His Lust Or Love (Episode 17)

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well here is long part I guess its long enough… actually I’m not feeling like writing now a days so that’s why I’m getting late but today I felt so here it is now enough of my cute talks and enjoy… ?

Episode 17
The episode start with Sanskar came in room after finishing his work… he saw Swara sleeping… he felt bad and sad for whatever he said… Sanskar close the door and walk toward washroom… he changed in night dress and lie down beside Swara… Sanskar stare Swara lovingly and said to sleeping Swara…
Sanskar:I’m sorry baby I’m so bad I always shout on u without any reason I’m so so so sorry u might think that u don’t matter to me but u do jaan in fact only u do I promise as soon as u’ll wake up in morning I’ll say sorry and will do anything to get ur forgiveness because I don’t want u to leave me alone I won’t be able to live without u jaan u r mine everything saying this Sanskar kiss on Swara’s forehead and Swara smile in sleep… Sanskar also smile and close his eyes…

In Middle Of The Night
SwaSan were sleeping suddenly Sanskar start sweating badly and was mumbling something… Sanskar turn here and there being scared… Swara woke up because of Sanskar’s turning… Swara looked at Sanskar and get afraid for him… Swara shake Sanskar but no response… Sanskar was mumbling something… Swara came close to Sanskar’s mouth and hear what he said… Sanskar mumble
Sanskar:I… I didn’t did anything she’s lying please don’t send me please
Swara get tensed and tried to wake up Sanskar… Swara said
Swara:Sanskar wake up please no one is sending u anywhere
Sanskar didn’t wake up… Swara get even more scared… Swara shake Sanskar even more hardly… Sanskar woke up and shout…
Swara get scared but seeing Sanskar scared Swara came close with glass of water and said
Sanskar looked at Swara… Swara showed water and make Sanskar drink… after drinking water Sanskar looked at Swara… his eyes were teary… Swara saw Sanskar and Sanskar hug Swara immediately… Swara was shocked but then she hug him back… she rub his back to comfort him… Sanskar said
Sanskar:Swara please don’t leave me they’ll take me please don’t leave me
Swara felt bad seeing Sanskar like this… Swara make Sanskar looked at her and said
Swara:no one is taking u Sanskar we r in home no one is here except us and I’m here only I’m not going anywhere I’m not leaving u
Sanskar: promise
Swara wipe Sanskar’s tears and Sanskar said
Sanskar:I’m sorry Swara
Swara:its ok
Sanskar:I won’t do this mistake again I’m really very sorry I won’t shout again on u promise
Swara smile and said
Swara:ok now sleep it’s late
Sanskar:can I sleep in ur lap please
Swara was surprised seeing Sanskar’s pleading… she nod and Sanskar said
Sanskar:thank u jaan
Sanskar lie down in Swara’s lap and hug her from waist tightly… Swara was shocked as well as surprised… Swara caresses Sanskar’s hair and Sanskar said
Sanskar:u r the only one whom I can call mine in my life I have only two people as my family and that’s u and lucky I promise I’ll try to keep u happy always and I’ll always give u what u want and what u need I’ll love u always I’ll try to become a good person a good husband and a good father for our kids I promise
Swara smile hearing “love” then she blush on the name of kids and said
Swara:kids ahan
Swara tried to lighten up Sanskar’s mood
Sanskar smile and looked at Swara… Sanskar sat in front of Swara and said
Sanskar:why don’t u want kids
Swara:Sanskar please
Sanskar:what look I want kids that to 5
Swara looked at Sanskar shocked and said
Swara:what 5
Sanskar:less na I know 10 is fine right
Swara’s eyes widen and she start to hit Sanskar playfully… Sanskar run to save himself… both run here and there… both sat on bed being tired… they looked at each other and burst out laughing… after sometime Sanskar took Swara in his embrace… they both new that the next morning is going to bring happiness for them and both were going to welcome it with open arms… Sanskar kiss Swara’s forehead and both doze off peacefully…

Next Morning
Swara woke up and saw Sanskar sleeping… he had a beautiful and cute smile on his face… Swara smile thinking about Sanskar’s last night confession… Swara kiss on Sanskar’s forehead… Swara left to get ready… Swara came out ready and gone out to make bf… Sanskar woke up and look for Swara… when Sanskar didn’t find Swara he get worried and said
Sanskar:where is Swara
Sanskar get out of bed and look in bathroom… she wasn’t there… Sanskar get even more tensed… Sanskar came down and shout
Sanskar:Swara Swara where r u
Swara get tensed hearing Sanskar’s shouting and hurriedly came out of kitchen… Sanskar saw Swara and Swara came toward Sanskar running… as soon as Swara was in front of Sanskar he hugged her tightly… Swara hug him back and rub his back to comfort him… Swara said
Swara:r u ok Sanskar did u get that bad dream again
Sanskar:no but where were u I was so scared
Swara:I woke up early so I came to make bf u slept late na so I thought to let u sleep
Sanskar looked at Swara and said
Sanskar:sorry I made u tensed again
Swara:it’s ok
Sanskar:I’m sorry for last night again I shouldn’t have shouted
Swara:its ok I said last night na then why r u saying sorry again and again
Sanskar:ok I won’t say again
Swara:good ok now tell me what u want to eat in bf
Swara:I’ll make for u now tell me what u want to eat
Sanskar think something and smile naughtily… Sanskar came little close and whisper in Swara’s ear making Swara senseless
Sanskar:I want to eat
Sanskar:I want to eat U
suddenly Swara understand what Sanskar said and hit him… Swara said
Swara: how shameless u have become
Sanskar:I was shameless from start baby
Swara start hitting Sanskar playfully… Sanskar laugh and run from there… Swara run behind Sanskar… both laugh and tried to chase each other… everyone was shocked… servants who never saw Sanskar even smiling… shomi and kavth who came for bf… they were standing with open mouth… SwaSan were lost in each other… suddenly Sanskar stop and saw everyone staring them… Sanskar hold Swara’s hand and said to everyone
Sanskar:get back to ur work and make bf for us and send it upstair saying this Sanskar move toward their room with Swara… before going Sanskar turn and said
Sanskar:give bf to them also
Sanskar look toward Swara’s family and then left… SwaSan reach room and Sanskar make Swara sat on bed and said
Sanskar:I’ll just come ok
Swara nod and Sanskar left…

Next Episode:Sanskar Shocked Swara
hey how’s the episode tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???

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