His Lust Or Love (Episode 2)


Episode 2
The episode start with Swara was sitting on floor she was crying and was thinking how she met with Sanskar

Flashback Start

one week back

Swara was in kitchen she was making dinner… her clothes was dirty and her face was showing the tiredness just then a lady came and said in rude manners
Lady:is food ready or not
Swara get scared hearing voice and said
Swara:yes maa its ready
lady:god how many times I have to told u call me mom please maa is so old fashion
Swara:yes mom I’m sorry
lady:good now go and get ready wear something nice u shouldn’t look like a maid ok
Swara:yes mom
Lady:and yeah behave nicely with guest
Swara:yes mom
lady:now go and ready
Swara:ok mom saying this she left and came in room her room was not room it was a store room then she locked the door and cried and said
Swara:why maa why u left me alone with this family my papa married another women who treat me like a maid and my sister also even though they r my stepsisters but when I love them like my own sister why can’t they love me u know maa they always treat me like a maid and even dad don’t say anything I hate my life maa I want to die…. Swara was lost just then someone knock on door and Swara said
person:r u ready or not
Swara:yes I’m coming saying this swara took shower then change and wear White Long Anarkali Dress… her hairs was wet so she left it open she wasn’t having any make up nor jewelry but still she was looking like an Angel and then came out… but as she came out she collision with someone and she was about to fall… in fear she closed her eyes because she thought she was going to fall on floor but to her surprise or u can say shock she was in someone’s arms and to see who’s the person that saved her she open her eyes and get surprise… she was in arms of Mr Sanskar Maheshwari The Most Handsome & Billionaire Eligible Bachelor Of The World… she had seen his photo in magazine which her sister bought and she really liked him after all she’s a girl and he’s handsome in fact really handsome… both were lost Sanskar was totally flat on Swara… he never saw such a natural beauty… her long silky black hairs… her beautiful eyes… her pretty face so in short she was a perfect definition of natural beauty… soon SwaSan get out of their thoughts when they heard a shout
lady:Swara what’s wrong with u
Swara hurriedly came out of his arms and said
Swara:mom I’m sorry by mistake
lady:don’t apologized to me apologized to Mr Maheshwari
Swara turn to Sanskar and said
Swara:I…I’m so… sorry sir
Sanskar smirk and turn to lady and said
Sanskar:I want to marry her
the lady and Swara get shocked and lady said
lady:but Mr Maheshwari
Sanskar:the wedding will be simple
lady:but Sir
Sanskar:I’ll give the double amount
lady:ok sir as u say
Swara was shocked she didn’t understand anything she was about to speak but the Lady said in between
lady:when u want to take her
Sanskar:from tomorrow no in fact from now she won’t do anything except rest and then after 2 or 3 days do whatever shopping u want and then next day marriage and remember she should look like a bride got that
lady:yes sir
Sanskar:good now I’m going saying this he turn to Swara and stare her as if going to eat her and seeing Sanskar staring her like that Swara run in her room and lock the door

after 2 days

Swara has become lifeless person since that day… she tried but her parents was not ready to listen they jus want money and for that they were forcefully getting her married to a person who was a rude heartless womanizer beast Mr Sanskar Maheshwari.. Swara had search on net about him when her so called step mom and step sisters were out for her wedding shopping and just see they didn’t took her… Swara was totally shocked knowing thay he’s a play boy and he had so many girlfriends he was a bad and totally characterless man… when her parents came she told them and they said they know everything… Swara was taken aback she can’t believe that her parents a so cheap she just run to her room and cried the evening turn in night and Swara just didn’t came out she cried and cried and then she was going in a deep sleep but suddenly she was pulled back and… and then

Next Episode: Flashback Continued And Then Present
hey frds h r u all
here is the 2nd episode how’s it I hope longer than previous one actually i want to keep lil suspense so how’s it tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ?????

Credit to: Angel

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