His Lust Or Love (Episode 44)

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Episode 44
The episode start with SwaSan kissing… Sanskar’s hold was tight but the kiss was soft… Swara moan as Sanskar bite her lower lip… he suck her lips and lick it… Swara’s hands moved and start caresses Sanskar’s hair… suddenly someone knock on door disturbing SwaSan… Sanskar broke the kiss and said
Sanskar:who’s this
servant:sir some frds of mam has came they are saying they are Raj and Lara
Swara:Raj and Lara
Sanskar: tell them Swara mam is sleeping in her room and I’m also sleeping
servant: OK sir
Swara looked at Sanskar but before she could say anything Sanskar capture her lips with his in another passionate kiss… it was a soft and sweet kiss… after it was hard to breathe SwaSan get away… Swara looked at Sanskar but then turn her face away… Sanskar smile and hug her like that only…. Sanskar said
Sanskar:baby please talk to me still angry
Swara: let me go
Sanskar: never

Swara: Sanskar
Swara: let me go I said I don’t wanna stay with you
Sanskar hug Swara tightly and said
Sanskar:punish me hit me scold me do whatever u want but don’t go away from me Swara I’ll die without u
Swara push Sanskar away and slap him hard… Swara hold his collar and said
Swara: dare u ever say like this don’t even think to leave me
Sanskar stay quiet and Swara said
Swara:do u have any idea how scared I was I felt as if someone snatch my soul from me seeing u like a lifeless body
Sanskar hold Swara’s hands but she jerk his hand and said
Swara:so many machines were attached to u it make me so scared and I had no one I had no one to go to who could make me feel safe like u and on top of that the thought that u forgot me was like someone took away my heart… it was paining so much thinking that u don’t love me anymore u don’t know me anymore
Swara broke down on floor and cried… Sanskar immediately embraced her in a tight hug…

(Flashback Start
when Sanskar ask doctor to wait Swara said
Swara: what happened
Sanskar get up from bed and made Swara sit on sofa… Swara was confused as hell… she asked again… Sanskar say beside her and said
Sanskar:Dr we can tell her she’s my WIFE
Swara turn to Sanskar shocked and said
Swara: San…skar
Sanskar turn to Swara and said
Sanskar: baby I didn’t forget anything
Swara:but Dr said u
Dr:Mr SM ask me to say that to everyone but didn’t said reason
Sanskar:Dr it’s personal but thanks a lot and please no one should know about all this fake memory loss thing
Dr:OK I’ll take your leave now
Dr left but Swara didn’t utter a word…Sanskar tried but she didn’t said anything….

Flashback End)

Sanskar kept kissing her neck and shoulder to calm her… Swara after what felt like forever calm down and Sanskar cup her face…. Sanskar said
Sanskar:I know jaan I hurt u and troubled u but I had no choice baby i was so scared to lose u I didn’t want anyone to harm u that why I did like this that’s why I lied u know ur life is in danger
Swara:that doesn’t mean you’ll play with danger u don’t have to risk ur life
Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar: everything I did was to save my life only and u r my life without u I’m a lifeless body u give me reason to live and it u and ur love
Swara stare Sanskar and he said
Sanskar:u know how I was before we got married so I thought it’s better if I say I forget 6 months otherwise I had to go away form u but now everyone think I forget our marriage but not u and it’s safer this way
Sanskar: I would be away from u and the person who want to harm u will think I actually don’t care about u because I forget but I’ll be keeping eye on u and will be with u
Swara think about it and Sanskar said
Sanskar: moreover I had tightened the security a lot so no chance of that person to be safe
Swara nod and hug Sanskar… she said
Swara:thank u and I’m sorry
Sanskar:I’m saving my life I don’t need thanks and why sorry
Swara:OK I took my thanks and sorry because I slapped u so hard na
Sanskar:umm in that case I’ll took revenge tonight saying this Sanskar wink and Swara blush… Sanskar hug Swara tightly and Swara hug back… Sanskar said
Sanskar:Swara please remember not to let anyone know about it OK
Swara: OK I promise saying this Swara smile and Sanskar peck her lips… they hugged each other and slept peacefully….

In Evening
Sanskar woke up and saw Swara sleeping… he stare her lovingly and think about their moments… he smile remembering her words and slap… Sanskar took Swara in his arms carefully and Swara tightly hug him in sleep…. Sanskar said
Sanskar:I Love You So Much
Swara woke up after a while and smile seeing Sanskar… Sanskar kiss her forehead and said
Sanskar: hungry
Swara:a lot
Sanskar:me too but not for food
Swara:Sanskar please
Sanskar: please what
Swara:I know where are you taking this
Sanskar:any problem
Sanskar:and what’s that problem that’s keeping me away from my wife
Swara:ur fake drama what if anyone saw us they’ll think u forget everything but didn’t forget romance
Sanskar:so what romance has nothing to do with marriage saying this Sanskar wink and Swara hit him playfully… Swara said
Swara: OK let me get fresh now I want to make lunch
Sanskar:as u say my beautiful Queen

Swara blush and Sanskar kiss her nose tip before disappearing in washroom… Swara came out slowly and came in her room which was not really her but she had to stay there… she took shower and get changed in White And Pink Anarkali… it was Sanskar’s favorite dress… Swara came out and saw everyone sitting in hall with Raj and Lara… Swara thought
Swara:they didn’t left yet
Swara came and Raj get up… he was about to hug her but in the main time Sanskar came and Raj end up hugging him… Swara press her lips together to control her laugh… Raj get away and Sanskar said
Sanskar:who r u
Swara:Sanskar actually
Sanskar:let him say
Raj get scared and said stammering
Raj:I..I’m Swara’s frd
Sanskar:frd right
Raj nod and Sanskar said
Sanskar:then I don’t like such male frds who dare to hug my Would Be Wife
Raj look away in fear and nod… Swara smile at Sanskar’s possessiveness… Lara came and said
Lara:how’s u Sanskar
Lara kept staring him but Sanskar was least bother… Swara hug Lara and said
Swara:how are you
Lara:fine and u
Swara:me too

Ragini came and said
Ragini:Lara u didn’t told how come u know about Sanskar Bhai’s accident
Lara:actually I got to know through frd my frd saw it happening
everyone nod and Raj said
Raj:oh I was also thinking how u know because u didn’t told me na just called and ask to come with u
Sanskar looked at Laksh and said
Laksh:yes bhai
he came toward Sanskar and he said
Sanskar:how’s everything going
Laksh: everything is fine
Sanskar nod and look here and there… Laksh ask Sanskar to come with him… they came in balcony and Laksh said
Laksh:u talked with bhabhi or not
Sanskar nod and Laksh said
Laksh:I hope u r going to give her chance
Sanskar:I’ll lucky don’t worry
Laksh:I’m happy for u bhai Ragini had told me about Swara bhabhi she’s very nice and perfect for u
Sanskar smile thinking about Swara but hide it immediately… SanLak talked and talked about random stuff… soon Swara came and ask them to come for tea…. Sanskar came out along with Laksh… they had tea and snacks… Lara was staring Swara and Sanskar was noticing it well… Sanskar phone ring and he left saying he’ll be back in a min… Sanskar came in his room and attend the call… he said
Sanskar:yeah any update
op:yes sir it’s the same car which try to hit mam before and now also
Sanskar: thanks keep me updated and yeah remember no one should know
op:yeah sir
Sanskar cut the call and came down… he sat beside Swara and hold her hand… he hold her hand is such a way that no one was able to see it…

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