His Lust Or Love (Episode 14)

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Episode 14
The episode start with Sanskar came down… everyone was sitting in hall… Sanskar look around and saw Swara coming out of kitchen… he sat down… kavita thought to sit with Sanskar and she get up but as Swara was coming from there they both collision… both Swara and kavita was about to fall but Sanskar hold Swara… kavita fall down and the tray which fall from Swara’s hand hit kavita… Swara’s eyes were closed in fear of falling but when she felt strong grip on her waist she opened her eyes… Sanskar was staring Swara lovingly… both were lost but hearing everyone’s voice they came in sense… Sanskar make Swara stand straight… kavita sat on sofa and shomi said
shomi:Swara what r u doing here go bring first aid
Swara get scared and said

Swara:yes mom saying this Swara run away to bring first aid box… kavita’s leg was hurt… Swara came with first aid box and was giving it to kavya but she said
kavya:what I won’t do it u’ll do it

shomi:off course Swara its ur work to do
Swara:yes mom saying this Swara was about to bend down but Sanskar hold her hand… Swara looked at Sanskar and he looked at everyone with blood shot eyes… Sanskar took first aid from Swara’s hand and throw it on floor with such aggression that everything came out of it… Sanskar came in front of Swara and hide her behind him… Sanskar said
Sanskar:don’t u dare order MY WIFE
shomi get scared and said
Sanskar:just shut ur mouth and listen to me Mrs gadodia Swara is not ur servant anymore from whom u can say anything and can make her do anything she is my Mr Sanskar Maheshwari’s WIFE so u better stay in ur limit because only because of her u r staying here otherwise u don’t worth of even standing out of our mansion so better stop behaving like a owner of this mansion and from now on if I saw u doing anything like this then u r finish saying this Sanskar leave but before leaving he turn and said
Sanskar:I’m going in study don’t disturb me

Swara saw Sanskar leaving… she had tears in her eyes… she was happy not just happy but she felt alive… she never thought that Sanskar would ever fight for her… Swara didn’t look at anyone… she just called servant…
Swara:ram kaka (servant name)
ram kaka: yes beta
Swara:please give first aid box for kavita and clean this

ram kaka:ok
Swara came in kitchen and make coffee for Sanskar again… Swara ask other servant to make snacks for everyone and left… Swara came toward study and knock… kavya saw it and said to kavita
kavya:is she mad Sanskar said don’t disturb me but still she is doing
kavita:aray good na Sanskar will get angry and I’ll get chance to impress him
kavya:even me
Sanskar open the door and both kavth came forward thinking Sanskar will shout on Swara but what he did shock them… Sanskar saw Swara and pull her inside ans close the door… both kavth looked at each other and then came toward study to see or hear if they could… Sanskar was standing in front of Swara and was staring her angrily yet cutely… Swara tried to control her laugh… Sanskar saw Swara controlling her laugh and said
Sanskar:what is it funny

Swara nod no… Sanskar think something and smile naughtily… Sanskar pull Swara from waist suddenly and start tickling her… Swara start laughing loudly which was heard by kavth… Swara said
Swara:Sans…Sanskar st…stop na
Sanskar:no way saying this Sanskar tickle her more and Swara keep on laughing… after sometime Sanskar stop and both sat on sofa… laughing loudly… kavth was jealous like hell… Sanskar looked at laughing Swara and pull her closer… both stare each other… Sanskar came close and whisper is her ear…
Sanskar:be ready I’m not going to leave u tonight saying this Sanskar kiss Swara’s ear lobe and Swara close her eyes tightly… Sanskar’s lips move down and he kiss her neck… Sanskar softly bite her shoulder and Swara moan

Sanskar:umm Swara I love ur scent babe… Sanskar was busy romancing with Swara when suddenly Sanskar’s phone start ringing… Sanskar attend it… it was Laksh… both talked and after cutting the call Sanskar said
Sanskar:Laksh and Ragini r coming

Swara get excited and said
Swara:wow really I’ll go and get ready
Swara run and Sanskar smile…

Next Episode:SwaSan Romance…

hey frds how’s the episode tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ?????

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  12. Neha_priya

    Wow awesome…. Ioved sanskar taking a stand for his love and wife….. That was the best part of today’s epi….. He fought for her…..

  13. Vyshu10

    awesome…upload soon

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    Iswsum..really Amzing.
    Loved Sanskaar fr Standings de Swara ??…n Precap ????…bt hope Kavita n Kavya learns a good lesson frm Sanskaar….hate thrm n whole GM..Continue soon

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    Loved the whole update❤❤❤ but it’s a request don’t show separation coz now it’s the usual thing in every ff hoping something different
    I m eagerly waiting for the part swara will lure sanskaar which u mentioned in the promo

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    Sorry dear for late comment.. I was out of station…
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    Brilliant to the core.. still can’t believe that u are younger to me as Ur knowledge is like a oceans…

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