His Lust Or Love (Episode 32)


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Episode 33
The episode start with Sanskar… he came down for bf… kavtha was spellbound seeing him… he was looking breathtaking in black jeans with white shirt and black blazer… Sanskar saw Swara was not there so he called her
Sanskar:Swara Jaan come fast I’m getting late for office
Swara came from kitchen carrying tea In her hands… she put the tray and sat down beside Sanskar… kavtha was jealous as hell… Sanskar’s sweet words echo in there ears…. Swara serve for Sanskar and he said
Sanskar:Jaan today RagLak and Ragini’s family is coming I called them for a small party
Swara:wow it’s awesome
Sanskar smile seeing Swara’s happiness and said
Sanskar:stay happy like this always
Swara blush were Gadodia family get jealous as hell… they had bf and then Sanskar left for office… kavtha was jealous and angry on Swara… they decide to show Swara her place hence they plan something to hurt Swara… Swara was busy in arrangements of party where kavtha was ready with there plan.. Swara came in kitchen to make food as it was time for lunch… kavtha saw her busy and came in silently without letting Swara know about their presence… Swara was making roti when kavtha came forward and hold her hand… Swara get shocked seeing them… they looked at her in anger and said

kavya:having a lot fun with Sanskar
Swara:what r u doing leave me
kavya:I won’t what’ll u do
Swara: kavya leave me I said
kavitha:u blo*dy servant u r showing us attitude u got guts to answer is
kavya:let us show u ur place
kavitha:u forgot it place I’ll show u
Swara get scared and said
Swara:kavya leave me kavitha leave me
kavtha hold Swara even tightly and put her both hands on pan which was on stove…. Swara shout in pain
tears roll down Swara’s cheeks… Swara said
Swara:aah kav…kavya ple…please le…leave m..me ple…please
kavya:u were showing us attitude na
kavitha: this is ur punishment
they both laugh and Swara cried in pain… they hold Swara’s hand and drag her in room servants saw kavtha dragging Swara… as they took Swara servants immediately call Sanskar and ask him to come home…

After An Hour
Sanskar came home and look for Swara… he ask servants and they said
servant: sir mam is in room
Sanskar:in room what happened why u called me
servant then told him everything and Sanskar left from there… he came in room but didn’t find Swara there… he came forward and get shocked seeing Swara’s condition… she was lying on floor… blood was oozing from the corner of her forehead and her hands were burned badly… Sanskar was still in his place…. tears roll down his cheeks making him to come in sense… Sanskar run toward Swara and took her in his arms.. Swara was in semi-conscious state… Sanskar call servants and ask them to call doctor… Sanskar make Swara lie on bed and said beside her… Sanskar said
Sanskar: jaan open your eyes I’m sorry baby I couldn’t save u from them please forgive me
Swara open her eyes and looked at Sanskar… Swara said
Sanskar:Swara Jaan nothing will happen Dr is coming
Swara was crying and said
Swara:it..it’s pa..paining Sanss…kaar th..they did..didn’t lis.. listen t..to m..me and be…beat m…me be…because u lo…love m…me saying this Swara went unconscious… Sanskar was crying seeing Swara’s condition… Dr come and Sanskar said
Sanskar:Dr please see na she went unconscious
Dr:Mr Maheshwari please be outside

Dr: please Mr Maheshwari
Sanskar came out on Dr insistence… he saw RagLak and he immediately hug Laksh​… servants had called Laksh and he also inform Ragini… Sanskar cried and said
Sanskar:lucky they hurt my Swara because I love her lucky what’s her fault…
Laksh:Bhai who did this Bhai
Sanskar broke the hug and said to servants
Sanskar:where is Gadodia family
servant:sir they left somewhere
Sanskar:I won’t leave them lucky they’ll see what is the result of hurting Sanskar’s love they hurt my life now I’ll make their life a living hell
RagLak smile and said
RagLak:we r with u
Ragini came forward and said
Ragini: Sanskar Bhai
Sanskar looked at her and Ragini said
Ragini:I can call u Bhai na
Sanskar nod and she said
Ragini:Bhai I also want to punish them you’ll take me in ur team na
Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar:off course chuti
Ragini:no Bhai it’s ok u call me chuti please
Sanskar smile and Laksh said
Laksh:I’m also here
ragsan smile and Sanskar said
Sanskar:so u guys r with me saying this he forward his hand and RagLak put their hand on his and said
RagLak:we r
Dr came out and Sanskar said
Sanskar: Dr how’s she
Dr:Mr Maheshwari her condition is bad if I say clearly then worst her hands r burned badly and she is weak
Sanskar close his eyes and tears roll down… Dr said
Dr: please take special care and she need bed rest don’t let her work till her hands don’t get fine fully and don’t stress her it can worsen her health
Sanskar:and medicines
Dr:this is all the medicines she have to eat saying this Dr give Sanskar a chit… Laksh took the chit and said
Laksh: I’ll go and get them
Sanskar nod and Dr left asking Sanskar to take care of Swara… Ragini left to make food and Sanskar came in room and sat beside unconscious Swara…. there was bandages on Swara hands and forehead… tears start falling from his eyes seeing Swara’s condition… he cursed Gadodia family and vow to take revenge…

after half an hour
Swara came in consciousness and ask for water… Sanskar immediately took a glass of water and help Swara to drink it… he made Swara lie down and said
Sanskar:r u ok baby
Swara: Sanskar u came
Sanskar:yeah how r u feeling
Swara:I..I’m fine but u
Sanskar:baby ssshh don’t talk u need rest
Swara:but kavtha
Sanskar blood boil hearing their name and said
Sanskar:I won’t leave them Swara I promise
Swara:no Sanskar don’t do anything
Sanskar:Swara the did so much and u r saying don’t do anything
Swara: please Sanskar
Sanskar think something and said
Sanskar:leave all this and tell me how u r feeling
Swara:I’m good
just then Ragini came in with food followed by Laksh… Swara said
Swara:rago u and Laksh
Laksh: servants called us bhabhi
Ragini: and Laksh inform me so we came to see u
Swara looked at Sanskar and Sanskar said
Sanskar:lunch time
Sanskar lift Swara in his arms and make her sit on sofa… RagLak admired there couple and sat with them for lunch… Ragini serve for everyone and Sanskar make Swara eat with his hands…

hey frds how’s the episode?

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  1. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear ? loved it I wana kill kavita n kavya waiting for sanskar revenge Amazing Post soon

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  2. Amazing update… really want to kill kavya n kavita… pls make sanskar n raglak to punish gododia family really badly that they beg for death but will not get it… pls post next update soon…

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  3. Nice..teach them a good lesson.

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  4. Manolove

    It was cute time for some drama and action.. I was just wondering why the story is going little slow but my Angel never leave chance to complain..

    Aesomand amazing..

    1. Mavo

      Hahaha thanks a lot dear ?

  5. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Mavo

      Thanks ?

  6. Sanswa

    As usual more Dan amazing dea?

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