Swasan Car
Sanskar was driving while holding Swara’s hand and she was looking out of the window smilingly as after many days they were going out that too alone… Swara look at mp3 player and play it… song start in background (This Song Is From Movie “OK Jannu”)

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya (x4)

Sanskar looked at Swara and smile…. he held her hand tightly and kiss her palm…

Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan
Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan
Enna sona, enna sona
Enna sona o…

Swara smile and stare Sanskar lovingly…. the car stop at signal and Sanskar turn to Swara…

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna sona o…
Enna sona o…
Enna sona, enna sona…

both stare each other lovingly yet intensely… Swara wasn’t able to take Sanskar’s gaze hence she lower hr head in shyness…

Kol hove te sekh lagda ae
Door jaave te dil jalda ae
Kehdi agg naal Rabb ne banaya
Rabb ne banaya, Rabb ne banaya

Sanskar’s smile widen seeing Swara’s blushing face… signal turn green and Sanskar start driving again…

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan
Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan

Sanskar entwined their hands and Swara keep looking at them smilingly… Sanskar keep looking at Swara time to time…

Enna sona, enna sona…
Enna sona o…

Taap lagge na tatti chandni da
Saari raati main oss chidkavan
Kinne dardan naal Rabb ne banaya
Rabb ne banaya, Rabb ne banaya

Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaya (x2)

there was complete silence because there was no need of words.. they were happy being with each other…

Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan
Aavan javan te main yaara nu manavan
Enna sona, enna sona
Enna sona o…
song end and both SwaSan smile… Sanskar kiss Swara’s hand again and Swara smile…

In Evening
SwaSan reach haveli along with Maheshwari and Gadodia family… there was SwaRagini’s frds too… the relatives of Maheshwari’s welcome everyone… sanlak’s cousins were drooling over them as they were looking extremely handsome and hot especially Sanskar… Swara was giving them death glance but it was of no use as they were busy checking out Sanskar.. just then a lady in mid 40s came and said
lady: Sujatha come and is this Laksh and Sanskar looked at them they have grown up so much both sanlak bent down and took blessing of her… the lady ask everyone to get fresh and come to have lunch… they left to their rooms respectively… Sanskar was taking out his clothes when his phone ring… he attend it and said
OP:sir we got the proves and the photo of the person who want to harm mam
Sanskar:who’s it
OP:sir it’s
Sanskar was shocked… hearing the name he felt as if his world turn upside down… the phone slipped from Sanskar’s hand and he sat on bed with a thus… he don’t know what to do… he never imagine the person even in his wildest dream but now it’s the reality… Sanskar close his eyes and whisper
Sanskar:how could u do this with me even after knowing how much I Love Swara
Sanskar cried hard and sat there… Swara who came down after getting fresh to see Sanskar got worried not seeing him… everyone was there except Sanskar… Swara silently went to see Sanskar… she look at some room but didn’t find Sanskar… the room beside her was left… Swara being disappointed thought to see that last room… as soon as Swara open the door she was shocked… Kavya was trying to came close to Sanskar and he was pushing her away… Swara get angry and immediately came in between Sanskar and kavya…. Sanskar was shocked seeing Swara while kavya was scared… Swara slap kavya hard and start shouting
Swara:how dare u came close to my Sanskar didn’t I warn u before but no u don’t understand my words
Swara slap kavya again and said
Swara:this one for trying to came close to my husband saying this she slap kavya again and said
Swara:and this one for hurting my Sanskar
Swara hold kavya’s arm and throw her out of the room… Swara close the door and turn to Sanskar… she came toward him and hug Sanskar tightly… Sanskar said
Sanskar: Swara I…I don’t know how she
Swara:it’s OK Sanskar leave her u OK na
Sanskar:yes I’m fine thanks for saving me from that witch
Swara laugh and kiss Sanskar’s cheek… Sanskar smile but soon his smile fade thinking about the person who is behind his Swara… he thought to tell her but stop seeing her so happy… he thought to keep her safe and not to bother her… Sanskar said in mind…
Sanskar:I vow to punish every single person who hurt u and troubled u from now on you’ll be save Swara you’ll be save without any tension we’ll live happily ever after
thinking that Sanskar tighten his grip around Swara and kiss her hairs…. after something SwaSan came out and sat with everyone… all the relatives praise SwaRagini and sanlak choice except sanlak’s cousins… Swara was throwing daggers at them while Sanskar was smiling seeing Swara’s jealousy…
how’s it frds….

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