His Lust Or Love (Episode 30)


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Episode 30
The episode start with SwaSan… Sanskar was lying in Swara’s lap while she was caressing his hair… Sanskar was sleeping peacefully and Swara was just seeing him lovingly… suddenly Swara’s phone start ringing… Swara attend it and said
Swara: yes Laksh
Laksh:I’m proud of u bhabhi
Swara:for what Laksh
Laksh:for whatever u did today
Swara: it’s was my duty Laksh it’s my duty to protect my husband’s reputation in his absence I won’t let my Sanskar suffer anymore now he had enough of suffering already
Laksh: thanks bhabhi
Swara:how’s wedding preparations r going
Laksh:good would u both come today
Swara:I don’t think so I don’t want Sanskar to come against his will if he would ask we’ll surely come

Laksh:I guess I can just pray then
Swara: will talk later
Laksh: bye
Swara put the phone back and close her eyes… in sometime she fall asleep… after a min Sanskar open his eyes and tears start falling… Sanskar had heard everything… he also heard what Swara said to his mother and what all she said to Laksh because when Swara was fighting with Sujatha he was conscious and came down hearing Swara’s screams…. right now also he was awake.. Sanskar talked to sleeping Swara…
Sanskar:so much love that too for me why Swara am I even worth of it I did so much bad with u after all that u love me so immensely and unconditionally I promise u Swara from today I’ll do everything to keep u happy I’ll do everything to keep us together always… I Love You Baby
Sanskar softly kiss on Swara’s forehead and lie down again in her lap where is get Peace always…

In Evening
Sanskar woke up and saw Swara still sleeping… he immediately mad Swara lie down correctly as she was sleeping in sitting position… Sanskar scold himself for sleeping so much in Swara’s lap and not making her sleep properly… Sanskar then get up and thought to make evening snacks for Swara and himself… Sanskar came down and servants greet him… he walk straight to the kitchen and chefs get shocked seeing him as he never came in kitchen… Sanskar saw them and said
Sanskar:what why r u all staring me
chef:si…sir u want anything
Sanskar:yes I want to make snacks
Sanskar looked at them in bossy way and said
Sanskar: any problem
chef:no sir
Sanskar:u all may leave right now
all the chefs left and Sanskar start making snacks…

after 1 hour
Swara woke up and saw herself lying on bed properly… she smile and get up from bed… she came down and ask servants about Sanskar… they said
servant:mam sir is in kitchen from past one hour
Swara get shocked as she know Sanskar never go in kitchen… Swara ask servants to get back on work and gone in kitchen… Swara stood still in her place seeing Sanskar… he was wearing apron and chef hat… he was bent down in front of oven… Swara came forward and place her hand on Sanskar’s shoulder… he turn and said
Sanskar:hey u woke up saying this Sanskar kiss on Swara’s forehead and Swara smile… Swara said
Swara:what r u doing
Sanskar:I’m making evening snacks for us Jaan
Swara:but u don’t have to u should have woke me up na
Sanskar:big deal u do or me same na
Swara was overwhelmed by seeing Sanskar’s love… Swara hug Sanskar and said
Swara: thank you so much for loving me so much
Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar:who don’t love their life
Swara was yet again surprised with Sanskar’s answer.. Swara smile and said
Swara:may I help u in something
Sanskar:nope I already done

just then the oven alert and Sanskar said
Sanskar:u go in room I’ll come with snacks
Swara: I’ll help na
Sanskar: no surprise go
Swara: OK your majesty
Sanskar looked at Swara in surprised and then but burst out in laughter… Swara then left from there and Sanskar start setting the tray… after sometime Sanskar came in room and saw Swara in balcony… he put the tray on table and came in balcony… Swara was lost in thoughts.. Sanskar hug Swara from behind and said
Sanskar: why my Jaan is so lost
Swara came in sense hearing Sanskar and smile.. she turn towards Sanskar and said
Swara:I was just leave it is snacks ready
Sanskar:no say Swara what happened
Swara: actually I was thinking about what if we go out somewhere just us far away from everyone
Sanskar smile naughtily and said
Sanskar:Swara u r getting so naughty day by day
Swara widen her eyes and hit Sanskar on his chest playfully… Sanskar pull Swara closer and said

