His Lust Or Love (Episode 29)

hey frds h r u all?
I know u all r dam angry but what to do I was stuck in some personal issues and was not at all able to wrote but ALHUMDULILLAH everything is set now… I’m so sorry for making I all wait but to make it worth I wrote a lil long episode today… hope u enjoy love u all 😘

Episode 29
The episode start with Swara she came in room after bf… Sanskar was working on laptop and was getting ready for office… Swara give Sanskar all his stuff and said
Swara:will u come earlier from office please
Sanskar:I’ll come if u want but anything important
Swara:actually Ragini and Laksh r coming they want to meet us
Sanskar:I know why they want to saying this Sanskar turn other side and start working again… Swara came and said beside Sanskar… she said
Swara:if u don’t want then I’ll refuse them its OK
Sanskar turn to Swara and took her hands in his… he said
Sanskar: I’m fine baby don’t worry about me as long as u r with me I’m fine saying this Sanskar kiss on Swara’s hands and said
Sanskar:I’ll go now then will come till lunch time Swara smile and said
Swara: OK
Sanskar left for office and Swara get busy in daily routine…

In Afternoon
Sanskar came home and was shocked… he saw everyone sitting in hall… there was everyone his family and Ragini’s family along with Swara so called family… he was literally shocked… Swara saw Sanskar and get up from her place… Sanskar looked at her and Swara can see pain in his eyes… everyone else also saw Sanskar but he immediately left upstairs before anyone could say anything to him… Swara was about to go but kavtha… who saw Sanskar going up stop her and start distracting her… after sometime Swara run upstairs to see Sanskar leaving kabtha… she came in room and get shocked seeing the room… it was all disaster… things were lying here and there… mirror were broken… Sanskar was sitting on floor hiding his face in his hands… Swara immediately came to Sanskar and sat in front of him.. Swara said
Swara: Sanskar
when Sanskar didn’t response Swara put her shivering hand on his shoulder and said again
Sanskar look up… pain and hurt was clearly visible in his eyes… Sanskar suddenly hug Swara and he burst out in tears… Sanskar whisper while crying
Sanskar:why Swara why they came here why
as Sanskar speak his grip get tighter and stronger… Swara close her eyes and tears roll down her cheeks… Sanskar was crying and Swara was hugging him tightly… after sometime Swara make Sanskar look at her and said
Swara:Sanskar I’m with u na don’t cry
Sanskar:tell them to you don’t want to see them please Swara please
Sanskar cries and Swara hug even tightly… Swara make Sanskar sat on bed and looked at his injuries… there was cuts and blood was oozing from it… Swara cries seeing it and immediately bandage Sanskar’s wounds… Swara make Sanskar lie on bed and he hug her tightly… Swara caresses his hair and Sanskar fall in deep slumber… Swara slowly yet carefully get up from bed and get changed as Sanskar’s blood had covered Swara’s dress… after changing she came out and everyone got up seeing Swara… she came and stand folding her hands in front of them… Swara said
Swara:I’m sorry but please leave from here Sanskar doesn’t want to meet u all
Sujatha came and said
Sujatha:I knew it he still didn’t have any shame on his deeds I came to see him even after what he all did but
Swara cut her in mid and said
Swara:he didn’t did anything wrong
Sujatha:he did he betrayed piya…
Swara:he didn’t piya did betrayed him
Sujatha: he lied piya is a good girl and now because of him she is a single mother he is a betrayed cheater
Swara had enough… she was not able to hear anything wrong about her Sanskar anymore hence she shouted…
Swara: enough my Sanskar is innocent and he didn’t betrayed anyone what kind of a mother u r huh mother always know how her son is but u I mean how can u accuse him for something he didn’t ever done u know what please just go before i forgot that u r my husband’s mom saying this Swara left to see Sanskar asking servants to show them the way of outside… Sujatha was speechless hearing it… they left from there and Swara reach in room… she looked at Sanskar and kiss his forehead… Swara clean the room and then came down and make lunch for Sanskar… she came upstairs and put lunch on side table… Swara came and sat beside Sanskar who was sleeping peacefully… Swara saw Sanskar’s wounds and close her eyes as tears made there way from her eyes to cheeks… her tears was falling on Sanskar’s hand and was continuously falling which make Sanskar awake… he looked at Swara who’s eyes were close… and tears were falling from her eyes… Sanskar immediately get up which alert Swara… she open her eyes and saw Sanskar looking at her all concern… Swara immediately hug him and said
Swara:I’m sorry Sanskar
Sanskar:Swara why r u saying sorry baby what happened did anyone said anything or anyone did please tell me
Swara:Sanskar actually I told them to go and hey left I’m sorry I shouldn’t have let them come in when I know u don’t want to meet them I’m sorry
Sanskar was touched.. no one ever cared for him like this before… he left good… Sanskar hug Swara back and said
Sanskar:I love u Swara
Swara:I love u Sanskar
after sometime Swara said
Swara:Sanskar lunch
Sanskar:come let’s have
both sat and Swara serve lunch… Sanskar tries to eat but was unable to do so as his hands were injured… Swara saw this and sat beside him… Swara took Sanskar’s plate and make him eat with her hands… Sanskar ask Swara to eat also and both had there lunch…

Next Episode: RagLak’s Sangeet & Swara’s Burst Out Again…
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  1. Dharshaini

    Amazing update… waiting when will sanskar family will know the truth n regret for not believing sanskar… pls post next update soon…

  2. crazy princess

    amazing chapter lyked swara’s stand for sanskaar and wen will sanskaars family cum 2 noe d truth and plzzz update nxt part sooon

  3. Manolove


    |Registered Member

    My Angel finally u are back.. I was literally scared about u as u were also not present in fb.. finally I am able to breathe now.. dear next time just give me a note as u are safe.. and I am angry on u for this behavior u need to petrify me.. now..😩😩😩😩

    Then the story was BRILLIANT when swara supported Sankara I just loved it😃😃😃😃

    • Mavo



      Aww my sweet siso… I’m so sorry for this but actually I’m not using that I’d anymore some personal issues.. don’t worry from onward I won’t make this mistake again… Love U sis

      Thanks a lot 😃😘

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