His Lust Or Love (Episode 38)

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Note:the new story “Stuck With The Billionaire” will be continued after the ending of “My Devil” it’s last episode is number 15..


Episode 38
The episode start with SwaSan… Sanskar was driving while Swara was looking out of the window… Sanskar didn’t leave Swara’s hand yet and his hold was just like before light and soft… Swara couldn’t stop smiling and Sanskar was smiling seeing Swara happy… at last Sanskar stop the car in front of restaurant… it was Swara’s favourite restaurant… Sanskar get down and came toward Swara… she was about to open the door but Sanskar opened it… Sanskar said
Sanskar:don’t baby
Swara hold her ears cutely and said
Swara: sorryyyyy
Sanskar smile and kiss her forehead… Swara push Sanskar a lil and said
Swara:public Mr Sanskar
Sanskar:so what u r mine wife Mrs Sanskar

both smile and then came inside… manager came and said
manager: hello Mr SM how r u hello mam
Sanskar: hello Mr atul (manager name)
manager: sir ur table is this side please come
Sanskar nod and manager lead SwaSan to their table… when they were going someone said from behind
SwaSan stop and Sanskar whisper
Swara turn and it was uttara(Sanskar call uttara choti) uttara hug Swara… she hug back and said
Swara:how r u uttara

uttara:I’m fine how r u bhabhi Bhai
Sanskar turn and uttara hug him… Sanskar hug back and kiss her head… uttara said
uttara:Bhai how r u
Sanskar:I’m fine choti how r u
uttara:I missed u Bhai so much
Sanskar:me too
Swara got tears seeing their bond but soon she thought to lighten the mood and said
Swara:uttara u came alone
uttara:no bhabhi with everyone they r there saying this she pointed toward that corner table… SwaSan saw there and same time they look at SwaSan… Sanskar turn her gaze and uttara said
uttara:come na Bhai
Sanskar:no uttara please
uttara nod sadly… Swara said
Swara:uttara don’t worry we’ll meet in night na
uttara smile excitedly and said
uttara:u both r coming
Sanskar:yeah we’ll come
uttara hug then again muttering a thank you before leaving… Sanskar looked at Swara was who staring him already… Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar:staring is bad Mrs Sanskar
Swara came in sense and turn her head.. Swara said
Swara:umm I wasn’t staring OK
Sanskar chuckle and Maheshwari family looked at them… piya was also there and was jealous as hell seeing SwaSan happy… SwaSan came to their table and Sanskar pull chair for Swara… she smile and sat down… Sanskar sat beside her and Swara said
Swara:why not in front

Sanskar:I don’t want to keep even a inch distance between us
Swara smile and put her head on Sanskar’s shoulder… just then waitress came and Swara sat straight… Sanskar chuckle a lil and the waitress openly start flirting with Sanskar which make Swara angry… waitress said
waitress: hello Mr SM what can I get for u
Sanskar:what’s for drinking
waitress:juice, vodka and many more what would u like to have sir saying this he waitress bend down showing her cleavage…. Swara stare the waitress with blood shot eyes… Swara said
Swara:excuse me miss
waitress looked at Swara and Swara said

Swara:I would like to order for my husband saying this Swara hold Sanskar’s arms protectively… Sanskar smile seeing Swara’s possessiveness and kiss her forehead in front of the waitress… Sanskar said
Sanskar:2 orange juice please for me and my beautiful wife
the waitress left being annoyed… Sanskar chuckle again and said
Sanskar:I didn’t knew u r so possessive
Swara:so what how can she flirt with u that to in front of me

Sanskar chuckle again and hug Swara again… both SwaSan were talking and Maheshwari family were looking at them… Sanskar was laughing and talking happily… the Happiness of their life was clearly visible… just then juice came and they had it… Sanskar order Swara’s favourite food… Swara smile and they talked about random stuff… while Maheshwari family and piya was busy looking at SwaSan they were enjoying… their lunch came and the waiter server them… Sanskar make Swara eat with his hands… Maheshwari family and piya was shocked… SwaSan finished lunch and Sanskar ask for bill… after paying bill SwaSan get up and left from there… Sanskar make Swara sit and sat on driving seat… they left from there and Sanskar said
Sanskar:wanna go shopping

Sanskar:what uummm
Swara: OK let’s go
Sanskar smile and they drive toward mall… after sometime they reach mall… they came inside and enter the first shop… Swara directly came in male section and start looking clothes for Sanskar… she took lots of shirts and matching jeans for him… Swara hand over clothes to Sanskar and said
Swara:go and try them
Sanskar:baby it’s too much jaan
Swara:it’s ok try one shirt and one jeans same size of all
Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar:as u say my Queen
Sanskar left and came after changing… Swara looked at Sanskar and keep staring… Sanskar was looking breathtakingly handsome in Blue Jeans And White Body Fit Shirt… Sanskar smile and walk toward Swara… he stand just an inch away from Swara and said
Sanskar:baby I know I’m Handsome but staring in public is bad
Swara came in sense and said
Swara:so what u r my husband
Sanskar smile and said

Sanskar:off course I’m only yours
Sanskar then took some more shirt and when Swara asked him that for whom he’s taking them he said
Sanskar:for u baby after all u also wear my shirt so I thought why not to buy 2 or 3 more
Swara:but that won’t be ur shirt u wouldn’t have wear it
Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar:no problem baby I’ll wear them and then you can wear it OK
Swara smile and said

Swara: OK
Sanskar did the payment and both left from there… while going home SwaSan had ice cream… they reach home and Sanskar carry all the begs… kavtha saw how much they shopped and got highly jealous… Sanskar looked at them and ask servants to take keep begs in room… when servants and Swara left from there Sanskar came toward Gadodia family… he sat on sofa in front of them and said
he point his finger at kavtha and said

Sanskar:clean the whole house and u saying this he point his finger at sumi and said
Sanskar:make tea for me and Swara and dare u take any help do it by yourself blo*dy beggers having fun in my house for free
Sanskar get up and left from there…
hey frds hows the episode?

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