His Lust Or Love (Episode 34)


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Episode 34
The episode start with Sanskar… he woke up and saw Swara sleeping… he kiss the tip of her nose and turn to her side… he keep staring her lovingly yet passionately while Swara was sleeping unaware of Sanskar’s uncontrollable desires… Sanskar get up and said
Sanskar:stop thinking like this Sanskar get a grip on ur desires
he keep reminding himself to be in control seeing Swara’s condition.. Sanskar looked at Swara one last time before disappearing in washroom… he start the shower to cool down his mind who was getting out of his control… who wanted to hold Swara and made love to her till she get tired of screaming his name out of pleasure… Swara woke up and saw Sanskar was not in bed… she get up from bed just then Sanskar came out of washroom warping a towel around his waist… as soon as Swara laid her eyes on him she was just staring him… Sanskar smile naughtily before moving lazily toward dressing room… Sanskar turn and saw Swara staring still… Sanskar said
Sanskar:staring is a bad habit and moreover I’m married so please get a grip on ur staring
Swara get in sense and said stammeringly
Swara: I..I wasn’t staring
she bow down her head in embarrassment… Sanskar get dressed up and sat beside Swara… she looked at him and said
Swara: r u going somewhere
Sanskar:nope I’m ready for the party
Swara:but I haven’t done anything
Swara look at her hands disappointedly… Sanskar hold her chin and make her look at him… Sanskar said
Sanskar:baby don’t be disappointed I have done all the arrangements it’s OK
Swara:why u love me so much Sanskar
Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar:I just don’t know
Swara:then what u know
Sanskar:I just know that I Love You
Sanskar stare Swara so intensely that she start blushing… Sanskar couldn’t help but to stare her blushing face making him crazy… Sanskar came close and whisper
Sanskar: please don’t blush like this it left me so hard and thirsty for u
Sanskar softly kiss the corner of her lips and left from there leaving Swara blushing even harder… Sanskar came down and saw kavtha resting… Sanskar shout
Sanskar: what the f**k u blo*dy b*t*h’s
kavtha got up immediately hearing Sanskar’s voice… both looked at Sanskar terrified.. Sanskar came close and hold one of the hand of both… he twist it tightly making them gasps in pain… Sanskar said
Sanskar:dare u make me mad anymore and get back to ur f**king work saying this Sanskar left them with jerk and kavtha run to work being scared… Sanskar turn smilingly but as soon as he turn his smile fade… Swara had heard everything and was looking Sanskar as if saying “why u did like this”
Sanskar said
Sanskar:baby I can explain
Swara turn and run upstairs… Sanskar run behind her and as she was about to shut the door Sanskar hold it…. Swara moan in pain as her hands got hurt and left the door… Sanskar immediately came inside and said
Sanskar:baby r u OK I’m so sorry jaan
Swara looked at Sanskar and then turn away from him… Sanskar came in front of her and said
Sanskar:baby I’m sorry please forgive me na
Swara:what does it matter Sanskar saying this Swara was going but Sanskar hold Swara’s elbow and pull her closer… Swara end up landing on Sanskar’s chest… he cup her face while his nose tip touch Swara’s right cheek.. Sanskar run his nose tip sensously on her cheek causing? Swara to close her eyes breathing heavily… Sanskar said
Sanskar:it does only u does baby girl I Love You So Dam Much
Swara moan as Sanskar place soft kissing on her cheeks while following down to her jawline… Sanskar looked at Swara and Swara stare Sanskar… Sanskar kiss Swara lips softly… Swara close her eyes and start responding to Sanskar but he pull away making Swara irritated… Sanskar smile where Swara stare him angrily… Sanskar cup Swara’s face and said
Sanskar:baby u r so cute like this u know u r my baby girl
Swara:I’m not I’m angry
Swara turn away and Sanskar chuckle before hugging Swara from behind… Sanskar kiss her neck and said
Sanskar:u r testing my patience baby why u do this to me saying this Sanskar nuzzled his nose in Swara’s hair… he kiss her again again… Swara had a lil idea of how much Sanskar wanted to love her and was trying hard to control it… Swara turn and said