Sanskar:what u said na u want to go out just us away from everyone saying this Sanskar wink and Swara blush… Sanskar kiss on the tip of Swara’s nose and said
Sanskar:come snacks r waiting
Swara nod and both came in… Swara was surprised seeing snacks… Sanskar made cake, biscuits and tea… Swara looked at him and said
Swara:u made all this
Sanskar nod and said
Sanskar:taste it na how’s it
Swara:off course
they sat on sofa and Swara cut the cake… she took first bite and Sanskar looked at her curiously… Swara make faces which make Sanskar disappointed when Swara saw Sanskar she burst out in laughter…. Sanskar looked at Swara and said
Sanskar:what happened
Swara:u look so cute
saying this Swara pull Sanskar’s cheeks… Sanskar smile and said
Sanskar:u saying this Sanskar start tickling Swara and she start laughing loudly… after sometime they stopped and sat on sofa… they had evening snacks…

after half hour
SwaSan were lying on bed cuddling each other… Sanskar said
Sanskar:where u want to go Jaan
Swara: anywhere u want
Sanskar:and when u want to go
Swara:when u want
Sanskar:ooh really
Swara looked at Sanskar and both stare each other lovingly… Sanskar turn Swara and came on top of her… Swara smile and keep staring Sanskar… Sanskar softly kiss on her forehead and Swara close her eyes… Sanskar then kiss on her eyes and cheeks… Swara hold Sanskar tightly and Sanskar kiss Swara on lips… it was a soft and sweet kiss… they get apart to take breath and then Swara hug Sanskar… Sanskar kiss on her hair and hug her back… Sanskar flipped and took Swara on top of him… Swara smile and both kept talking…

after 30 mins
Sanskar was caressing Swara’s hair and she was lying on top of him smilingly… Sanskar said
Sanskar:baby when will you get ready
Swara:for what
Sanskar: don’t u want to go in sangeet tonight
Swara looked at Sanskar and said
Swara:u want us to go
Sanskar:off course Jaan after all it’s my brother’s and my wife’s sister wedding
Swara smile and said
Swara: if u have no problem sure we’ll go
Sanskar: then let’s get ready
Swara nod and both get up to be ready… they got ready and left for Sangeet… they reached venue and got down from car as casual media was around SwaSan… taking photos and they happily give poses…. they came in and as casual SwaSan came to Ragini’s family… they met them but this time also Swara came to Maheshwari family and took blessings which make Sanskar overwhelmed… after that Swara came and stand beside Sanskar… piya was also present there… Sanskar saw her but Swara held his hand and make him smile… both SwaSan and RagLak were talking sitting on sofa when DJ start song…. (This Song Is From Movie “Tum Bin 2”)

RagLak push SwaSan on stage…. lights were off and song started

Main baarish ho jaaunga
Tum baadal ho jaaogi
Dekh lena.. Dekh lena..

Sanskar held Swara from waist firmly yet lovingly and Swara put her hands on Sanskar’s chest…

Itna tumko chahunga
Tum pagal ho jaaogi
Dekh lena.. Dekh lena..

Sanskar pull Swara closer and both smile

Kehta hai sun yeh dhup kinara
Tera hua main saara ka saara

Sanskar twirl Swara and then hug her from behind

Dekh lena..
Tere honthon pe hamesha
Main hasta hi rahunga
Dekh lena..

Dekh lena..
Bheegi jo teri aankhein
Aankhon se main bahunga
Dekh lena..

both was as always get lost in there own world

Dil toh hai har seene mein
Hai pyaar lekin mujhme
Sabse zyada dekh lena

Swara turn to Sanskar and stare him lovingly

Apni lakeeron mein
Main likh lungi khud hi tumko
Hai mera vaada dekh lena

Swara hold Sanskar’s hand and kiss on his palm

Kehta hai sun ye dhup kinara
Tera hua main saara ka saara

Sanskar smile and kiss on Swara’s forehead

Dekh lena..
Tere honthon pe hamesha
Main hasta hi rahunga
Dekh lena…

both hug each other and suddenly lights were on… both SwaSan came in sense and everyone clap for them… they got down from stage and were coming back to sit when some lady said to another lady..
1st lady:see this is Sanskar that guy who modest piya
2nd lady:yeah and see him now married to some other girl poor she
SwaSan kept walking when again the lady said
1st lady:how shameless this guy is modest someone and married other
2nd lady: may be he also forced her and got married
Sanskar left Swara’s hand and walk ahead hearing the talks… he close his eyes and kept walking outside but stop at gate hearing a shout
Person: ENOUGH


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