His Lust Or Love (Episode 33)

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Episode 33
The episode start with Sanskar… he was in balcony thinking something deeply… he came in and saw Swara sleeping peacefully because of medicine effects… Sanskar sat beside Swara and kiss her forehead lovingly… he said
Sanskar:baby I’m sorry for going against u but I’ll take revenge from Gadodia they need to know who they hurted saying this Sanskar get up and left… he came down and saw kavtha having snacks… his blood boil seeing kavtha but he controlled… he took out his phone and msg someone then he came in his room… he call from intercom and ask all the servants to left the mansion… he came down again and took his phone in hand… he sat down beside kavtha making them shocked… he show as if he’s busy in mobile but was seeing their expressions from the corner of his eyes… Sanskar put his phone in and said
Sanskar:ramu suresh (servants name)
kavtha has seen servants leaving and said

kavitha:they left from mansion
kavya:u want something
Sanskar smirked which was unnoticed​ by​ kavtha then Sanskar said
Sanskar:yeah actually I want coffee
kavtha said together:I’ll make it for u
Sanskar looked at both and said
Sanskar:ooh thank you but I want only one coffee
kavya:I’ll make

kavitha: no I’ll
Sanskar:do one thing both make one one cup I’ll drink both coffee
kavtha: OK
kavya run in first to make coffee and kavitha behind her… after sometime both kavtha came with their coffee… both at beside Sanskar and give their coffee… Sanskar took kavitha’s first but as she left Sanskar also left resulting coffee on floor and cup shattered in pieces.. kavya smile seeing this and said
kavya:take my coffee
Sanskar took hers and take a sip… as soon as he taste it he split it out… kavitha smile seeing this and said
kavitha:kavya u made a horrible coffee…
kavya:shut up kavitha
Sanskar smile and said

Sanskar:it’s OK kavya please clean this mess and kavitha u make come with me and make coffee
kavitha nod smilingly and kavya burn in jealousy… Sanskar and kavitha came in kitchen… kavitha start making coffee… as the milk was starting to heat up Sanskar hold kavitha’s hand and said
Sanskar:I never new u can make coffee too saying this he touch her hand making her close her eyes… when Sanskar saw kavitha was not really in sense he put her hand in boiling milk and covered her mouth with his other hand so that she couldn’t shout…. kavitha was shocked and was winching in pain… Sanskar said
Sanskar: feeling the pain u b*t*h my Swara felt the same pain i was quite from so long but not now
kavitha was crying and seeing that Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar: this is start of the hell u r going to face from now on and dare u say a word to anyone saying this Sanskar left from there and came in hall… he saw kavya cleaning the mess… he came there and stand in front of her.. she look up and Sanskar said
Sanskar:get up

kavya get up and Sanskar took all the glass pieces and throw them on floor… kavya was confused seeing it… Sanskar sat on sofa and said
Sanskar: remove ur shoes
kavya: why
Sanskar shout:just do it
kavya removed her shoes being scared… Sanskar said
Sanskar:walk on the glass pieces
kavya: WHAT
Sanskar:u heard me
kavya:but Sans
Sanskar shout: NOW I said
kavya immediately start walking on glass pieces… she winch and shouted… she moved back immediately and cried… Sanskar said
kavya got so scared that she did immediately as she was told and start walking placing her hand on her mouth… Sanskar smile and get up from his place… he came near kavya and hold her hand tightly stoping her from walking… he said
Sanskar:this is the start of ur punishment you’ll face hell for hurting my Swara saying this he left her with jerk and said
Sanskar:stop walking and clean the whole house with kavitha and do arrangements for party but first clean this mess and I want everything done before 8:00 pm u have only 3 hours saying this he turn but stop again and said
Sanskar:and dare u take any help of servants only u and kavitha will do all the work
Sanskar left and came in Swara’s room.. he saw Swara was not there.. he came toward washroom and said
Sanskar: baby r u in
Swara:yeah I’m
Sanskar: u OK can I come in

Swara: yeah please
he came in and saw Swara was struggling with her saree… tears were rolling down her cheeks… Sanskar felt someone stab his heart with knife… Sanskar run to her and said
Sanskar:baby please don’t cry
Swara:I’m sorry I just can’t remove the saree
Sanskar wipe her tears and kiss her eyes… Sanskar said
Sanskar:don’t be sorry baby I’m here to help u it’s fine
Swara:can I make me wear something comfortable
Sanskar think and said
Sanskar:baby why don’t u wear my shirt it’ll be easy for u and then in evening I’ll make u wear saree
Swara smile and said
Swara:thank u
Sanskar: baby I love u ok if I won’t help u then who’ll
Swara smile with tears and Sanskar left… he came with his shirt and make Swara wear ever so carefully… he then took Swara in his arms and make her sit on bed… Sanskar lie down beside Swara and took her in his embrace carefully so that her hands don’t get hurt… both SwaSan slept…

How’s the episode


  1. Nisha

    Oh wow… You updated.. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ».. and what an update.. Amazing … Loved the punishment given by Sanskaar to Kavita and Kavya.. They deserved it.. And with his attitude it can be seen that there is more to come… 😊😊😈😈.. Loving how this is progressing.. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ».. And loved the small cute scene of Swasan… Awwww… Sanskaar just loves her sooo much.. Loving this story.. Awesome chapter.. Just can’t to read this more.. m soooo excited… Yay…

  2. Shree


    |Registered Member

    Angel!! long time!!! I just caught upon all of them!! Amazing!! love this epi.. he punishes them!! so happy.. swasan be the cutest

    love you loads

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