His Lust Or Love (Episode 22)

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Episode 22
The episode start with SwaSan… they were sleeping in each others embrace… sun rays fall on Sanskar and he woke up… as he woke up he saw his beautiful wife sleeping peacefully with cute smile playing on her lips… he smiled and peck her lips which make her smile bigger and more beautiful just like her… Sanskar remember last night and said
Sanskar:my sherni
Sanskar place a soft kiss on her cheek and got up to get fresh… after sometime Swara woke up and saw Sanskar was not in room… she looked at the clock and said
Swara:god it’s 9:53 how came I slept so much
Swara was about to get up but then she remember she’s not wearing anything… she hurriedly took Sanskar’s shirt which was near by and wear it… she get up but felt pain in her body… Swara smile and said
Swara:god my husband’s wildness but I love it
Swara slowly came out of room and then came down.. she looked around but couldn’t find anyone not even servants… Swara hear some sound and came in kitchen… as she enter in she become shocked… Sanskar was making bf that too fully dressed up as chef… Sanskar saw Swara and keep staring her… Sanskar felt himself getting hard seeing Swara in his shirt… Sanskar immediately moved his gaze from Swara and said
Sanskar:baby u woke up good bf is almost ready but I’m not sure if it’s worth of eating or not because I cooked for the very first time I’m saying sorry in advance if it’s bad ok
Swara came and hug Sanskar tightly… Sanskar hug her back and said
Sanskar:what happened jaan is everything ok
Swara:hmm everything is beyond perfect thanks Sanskar thank u so much
Swara:for making my life so beautiful and perfect
Sanskar:in that case I should more thankful because u made my life heaven saying this Sanskar kiss on her forehead and Swara kiss on his cheek… Sanskar smile and said
Swara:yeah I’m very hungry
both sat on table and Sanskar served for both… Sanskar waited for Swara to taste it.. as Swara took a first bite Sanskar said
Sanskar:how’s it is it fine or bad Swara it bad na I knew it would be worse please don’t
before Sanskar could complete Swara put a bite in his mouth and said
Swara:how’s it
Sanskar:god it’s
Swara:it’s yummy right
Sanskar:yeah I can’t believe I made this
SwaSan laugh and both had their bf… after bf SwaSan came in their bedroom… Swara said
Swara: Sanskar u go get ready for office I’ll put ur stuff on bed ok
Sanskar hug Swara from behind and said
Sanskar:no office today
Sanskar:I want to stay with u and if u don’t remember today is party at Lucky’s place
Swara:r we going
Sanskar:off course jaan
Sanskar:no ifs and buts we’ll go and now let me do what I want to do
Swara:what u want to do
Sanskar:love I want to love u saying this Sanskar turn Swara and start kissing on her neck… Swara hold Sanskar and closed her eyes enjoying his love… Sanskar lead them to bed and make Swara fall on it… Swara looked at Sanskar and Sanskar removed his shirt… he throw it aside and came on top of Swara… he kissed on her forehead and then on eyes… Sanskar then kiss on her cheeks and a soft kiss on her nose… Swara smile and pull him closer then kissed his lips… it was a passionate kiss… Sanskar opened buttons of shirt which Swara was wearing while still kissing her… when he was done opening them he broke the kiss and looked at Swara… she was just looking at him… Sanskar’s eyes moved lazily on her body making her shiver with his gaze… suddenly Sanskar looked into her eyes and kept looking… Swara felt different his eyes were conveying so much love but there was fear… fear of something she couldn’t understand… Swara get up and hug Sanskar tightly he back… Swara don’t know why but she felt it was right time to confess… to confess her feeling and so she did… Swara looked at Sanskar and said
Sanskar looked at Swara and she said
Swara: I Love You
with that Swara hug him again but Sanskar didn’t… Swara knew he was shocked so she continued…
Swara:I know there is something that hurt u Sanskar something ur family did or someone u loved but trust me I don’t want to know because it doesn’t matter
Sanskar closed his eyes and said
Sanskar:u’ll hate me if u got to know it u’ll also believe others
Swara:what others say doesn’t matter to me if u r not wrong so I wouldn’t hate u in fact I can never hate u Sanskar u know why because I Love You and I don’t have any hurry if u want u can take time to answer me
Sanskar:what about my past what if u hate me after knowing that
Swara:I can never hate my life Sanskar and more over u can tell me when u want otherwise I don’t want to know u just know u r not bad and I wouldn’t hate u even if kill me
Sanskar smashed his lips on Swara’s and kissed her passionate after breaking the kiss Sanskar rest his forehead on her and said
Sanskar:never say like that I’ll kill myself even before thinking to harm u and I’ll definitely tell u everything but I need time
Swara:u have our whole life but right now let’s complete the work we started
with that Swara push Sanskar on bed and and

Next Episode: Party & Sanskar’s Surprised For Swara
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