Swara:why did u do such a thing Sanskar
Sanskar hold Swara’s shoulder and said
Sanskar:baby sit
Sanskar make Swara sit and he sat on his knees… Sanskar said
Sanskar: why r u so scared baby I’m here na and I did what I think was right because they deserve it baby look what pain they give u and u r asking me why I did such a thing I mean seriously baby don’t be this good people like that greedy family took advantage of your goodness
Swara:but Sanskar
Sanskar:ssshh tell me the reason did they scared u before for doing it
Swara looked down and some tears fall from her eyes… Sanskar said
Swara:they killed my maa Sanskar
Sanskar get shocked and said
Sanskar:kil.. killed
Swara:my maa was alive Sanskar she did it intensionally she wanted to marry Baba that’s why she made my maa met with accident but she was alive I was there I helped her and took her hospital but when I did FIR against them they killed my maa just to make me scared and to safe their self they killed my maa Sanskar but I didn’t give up I tried my best to get prove against them but I didn’t get and because of that police didn’t listen to me since then I’m bearing everything because I had no place to go but then u came in my life and everything was changed I got ur love ur care Sanskar and now as u r with me I’m afraid if I did anything against them they’ll snatch u from me saying this Swara hug Sanskar crying hard… Sanskar hold Swara tightly in his arms and said
Sanskar:not anymore baby they’ll pay now they’ll suffer from the pain now I’ll teach them a lesson they’ll pay for every tear u shedded because of them
Sanskar kiss Swara’s hair and caresses her back to soothe her… after sometime Sanskar’s phone start ringing… he attend it and said
Sanskar:hey lucky
Laksh: Bhai
Sanskar: what’s wrong lucky everything OK
Laksh:badi maa wants to come in the party…
Sanskar stop for a min and then said
Sanskar:it’s OK lucky came with everyone
Laksh:r u sure Bhai I mean it’s fine I’ll refu
before Laksh could complete Sanskar said
Sanskar:yups lucky I don’t care anymore finally I have my own family to care about saying this Sanskar glance at Swara who was looking Sanskar in confusion.. Laksh was happy for Sanskar and said
Laksh:I’m happy for u Bhai
Sanskar:me too bye now see u in eve
Sanskar cut the call and Swara said
Swara: everything OK
Sanskar:yup actually everyone is coming with lucky
Swara:and I said OK for them
Sanskar:yeah I have u to care about I’m not so useless to think about people who don’t care… Swara just nod and Sanskar said
Sanskar:time to get ready baby
Swara: now
Sanskar:yes come on now let’s get ready
Swara:but how can I
Sanskar:I’m here na
Swara:no Sanskar I’ll change
Sanskar:how’ll u and moreover I have seen everything of yours with or without clothes
Sanskar wink where Swara blush and hit Sanskar slightly… Sanskar took Swara in washroom and locked the door behind…

In Evening
the whole house was decorated beautiful and Sanskar had kept kavtha to welcome everyone… only few people were coming like RagLak, their families and some frds of Sanskar… on the other hand Sanskar was helping Swara to get ready… he make her wear Emerald Empire Lehenga Saree and put matching jewelry on her… Sanskar turn Swara and fill her hairline with sindoor and put mangalsutra around her neck.. when Swara was finally ready Sanskar kissed her forehead and said
Sanskar:I feel so lucky having u as my wife baby
Swara:and I’m the luckiest
Swara kiss on Sanskar’s cheek and he smile…
everyone reach home and piya was also with them… she gasped seeing Sanskar’s house.. she was drooling over his richness… both SwaSan was coming down… Sanskar was holding Swara from waist and Swara was simply walking… both get down and meet everyone except Sanskar’s family.. they just greet them and left from there to meet Ragini’s family… piya keep staring Sanskar while he just ignore her and kept looking at Swara smilingly…

Next Episode: Sanskar’s Love Confession In Front Of Everyone…
hey frds how’s the episode?

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