His Lust Or Love (Episode 32)

hey frds h r u all?
how’s the episode and r u all happy with updates or not??


Episode 32
The episode start with Swara… she came out of washroom and saw Sanskar sleeping… Swara came and sat on bed… Sanskar’s back was facing Swara… Swara thought
Swara:did he felt bad that I left leaving him he slept just like that without me
Swara lie down facing Sanskar’s back.. Swara after thinking for sometime pat on Sanskar’s shoulder and said
Sanskar did response.. Swara came closer and hug Sanskar from behind… Swara said
Swara:I’m sorry SANSKAR if u felt bad saying this Swara hug him tightly and Sanskar felt his back wet… Sanskar turn immediately and said
Swara looked at Sanskar and he saw tears was about to fall but before it could reach her chin Sanskar wipe them away… Sanskar kiss on her forehead and said
Sanskar:baby i was just teasing u really
Swara:u r not angry na
Sanskar:no baby not at all
Sanskar hug Swara and said
Sanskar:why’ll I be angry
Swara:because I didn’t left u come close to me
Swara innocently looked at Sanskar and his smile fade…. Sanskar said
Sanskar: Swara I Love U but it doesn’t mean I want u physically always for me it’s just a way to show my love for u and if u think I’ll be happy to have u against your will then I’m not like that anymore
Sanskar looked down feeling guilty for his past deeds.. Swara realized what just Sanskar said and she said
Swara: Sanskar no I didn’t mean that
Swara hug Sanskar immediately and tightly… Swara felt Sanskar’s tears and said
Swara:Sanskar I didn’t mean like that in fact I love the way u love me Sanskar I love our personal moments please don’t say like this u never go against my will
Sanskar:I did Swara from start I forced u
Swara:no Sanskar it was past now I love u na and I love when ever we made love
Swara hug Sanskar tightly and said
Swara:I love you Sanskar I love u so much I love it when u made love with me it made me feel so special that u love me so much saying this Swara looked at Sanskar and kiss his lips shocking him… Swara pulled away and said
Swara:I love u Sanskar

Sanskar was beyond shock… Swara smile and slowly slowly came closer and whisper
Swara:u were saying something about not letting me sleep tonight saying this Swara looked at Sanskar smiling naughtily and Sanskar get even more shocked… Swara burst out laughing at his expressions… Sanskar came in sense and said
Sanskar: Swara u saying this Sanskar get on top of Swara and start tickling her… Swara start laughing loudly… Swara then somehow get up and start running…. Sanskar run behind Swara to catch her… Swara run here and there making Sanskar to run behind her more… at last Sanskar catch Swara and pin her against the wall… both were breathing hard… Sanskar put his forehead on Swara’s and said
Sanskar:I so love u Swara
Swara:I love u more saying this Swara hug Sanskar tightly… both embrace each other so tightly that no one can dare to separate them.. Sanskar took Swara toward bed in same position… he make Swara lie down and settled himself beside her… Swara flipped over and came on top of Sanskar hugging him tightly… Sanskar hug back and keep caressing Swara’s hair lovingly… Swara looked at Sanskar and said
Swara:never think that u forced me did u get it
Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar:as u say my QUEEN
Swara lean closer and kiss Sanskar’s forehead… she moved down and kiss Sanskar’s eyes them both cheeks…. at last she kiss the tip of Sanskar’s nose and corner of his lips… Sanskar hold Swara tightly and Swara capture his lips with her in a soft and sweet kiss… soon the kiss turn in a passionate one… Sanskar shower all his love in that kiss where Swara was kissing him with equal passion… they get apart to take breath… Swara pulled Sanskar yet again and kiss him but this time more passionately… Sanskar turn Swara taking her beneath him… he broke the kiss and start kissing her neck… Sanskar bite her neck and Swara moan… she tighten her grip on Sanskar and he lick to soothe her pain… Sanskar looked at Swara and kiss her forehead… Swara said
Swara: u will love me like this always na
Sanskar:I promise I’ll love u always till my last breath
Swara:i promise the same saying this Swara hug Sanskar and they both slept in each other embrace…

Next Morning
Swara woke up and saw Sanskar sleeping peacefully… Swara smile and kiss Sanskar’s forehead… Swara get out of bed and gone in washroom… she came after sometime ready… Sanskar was sleeping still… Swara came down and saw kavtha and sumi having bf… Swara came in kitchen and made Sanskar’s bf… she came out and sat Sanskar’s bf on table… then Swara came in room again… she sat on bed and wake up Sanskar while caressing his hair… Sanskar open his eyes and said
Sanskar:good morning my Queen
Swara:morning my King get up bf is ready
Sanskar put his head on Swara’s lap and said
Sanskar:no I want to sleep more
Swara:Sanskar it’s late have bf and then sleep
Sanskar looked at Swara and said
Sanskar:as u say my Queen
Swara smile and Sanskar get up… he left to get ready and Swara came down…

hey frds how the episode?


  1. crazy princess

    nyc chappy loved swasan kamse kam FF mai to humare sath rahenge hmmmm😑😑koi nai but lovely chappy update nxt part soonnnnn😋😋

  2. herun swasan

    Awsm !!! Ur ff is my most fav one !! I have a request !! Can u show kavtha scene, sanskar taking swara side like she took his side in raglak sangeet nd show them their real place !! Something like that !! If u want otherwise u r writing great story !! 🙂

  3. Manolove


    |Registered Member

    Sorry dear..was out of station for 2 days.. no net.. just now saw Ur update.. as usual brilliant.. I truly loved Sankara and swara scenes it was full of love..

    Love u loads

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