His Lust Or Love (Episode 20)


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Episode 20
The episode start with Swara… she was getting ready… just then Sanskar came and said
Sanskar: ready
Swara:yes saying this she turn and Sanskar get amazed… she was looking stunning in White Maxi Dress With Lace… Sanskar came close and said
Sanskar:r u planing to kill me or what
Swara blush and lower her eyes in shyness… Sanskar hold Swara from waist and pull her closer… Swara put her hands on his chest and both stare each other lovingly… Sanskar buried his face in Swara’s neck and start kissing her… Swara closed her eye tightly and her hands moved from his chest to hairs… she comb his hair with her hands and enjoy his love… Sanskar bite her neck and Swara moan… Sanskar lick there to soothe her pain… Swara tighten her grip and moan in pleasure… suddenly as Swara’s phone start ringing… both came in sense and Swara took her phone… she turn to other side being shy… Sanskar hug her from behind and Swara attend the call…. it was Ragini asking her if she’s coming or not… Swara tell her that she’s coming and cut the call… Sanskar hug her even more tightly and said
Sanskar:is it necessary to go
Swara:yups I have to and I have to tell them that we r coming in their wedding
Swara:I’ll be back soon promise
Sanskar:Swara can I also join u please
Swara smile and said
Swara:I’ll be really happy if u’ll come with me
Sanskar:just 5 mins I’ll be ready saying this Sanskar kiss on Swara’s forehead and run in washroom to get ready… Swara smile and sat on bed waiting for Sanskar… Sanskar came exactly after 5 mins and both left… kavth was beyond shock knowing Sanskar is also going with her not to drop her but to do shopping..

At Mall
SwaSan reach Mall holding hands… Swara call Ragini… she told her where she’s… suddenly Sanskar’s phone ring and he asked Swara to go and he’ll come in sometime… Swara came there and saw RagLak, Ragini’s family and 4 more ladies whom she don’t know… Laksh saw her and wave his hand… Swara came and meet everyone except the ladies she don’t know… Laksh introduce them… Laksh said
Laksh:bhabhi they r my and Bhai’s family
Swara get shocked and said
Swara:fa… family
Laksh:yeah Maa (ap) Chachi (sujata) pari bhabhi (parineeta) and uttara saying this Laksh also told about other Male members… Swara was shocked and numb… where Maheshwari family was confused… Laksh said
Laksh:and maa she’s Swara
before Laksh could complete Swara said
Swara:Swara Sanskar Maheshwari
everyone get shocked and ap looked at Swara emotionally…. ap was about to come close but Swara bow down and take there blessings… then Swara moved back and said
Swara:Laksh Sanskar
Laksh:bhai what bhai
Swara:he came with me
before Laksh could say anything they hear Sanskar… Sanskar said

