His Lust Or Love (Episode 21)


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Infinite Or My Devil


Episode 21
The episode start with Sanskar… he as hugging Swara really tightly… Sanskar said
Sanskar:baby I’m sorry please don’t cry like this I can’t bear ur tears
Swara hug Sanskar even more tightly and said
Swara:I… i’m so… sorry fo…for stop… stopping u I..in m..mall I did…didn’t wa… wanted to hu..hurt u
Sanskar make Swara looked at him and wipe her tears… Sanskar kiss on her forehead and said
Sanskar:I’m sorry jaan I didn’t mean all that words too saying this Sanskar hug Swara tightly and Swara also reciprocate… both were lost in each other when suddenly Sanskar’s phone start ringing… Sanskar looked at Swara and then at phone… Sanskar saw the number… it was unknown but when Sanskar recognized the number his blood boiled and he get up immediately… Swara was lil shock and surprised but she didn’t said anything and get up from bed… Sanskar throw the phone on floor in anger and Swara get scared seeing Sanskar’s anger… Swara gather some courage and said
Swara:sans… Sanskar
Sanskar:this can’t happen how can she no no I’ll kill her if she came in front of me
Swara was confused as well as scared…. she don’t know what to do… Sanskar start throwing things which make Swara afraid even more… Swara hold Sanskar but he jerk her… Swara didn’t understand what is he up to… Swara hold Sanskar forcefully and kiss his lips… first Sanskar tried to get away but Swara tighten her grip and kiss him more passionately… Sanskar start losing his senses and reciprocate with Swara… both moved backwards and Sanskar fell on bed along with Swara but both didn’t get apart… they keep kissing…. when they were unable to breath they get apart… both stare each other with love and passion… Sanskar roll over and came on top of Swara… Swara moan as she feel Sanskar’s kisses on her neck… Sanskar touch her body sensuously… Swara hold Sanskar tightly and closed her eyes… suddenly intercom start ringing and Sanskar came in sense… Sanskar get up and Swara looked at him… Swara get up and came toward him….. She tiptoed to reach his level and kissed his lips… Sanskar too respond to her… they begin to give each other open mouth kisses… they broke the kiss to take breath.. He rested his forehead on hers.. Both were lost in each other… Sanskar said
Sanskar:am I forgiven
Swara nod in yes and hug Sanskar… song start in background (this song is an album of Armaan Malik & Neeti Mohan)

Pyaar manga hai tumhi se
Mujhe pyaar karo
Aaj abhi zidd maano meri
Na intezaar karo

Sanskar picked Swara in his arms and walked toward bed… he put her on bed and said
Sanskar:u r looking beautiful
Sanskar said slowly as he start opening her nighty… he slowly kiss her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and then he stopped at her lips… he kiss her softly and then bite her neck… Swara moaned…

Main bhi dil ki sun raha hoon
Tum bhi dil ki suno
Pyar manga hai tum hi se
Mujhe pyaar karo

he slowly removed her nighty completely… Sanskar get up and stare Swara from top to bottom in her inner wears… Swara felt current pass through her body… Swara get up and stand in front of Sanskar…

Tujhe paane ka junoon is qadar hai
Tere khwabon se bhari ye nazar hai
Zara dheere se mere paas aao
Tumhe kitna pyaar hai yeh bataao

Swara crept her hands under his shirt… it was easy to undo the buttons… she pulled it off him before kissing him on his hard chest… her teeth nipping the taut skin as Sanskar groaned… it was first time that Swara was doing like this… Sanskar open the one knot which was holding back her bra and Swara breath heavily as it fall on floor…

Pucho naa, bas dil de do
Mujhe pyaar karo..
Pyaar manga hai tumhi se
Na inkaar karo
Aaj abhi zidd maano meri
Na intezar karo

Sanskar feasted his eyes on her bosoms… he start sucking her one br**st and knead the other while walking and they fell on the bed again…. Sanskar was on top of her… He was biting, sucking and kneading her br**st and she was moaning with pleasure…

Tu hai neele aasmaan ka musaafir
Chala aaya taaron se meri khatir
Teri baahon mein ajab sa ik sukoon hai
Mujhe jaana ab kahin aur kyun hai

his mouth now traveled to hers… taking her lips in a hungry kiss.. the slow tempo they started with vanished as need and desire took over their senses… Sanskar’s hands remove her panty… Swara wrapped her legs around his waist… He kissed her bare body again and went down on her belly… His lips kissing her belly button… Swara pulled him up by hair restlessly and turned him beneath her.. She started kissing and biting his body wildly… Sanskaar felt himself going rock hard because of Swara’s bold act… he pulled Swara and settled himself over her between his legs and start humping her… Swara moan in pleasure…

Tum meri bas meri ho
Mujhe pyaar karo
Pyaar manga hai tumhi se
Mujhe pyaar karo
Aaj abhi zidd maano meri
Na intezaar karo

Sanskar quickly pushed his pants and boxers down… he pushed her beneath him and went down to her core… Swara was all wet… he fingered her core… she was crazily moaning… Swara restlessly brushed her hands in his hair as he insert his two fingers inside her core and started thrusting them in and out… Swara moan and said
Swara:sanssskarr pleeasssase

Mujhe pyar karo
Na intezaar karo
Mujhe pyar karo
Na inkaar karo
Mujhe pyar karo
Na intezaar karo

Sanskar saw the naked desperate desires in her eyes mirroring his own… he quickly spread her legs and mounted her with the tip of his arousal teasing her entrance…. he leaned down and kissed her passionately… his tongue hungrily ravaging her sweet mouth as she wound her arms around his neck and pulled him closer… she held onto his neck and shoulders… she dug her fingernails in deeper as Sanskaar thrust into her as she cried out in pleasure… he start thrusting deeper and faster in her…

Mujhe pyar karo
Na intezaar karo…

Swara gently kissed him… He too respond… she ran her fingers into his hair and pulled him more on her… Sanskar start thrusting more deeper… Swara gently played with his tongue with hers… she then entered her tongue in his mouth and start sucking him… After sometime they broke the kiss as both climax together… they dozed off in a peaceful sleep with smiley faces… all nude in each others arms…

The Perfect Moment….

Next Episode: Starting Of RagLak Wedding Functions With Party

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