His Lust Or Love (Episode 4)


Episode 4
The episode start with Swara came in room after making dinner as no servant was at home so she did everything alone… she came toward bed and lie down because she was tired but soon she got disturb because of phone… she took her phone and saw Sanskar calling… she attend it and before she could say anything he said
Sanskar:is dinner ready
Sanskar:good and u
Swara:actually I…I
Sanskar:say it clearly Swara
Swara:I..I don’t have anything to wear
Sanskar laugh and said
Sanskar:well I don’t mind if u don’t wear anything
Swara get shocked and thought
Swara:idiot blo*dy fool
Sanskar:ok now don’t curse me in ur mind
Swara get nervous and said
Swara:no I… I wasn’t
Sanskar laugh even more and said
Sanskar:god I’m sure u must be looking really cute right now
Swara was about to cut the call but Sanskar said
Sanskar:ok ok now don’t be angry babe and listen I know u don’t have anything to wear so I bought clothes for u already go and check in dressing room there is everything I mean every type of clothes, jewelry, purse, sandals, perfumes everything u need ok
Swara came in dressing room and saw there was everything whatever he said… Swara was looking everything and Sanskar said
Sanskar:did u like it
Swara came in sense and said
Sanskar:I knew it you’ll like it after all Sanskar Maheshwari always choose the best
Swara mumble
Swara:huh praising his own self
Sanskar:I heard that
Swara get scared and Sanskar said
Sanskar:go get ready u have only 15 mins I’m coming and I want u ready at door got that
Sanskar:good saying this he cut the call and Swara start getting ready

After Half Hour
Swara was waiting for Sanskar as he said ready at door but her luck he didn’t came yet and she was now tired she sat near door waiting for him and just then she heard car horn and get up she composed her clothes and stand there silently… Sanskar came and as he saw Swara he was awestruck… she was looking gorgeous in Off White & Peach Lehenga Saree… he don’t know why but he didn’t want to take his off of her… he keep staring her and Swara was standing there like a statue because she could feel his gaze on her and she was so scared that she didn’t have courage to look at him so she didn’t even move from there… Sanskar came in still staring Swara with desire filled eyes… Swara felt uncomfortable and tried to go but Sanskar hold her hand and locked the door behind… he pull her closer and touch her face sensuously making her shiver with his touch… Sanskar lean closer and was about kiss her but Swara turn and said
Swara:fo…food is get…getting cold
Sanskar smiled and whisper in her ear
Sanskar:escape as much as u want right now because once ur in my arms totally I won’t leave u even for a second saying this he kiss on her earlobe making Swara shocked… Sanskar left from there in room and Swara run in kitchen… she stand near kitchen counter and cried… Sanskar came and said
Sanskar:Swara please serve food I’m hungry
Swara wipe her tears and Sanskar said
Sanskar:Swara did u heard me or not
Sanskar:then why u didn’t answer saying this he came in kitchen and Swara get scared… Sanskar came close to Swara and said
Sanskar:Swara I hate it ok whenever I said something or ask answer me at once ok
Swara get scared and nod and Sanskar said
Sanskar:say it did u get that
Sanskar:good now serve the food I’m really hungry saying this he wink and smile naughtily… Swara get nervous and immediately came out from there with dinner… Sanskar also came out and sat… Swara serve the food and was going but Sanskar hold her hand and make her sit beside him and said
Sanskar:have dinner
Swara:I…I’m no…not hungry
Sanskar:why have u eaten ur dinner
Swara nod in no and Sanskar said
Sanskar:then have it and remember I don’t say things again and again I hate that now eat saying this Sanskar start eating and Swara unwittingly took some food and start eating… after dinner both came in room… as both entered in Sanskar closed the door and hold corner of Swara’s saree… Swara stop in mid as she was going… Swara get scared because she had little idea of what’s going to happen but still she prayed to be save from him but look like no one is listening to her… Sanskar came close and left her saree… he kissed her shoulder passionately… Swara closed her eyes tightly and fist her hands… trying to control her tears… Sanskar kissed on her neck… he open her blouse knots and unpin her saree’s pallu because of which it fall on ground… Swara tried to go but Sanskar hold her tightly and said
Sanskar:remember ur family babe do u want to see ur father dying in front of ur eyes don’t u want to save them
Swara felt helpless and said
Swara:no please don’t do anything to them
Sanskar:then let me do what I want to do with u saying this he turn her and kissed her hard on lips… Swara felt disgusting but for her family she have to tolerate even though they never cared about her but she so and she love them… Sanskar kissed her passionately while tears were rolling down her cheeks but it didn’t affect on Sanskar… he took her lower lip and suck it hard making Swara gasp in pain… Sanskar open hooks of Swara’s blouse and removed it while still kissing her… Swara tried to cover herself with her hands but Sanskar hold her hands… he broke the kiss and said
Sanskar:don’t u ever dare to hide ur body from me its mine and only I have right to look at it so let me see u babe saying this he lock her hands behind her back with his one hand… he pull her even more close and kiss on her neck passionately… Swara felt immense pain as he bite her neck because of which Swara moan in pain… Sanskar was enjoying it… he lift her in arms and put her on bed… he undress Swara and then took off his clothes… he came above her and kiss her shoulder and said
Sanskar: u know Swara I have been with many girls but U R Different… i know ur so called family is such a greedy beggars that’s why I offered them money so that they would give u to me easily and see they did what i wanted and now u r mine for rest of the life saying this he kissed on her lips hard… Swara closed her eyes and clutch the bed sheet tightly… then Sanskar pull blanket over and get intimate

Next Episode: Love Romance Torture
hey frds h r u all ?
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thanks a lot for ur love and support guys and one more thing as I wrote 2 stories right now which r “Infinite” & “His Lust Or Love” so I might won’t be able to post regularly each story so please understand

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Credit to: Angel

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