His Lust Or Love (Episode 5)


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2 Shot Story

1 Shot Story

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Episode 5
The episode start with Swara woke up in morning totally exhausted because of last night torture… she sat on bed feeling immense pain in her whole body… she looked at her left side and saw Sanskar sleeping peacefully and mumble
Swara:huh after ruining my sleep he’s sleeping peacefully idiot fool saying this she was about to get up but then she realize she isn’t wearing anything…. Swara took Sanskar’s shirt as it was near and wear it… she get up with difficulty because of pain and somehow managed to reach washroom while cursing Sanskar… Swara open hot water and let it flow down her body… she closed her eyes remembering each and every moment of her life… how happy she used to be when her mom was alive but now she’s even scared of smile… she’s scared of happiness because happiness has some problem with her… they don’t want to stay by her side… Swara got disturb by knock on door… Swara turn off the shower and said
Sanskar:open the door
Swara get shocked and said
Sanskar:babe even I need to take shower na so why not together
Sanskar said in dangerous voice
Sanskar:Swara I said open the door NOW
Swara hurriedly came toward door and slowly slowly open the door… her eyes were lower in fear… Sanskar came in… he was mesmerized seeing her in his shirt and on top of that her beautiful long silky wet hairs were increasing her beauty… Sanskar close the door behind and came toward Swara… he took Swara in shower and open it… water flow down and Sanskar keep staring Swara… Swara’s eyes were closed… Sanskar move Swara’s hairs from her face and lock them behind her ear… Sanskar kiss on her forehead and said
Sanskar:u r the only girl that has power to make me lose myself anytime saying this he kiss on her neck passionately… he kiss on her shoulder and then a deep kiss on her lips… Sanskar open shirt buttons which Swara was wearing… he remove the shirt and said
Sanskar:I know u must be feeling pain so let me help u saying this he help Swara in shower and then he carry her out… he make her sit on bed… he wear his clothes then he took Green & Black Net Chiffon Half Saree for Swara and help her in wearing… Swara was totally surprised no not surprised but shocked… she didn’t knew this side of Sanskar… after helping in wearing saree… Sanskar make Swara sit on chair of dressing table… he took matching jewelry and make her wear… he took mangalsutra and put it around her neck and then fill her headline with sindoor… Sanskar turn Swara and kiss on her forehead and said
Sanskar:u look beautiful
Swara don’t know what to say so she just smile but what Sanskar said next made Swara shocked
Sanskar:u don’t need to smile when u don’t want to
Swara looked at Sanskar in shock and Sanskar said
Sanskar:ok i’m going office I’m late u have bf then have medicine and rest I’ll come for lunch bye saying this Sanskar left and Swara stood there like statue… she didn’t understand what happen to him all of a sudden… Swara came out and 5 people 2 lady’s and 3 mans came and one lady said
lady:mam what would u like to have for bf
Swara:who r u
lady:mam we r servants yesterday sir give us holiday and we came today morning only
Swara:ohh ok well I don’t want anything
servant:but mam sir said strictly to make u have ur bf and then make u rest
Swara was in shock… she don’t understand Sanskar… she don’t know what he want to do… first he marry her forcefully then he get intimate with her against her wish and now he’s showing so much care for what… Swara think for sometime and then said
Swara:I don’t want to have anything and don’t disturb me saying this she came in room and lie down… Swara remember last night then whatever happened in shower and then she fall asleep

