His Lust Or Love (Episode 3)


Episode 3

Flashback Continued

The episode start with Swara was going in deep sleep as her room was now really a room but suddenly she was pulled back and when she turn to see who it was she was shocked… it was the same rude heartless The Sanskar Maheshwari… he came above her and before she could shout he captured her lips in a passionate kiss… Swara tried to push him but he press his all weight on her delicate body and kiss her harder… he bite her lower lips and suck it hard… he kiss her wildly making hard for her to breath… and then finally when he felt lack of oxygen he left her and lie down beside her… Swara was in shock because it was for the first time someone did something like this with her… she look at Sanskar and he smiled evilly and said
Sanskar:u r breathtaking babe saying this he came close and Swara came in her sense seeing his closeness she get afraid and push him… Swara get up from bed and said
Swara:how dare u came in my room
Sanskar get up from bed and came toward Swara while she start going backward but all last her back hit the wall and she stopped… she look here and there and find no way to escape as Sanskar was standing in front of her blocking her way from his hands… Sanskar was smiling and seeing his smile Swara was getting even more scared and said
Swara:let me go saying this she push him and was going but Sanskar hold her wrist and pulled her back because of which her back hit his chest hard… he warp his hands around her waist and whisper
Sanskar:babe now u r in cage of Mr Sanskar Maheshwari and u can’t escape from here ever
Swara struggle in his arms and said
Swara:leave me else I’ll scream
Sanskar:ooh really then go ahead babe because no one is going to come as ur beloved family has told me ur room so I guess no one is going to help u
Swara was shocked and she become froze in her place means in Sanskar’s arms and tears roll down her eyes… Sanskar felt his hands wet and he turn Swara to face her and said
Sanskar:I just came to tell u that day after tomorrow is our marriage and I don’t want any problem from ur side and one more thing u r going to be my wife for world but in home you’ll listen to me only and will do whatever I say and u won’t stop me from doing anything ok
Swara listen everything but was standing like a statue totally lifeless… Sanskar hold her tightly making her wince in pain and said angrily
Sanskar:did u heard what I said
Swara looked at him and Sanskar said
Sanskar:god dam I want answer Swara did u get it
Swara get scared and nod in yes immediately and Sanskar left her and said
Sanskar:ok now I’m going see u later saying this he left the room and Swara broke down on floor… she cried badly and then in middle of the night doze off cryingly… days passes and Sanskar has scared her a lot by giving threats of ruining the life of her sisters and to destroy her fathers reputation and sometimes to kill her father also and what not… Swara was now so much afraid that even the name of Sanskar was enough to scare her

The Night Before Marriage

there was a small get togather in swara’s house means their family and some frds of Swara’s sisters… Swara was in her room as she don’t want to see that beast Sanskar but her bad luck he himself came in her room and entered in without knocking and saw her lying on bed with closed eyes… feeling someone’s presence in room Swara open her eyes just to find Sanskar staring her with desire filled eyes… she immediately sat on bed and compose her clothes and said
Swara:wh…what r u do…doing he…here
Sanskar smile and came toward her and said
Sanskar:well right now nothing but tomorrow I’ll be doing so much at this time with U
Swara get scared after understanding his mean words… Sanskar sat beside her and Swara start shivering because of his closeness… he came close to her and pull her closer by holding her waist and make her stand and said
Sanskar:come out saying this he drag her out and where there was everyone and just then Swara sisters came (Swara have 2 step sis 1st is kavya and 2nd is kavita)
they hold Sanskar’s each hand and drag him for dance where everyone was dancing (means kavya and kavita frds)
they introduced Sanskar to everyone and then they were dancing while their male frds were gazing at Swara just then kavya came and start dancing with Sanskar seductively without any shame… Swara feel disgusting and was about to leave when Sanskar push kavya and hold Swara’s hand and pull her closer crushing her front on his chest hard… he ask to play song and hold Swara tightly as if protecting her from world and song start in background (this song is from movie “Special 26”)

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage
Bas chale naa kyun mera tere aage
Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage

both keep staring each other lost in their own world

Chhod kar na tu kahin bhi door ab jaana
Tujhko kasam hai
Saath rehna jo bhi hai tu
Jhooth ya sach hai, ya bharam hai
Apna banaane ka jatan kar hi chuke ab to
Baiyan pakad kar aaj chal
Main du bata sabko

Sanskar spin her and pull her holding her tightly… Swara don’t know but his eyes were showing some pain but she was not able to understand

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage
Bas chale naa kyun mera tere aage
Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage
Kyun tu baandhe, man ke man se dhaage

then song end and Swara immediately run to her room and locked the door… Sanskar stand there like that but soon he too leave

Next Day
Swara had not slept while night thinking about Sanskar and their marriage… soon she came out of her thoughts and realize that its morning when someone knock on door… Swara open the door and find her mom and sisters there with a smile attached to their lips… Swara understand that they came to make her ready for wedding after all they would get their money only after she would be Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari… she left them come in and almost after 2 house they made her ready and then they left for temple as Sanskar want a simple wedding only family

At Temple
when Swara reach Sanskar was already there and as he saw her he was mesmerized seeing her in bridal dress… they sat in mandap and pandit start his work… then they took pheras and sat down… Sanskar fill her headline with sindoor and then put mangalsutra around her neck and they were declared as husband and wife… SwaSan left from there as it was night… they came in Sanskar’s house or u can say Sanskar’s mansion as it was really big, beautiful and well furnished… Sanskar drag her in room and closed the door… Swara get scared seeing him and start going away from him but he hold her hand and pull her closer… he kissed her harder and harder while Swara try to push him away and while doing so her clothes for torn but Sanskar didn’t care he kissed her and then he throw her on bed and he open his shirt buttons… he came above her and start kissing her neck… Swara cried and beg him to leave her but her pleading didn’t affect the heartless beast and he kept kissing her… he was about to undress her but his phone start ringing and he left immediately after seeing the name… Swara cried all night and then doze off

Flashback End

Present Day
(now the story is back from where it started)

Swara was crying thinking about the past week just then her phone ring and she saw it Was Sanskar… she don’t want to talk but after knowing his anger she attend and Sanskar said
Sanskar:babe please make dinner I’m coming and remember be ready for tonight because ur husband want to love u a lot tonight
Swara was scared hearing his words but said nothing and Sanskar said
Sanskar:did u heard me Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari
Sanskar:now say I’ll be waiting for u
Swara hesitate but then said
Swara:I’ll be waiting for u
Sanskar:good saying this he disconnect the call and Swara left to make dinner as it was already 6:45

Next Episode: U R Different
hey frds h r u all?
here is the 3rd episode how’s it

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Credit to: Angel

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