His Lust Or Love (Episode 16)

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Episode 16
The episode start with SwaSan came down and both met RagLak respectively… Ragini drag Swara with her and said
Ragini:what r ur family doing here
Swara:actually saying this Swara tell Ragini everything… Swara and Ragini left in kitchen for arranging dinner… Sanskar and Laksh was busy talking where kavth was busy checking them out… Laksh said
Laksh:bhai I want to tell u something
Sanskar:say na Lucky
Laksh:actually bhai my and Ragini’s marriage is fixed and functions r starting after a week and I want u and bhabhi to
Sanskar:this can’t happened Lucky and u know that
Laksh:but its my wedding bhai please
Sanskar remember his past and he become teary… Sanskar said
Sanskar:no means no Laksh
Sanskar turn and wipe his tears just then he saw Swara… Swara was shocked seeing Sanskar crying as she never saw Sanskar like this before… Sanskar left from there and Swara came toward Laksh… Laksh turn and said
Laksh:please bhabhi talk to bhai na please its my and Ragini’s marriage
Swara:don’t worry I’ll talk to Sanskar now come and let’s have dinner
Laksh smile and said
Laksh left from there and Swara left to see Sanskar… Sanskar was standing in balcony of hall… he was remembering his past

(Flashback Start

Sanskar and a lady (sujata) was fighting… sujata said
sujata:I didn’t even imagine that u would do such a thing at the end u showed ur real face
Sanskar was crying and he said
Sanskar:no mom I didn’t did anything
sujata:don’t call me mom u r not my son and I’m not ur mother if u had been my son u wouldn’t have done such a thing
Sanskar:I didn’t do anything please
sujata: just leave saying this she left and Sanskar cried sitting on ground…

Flashback End)

Sanskar close his eyes and tears roll down his cheeks… Sanskar felt someone wiping his tears… he open his eyes and saw Swara standing in front of him wiping his tears… Swara said
Swara:why r u hurting ur self Sanskar please agree on what Laksh is saying na
Sanskar:Swara I don’t want to talk about it
Swara:but Sanskar
Sanskar get angry and shout
Sanskar:Swara I said I don’t want to talk about it and don’t interfere in my life
Swara get scared and said in fear
Swara run from there… Swara came in her room and close the door… Swara close her eyes and tears roll down her cheeks… Ragini call Swara and she immediately wipe her tears and said
Swara:coming ragu
Swara wash her gave and left… she came and saw everyone sitting on table for dinner… Sanskar was also there he looked at Swara but her eyes were lower… she didn’t even dare to look up… Sanskar felt bad and guilty… Swara serve everyone and sat down to have dinner… Swara didn’t speak a word… after dinner RagLak left and everyone gone in their room respectively… Swara came and gone in washroom… Sanskar was doing work in study… Swara came out wearing red nightie… and lie down on bed thinking whatever Sanskar said… Swara thought
Swara:why I always get hurt I know he don’t love me its me who fall in love with him I know I’m just a way to satisfy his desires nothing else he never said he love me and why he’ll why he’ll love someone like me
Swara wipe her tears and fall asleep…

Next Episode: Surprise 😜
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  1. Samera

    Hi an amazing episode as usual
    But I thought it was quite short please can you go longer ones and try to post regularly

  2. Madhu

    thank god finally you came……
    Oh god whats happening to swasan…..soo sad…..but awesome epi dr…update asap dr……

  3. anu

    awesome.. but to short… he unknowingly hurted her and her thoughts….. update some long part. update next part soon

  4. ruhi

    u promised us that u will giveva long update but its short dear…plzzz update next part asap and a long update…btw the episode was asusual awesome…

  5. SwaSanFan.Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Arrey Yaar l..so short updste ?? 😒😒 n uper se swasan ke beech Fyt 😒😒..plzz clear Swara’s MU abt Sanskaar dnt Love Her..n Waiting fr the Surprise since few Parts..continue soon wid a Lonnnggggeerrrr Part plz

  6. Kruti

    Not fair you give awesome updates! But such short ones and go bhi irregularly!! I love ur ff pls be regular

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