In Night
Sanskar came in night and saw Swara was not around… he asked servants that Swara had her bf or lunch in morning or not and servants told him whatever Swara said and that she’s in her room since morning… Sanskar took 2 plates of food and came in room… Swara was not there… he put the plates on table and changed then he came in balcony and saw Swara there… he hug her from behind and Swara get scared… Sanskar said
Sanskar:its me babe ur dear husband BTW why u didn’t eat anything
Swara:I…I actually I
Sanskar:stop stammering and say it clearly saying this Sanskar came in room and ask her to come… Swara came in and Sanskar said
Sanskar:so why u didn’t have ur bf and lunch I know u were definitely not waiting for me as I said I’ll come for lunch but I didn’t came because of work so now tell me
Swara:I…I didn’t feel like eating
Sanskar:ok but now u have to eat dinner with me otherwise you’ll become weak and I don’t want that so come and have dinner saying this Sanskar make her sit on sofa and then both start having dinner…Swara keep looking at Sanskar and tried to understand him but soon she came in sense when Sanskar said
Sanskar:I know I’m hot but it doesn’t mean you’ll keep staring me now eat… then both finish dinner and Sanskar said
Sanskar:go and change
Sanskar:ooohh so u don’t want to waste time in changing direct to bed
Swara widen her eyes in shock and said
Sanskar:babe I said go and change or do u want me to do it by myself
Swara hearing Sanskar immediately run in dressing room… Sanskar shout from out
Sanskar:wear that red nighty babe I want to see u in that
Swara made faces and then changed in red nighty… she came out and Sanskar get awestruck seeing her… Sanskar came toward her… Sanskar hold Swara from waist and said
Sanskar:I didn’t knew that u can look so s*xy saying this he touch her face romantically and buried his face in her neck… Swara clutch her nighty tightly and tears roll down her cheeks… Sanskar tighten his grip on her waist and bite her neck making Swara moan in pain… hearing Swara he lick there to soothe her pain… Sanskar took Swara to bed and lie her down… Swara was crying silently… Sanskar came above her and switch off the light… Sanskar get intimate with Swara… days passes like that and Sanskar’s care increased for Swara… Swara start to understand Sanskar and Sanskar start to understand Swara… she now start to see the real Sanskar who’s cute, caring, loving, understanding and also know how to respect… she was confused with his double personality but somewhere in her heart she was happy with his care… now Sanskar don’t get intimate with her always only sometimes when he couldn’t control… he also took her out for shopping, lunch, dinner etc… they talk with each other and also fight like husband & wife… both start to like each others company

After 2 Weeks In Evening
Sanskar came home… he call for Swara but she didn’t came… Sanskar came in room and saw Swara sleeping… Sanskar smile seeing her as she was sleeping like a cute little kid… Sanskar changed and sat on bed admiring Swara and thought
Sanskar:how beautiful and innocent u r I don’t know why but when I saw u that day i just said I want to marry u after that I only realize what have I said and still I don’t why I said like that but honestly I think I made the best decision of my life by making u my life partner
Sanskar keep staring Swara but then suddenly his phone start ringing and because of that Swara’s sleep get disturb… Sanskar cut the call and looked toward Swara… he smiled and Swara was amazed… his smile was cute… both keep staring each other without noticing that its been more then 5 mins that they r staring each other like this… again both get disturb because of Sanskar’s phone and this time Sanskar lift the call and said
Sanskar:yeah namita ok no I’ll come tomorrow then we’ll talk about it ok yeah u take rest till then
Swara get jealous hearing girl name and Sanskar’s sweet behavior toward her and Sanskar said
Sanskar:no we’ll start from tomorrow morning yeah ok bye saying this Sanskar cut the call and turn to Swara but she was not there… Sanskar call for Swara but no response… Sanskar came in balcony and saw Swara standing there in deep thoughts… he hug Swara from behind and said
Sanskar:when did u came here
Swara tried to come out of his arms but fail… Sanskar laugh on her struggle and said
Sanskar:no use babe u r stuck here for rest of the life of us
Swara:let me go
Sanskar:no I won’t
Swara:let go
Sanskar:ok on one condition
Sanskar:be ready we’ll go for dinner tonight
Swara:no I don’t want to go
Sanskar:then with whom I’ll go
Swara:u with that Namita na I don’t want to go
Sanskar smile seeing Swara jealous and said
Sanskar:oh yeah nice idea let me call her saying this Sanskar came in and Swara too… Sanskar was about to call but Swara took his phone and said
Swara:no need I’ll come
Sanskar:no its ok I’ll go with nimi na
Swara:what wah now its nimi is she ur frd that u r calling her nimi
Sanskar:yeah she’s u know she’s hot also
Swara:wow hot wait I’ll tell u saying this Swara took pillow and throw it on Sanskar… Sanskar throw back and like that they start pillow fight

Next Episode: SwaSan Dinner & Sensuous Dance
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