His Lust Or Love (Episode 12)

Warning: If Anyone Had Any Problem With “HOT INTENSE ROMANCE” Then Don’t Read The Part After The Song End

Note:Please Read What I Said After Story…

Episode 12
The episode start with SwaSan were kissing passionately… soon they get apart to catch breath… both stare each other lovingly… the week was really hard for both of them… both realized that now without each other both r incomplete and lonely… they realized that they can’t live without each other… living is far away both can’t even imagine their life without each other…. Swara hug Sanskar tightly… she was feeling shy… Sanskar hug her back tightly… then Sanskar ask for a dance and Swara agreed… Sanskar played song in his phone and song start (this song is from movie “Mickey Virus”)

Iss lamhe ko rok doon
Yaa main khud ko is mein jhonk doon
Kya karun.. kya karun.. kya karun…
Iss lamhe.. main kuchh bhi jaanu na

Sanskar pull Swara closer and hold her tightly from waist… Swara put her hands on his shoulder

(Naina naina laage…)

Tose naina jab se mile
Tose naina jab se mile
Bann gaye silsile (x2)

Tose naina jab se mile..

both were totally lost in each other…

O sudh-budh khoyi hai khoyi maine
Haan jaan gawaayi, gawaayi maine
Haan tujhko basaya hai dhadkan mein
Saanware… (x2)

Sanskar spin Swara and hug her from behind tightly

Tose naina jab se mile
Tose naina jab se mile
Ban gaye silsile

(Naina naina laage….)

Swara turn to Sanskar and both stare each other lovingly

Khud ko kho kar tujhko paaya
Iss tarah se mujhko jeena aaya
Khud ko kho kar tujhko paaya
Iss tarah se mujhko jeena aaya

Sanskar kiss on Swara’s forehead

Teri lagan mein sab hai gawaaya
Iss tarah se mujhko jeena aaya
Teri hansi, meri khushi
Meri khushi tu hi…

Swara hug Sanskar tightly and he hug her back

Tose naina jab se miley
Tose naina jab se miley
Bann gaye silsile

Naina naina laage…

song end and both stood there hugging each other… after sometime… Swara moan and tighten her grip on Sanskar as Sanskar was kissing and giving love bites on her neck… Sanskar lick where he bite to soothe her pain… Sanskar looked at Swara… Sanskar picked her in his arms… Swara was blushing hard… Sanskar said
Sanskar:Swara how do you manage to blush so much babe when u blush like this na i feel as if this is our first time… Swara didn’t said anything… she hide her face in his chest… Sanskar came in tent… it was also decorated with candles and roses… he put Swara down… Swara being shy run in other corner… Sanskar move toward her… he unbutton his shirt and throw it away… he kiss on her neck and ear shell… Sanskar turn Swara and unpin her saree from shoulder… he kiss on her cleavage then hug her tightly… he unbutton her blouse… Swara make hug more tight to loss herself in his… while hugging Sanskar undo her saree from her belly button and it fall on floor… Swara was in her skirt only… Sanskar lift her in arms and put her on bed… both kiss passionately… they broke the kiss when both of them lost their breathe… Sanskar gaze move down towards her body… Swara shyly hide herself with her hands… she close her eyes tightly… her lips are shivering with the feeling of what will happened next… Sanskar hold her hands and entwined their hands… its hard for him to take breathe now… he start giving her hard kisses on her body… Swara reciprocate with same desires and passion… Sanskar’s hands now move downward and stop on her inner thighs… Swara hold his hairs tightly with the response… Sanskar kiss her and Swara moan loudly… “Sans…skar”
Sanskar lips doesn’t leave the hold on her… Swara start moaning… she enjoy this pleasure a lot… hearing Swara Sanskar quickly entered her… both of them enjoy their desperate romance passionately… Sanskar collapsed in her arms after reaching the ultimate pleasure… Sanskar hugged Swara… Swara too hug Sanskar tightly and they stayed like that for a long time… Sanskar was caressing her bare back and Swara was circling patterns on his chest… Sanskar said
Sanskar: Swara it feels so good to be with you like this
Swara:Me too
Sanskar pulled her more close and they doze off

Next Morning
Swara woke up and found herself on the bed alone… Swara get scared… she sat on bed and wrap sheet around her and said…
Swara: Sanskar where are you Sanskar
Swara was about to get up when Sanskar came to her… he was in his jeans only… he pecked on her lips and said
Sanskar: Good morning jaan
Swara smiled and said
Swara:where were u
Sanskar:I was just out come let’s go home
Swara nod and dressed up… they left for home… on the way they had bf and after sometime reach home… both get fresh n up and lie down in each others arms and doze off peacefully…

Next Episode : Swara’s Family At SM (Sanskar’s Mansion)
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  1. Manolove


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    Angel… Brilliant dear… It was awesome… D

    Dear u are awesome to the core… I love u a lot dear….

    Take care. Miss U…

  2. Gausin

    Hii angel..i m a silent reader of ua ffs..i hv nvr commented b4.. i must say u r such a wonderful writer..but i love arya more dan swasan..pls post infinite soon..

  3. priya

    awesome episode angel ……………loved it ………………and pls update infinite’s nxt episode …………….love you ……..tc

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