Swara turn and Sanskar get shocked seeing his family in front of him… Swara saw Sanskar and get worried for him… she don’t know why Sanskar hate his family but she don’t want to hurt him… Swara and Laksh came toward Sanskar… Sanskar’s family was also shock seeing Sanskar… Sanskar’s eyes were filled with tears and hurt was clearly visible on his face… Laksh said
Sanskar looked at Laksh and then at Swara… Sanskar said
Sanskar:Swara I have some work u do shopping and when u r done call me I’ll come to pick u
Sanskar was going but Swara held her hand and said
Swara turn to Laksh and said
Swara:they r Maheshwari family right
Laksh and Sanskar looked at Swara and Laksh nod… Sanskar thought that Swara will ask him reason for his behavior but what she said surprised him… Swara looked at Sanskar and said
Swara:u said I’m ur family and no one else matters right
Sanskar nod and Swara said
Swara:u wanted to come with me to their wedding and today for shopping right
Sanskar nod again… Swara cup Sanskar’s face and wipe his tears… Swara said
Swara:then be with me only u don’t need to look anyone or anywhere else saying this Swara hold Sanskar’s hand and smile… Sanskar was happy not happy but beyond that… he was just to shock seeing Swara’s love and care… Sanskar also held Swara’s hand and smile… Laksh smile with tears… he hug Sanskar and thank him for agreeing to come in wedding… then he took them and Swara introduce Sanskar to Ragini’s family…
Swara:maa baba he’s Sanskar
(janki & raj r Ragini’s parents Swara also call them maa baba because they treat her like daughter Ragini is their real daughter but they never difference between Swaragini)
Sanskar took their blessings and moved away… Sanskar ignore everyone and stayed with Swara holding her hand all the time… Sanskar was quiet and was just walking… everyone was selecting dresses for Ragini… Swara saw Sanskar lost and tighten her grip on his hand… Sanskar looked at Swara and she said
Swara:come with me I want to buy clothes for u saying this Swara took Sanskar away from everyone… they came in male section and Swara start selecting dresses for Sanskar… Sanskar was lost in thoughts… Swara felt bad seeing Sanskar… Swara took a red sherwani and said
Swara:it’s good na Sanskar
Swara looked at Sanskar but he didn’t response so Swara shake him… Sanskar said
Sanskar:yeah it’s nice
Swara:try it
Sanskar:no it’s ok I have work I’ll go
Swara:but Sanskar
Sanskar:I have work Swara bye driver will come to pick u saying this Sanskar left… Swara felt bad but then she composed herself and came to Ragini… Ragini saw her and said
Ragini:where is jiju
Swara:he left got some work I’m also going will meet later bye
Swara:bye ragu
Swara also left… she came home and ask servants if Sanskar came… they said he’s in study… Swara nod and came in room… she sat down and tears make there way from her eyes and fall on her hands… she was hurt for hurting Sanskar… she look at her locket and wipe her tears… she came in washroom and get fresh… she came down and came in study… Swara knock and Sanskar said
Sanskar:come in
Swara came in and said
Swara: Sanskar
Sanskar without looking at Swara said
Swara get little sad seeing his coldness… Swara said
Swara:umm dinner
Sanskar:I’m not hungry
Swara get teary eyes but didn’t said anything and left… she thought to say sorry… Swara ask servants to leave… Swara came in room and decorate it with candles… she get ready in red saree… the blouse was backless with only one knot… Swara sat on bed waiting for Sanskar… it was 8:30…. around 9:00 Sanskar came and Swara get up from bed… Sanskar saw everything and get shocked… Sanskar saw Swara and said
Sanskar:what’s all this
Swara came close and said
Swara:I thought to surprise u and we haven’t spend time with each other from many days so
Sanskar get even more shocked… Swara looked at Sanskar smilingly but her smile fade when Sanskar said
Sanskar:I have lots of work Swara I don’t have time to spend with u saying this Sanskar left… Swara’s eyes welled up and she keep staring the door from where Sanskar left… she felt her heart broke in thousands pieces… she wipe her tears and said
Swara:I’m sorry Sanskar

Around 11:30
Sanskar came in room… he saw the whole room was clean but Swara was not there… he looked around… neither she was in balcony nor in washroom… Sanskar check other rooms… but she wasn’t anywhere… he saw terrace door was open… he came on terrace and there she’s… staring the sky… she was still wearing that beautiful saree… Sanskar felt bad and he curse himself for hurting her yet again and breaking his promise of not hurting her … Sanskar came and stand beside Swara… Swara sense Sanskar’s presence and turn her face to other side… she wipe her tears and said
Swara:u here want anything
Sanskar:Swara actually I’m I mean I’m really
before Sanskar could complete Swara said
Swara:im sorry Sanskar I didn’t wanted to disturb u
Sanskar:don’t say sorry Swara I should
Swara:it’s late Sanskar u must be tired let’s go and sleep
Swara turn and wipe her tears… Sanskar nod and both came in room… Sanskar changed first… then Swara changed… both lie down… Swara’s back was facing Sanskar… Sanskar stare Swara’s back and said
Swara wipe her tears and said
Sanskar:I’m sorry
Swara:I’m sorry it was my fault
Swara closed her eyes to control her tears… Sanskar hug Swara from behind and said
Sanskar:no I’m sorry for not spending time with u
Swara remember Sanskar’s words “I don’t have time to spend with u”… Swara said in shaken voice
Swara:it..it’s O..ok
Sanskar realize that Swara is crying… he turn her and hug her tightly…

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    Hey mavo… I know u want to bash me got the late comment but sorry…* makes puppy eyes * but I must say the episode was awesome…. Actually I was busy all these days as I was reading stories on wattpad… R u there on wattpad??? If yes then give me your username na???? Lots of love… Tc

  2. Pls update next part soon….

  3. Anubha Sanyal

    Tremendous I can’t explain how fabulous it is. …..BT it is incomplete plz post nxt prt. I want swasan to consummate their marriage in nxt episode plzzzzzzzz post yrr

  4. plz upload next part soon…..

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