His Lust Or Love (Episode 11)


Episode 11
the episode start with SwaSan reach home… Swara came in room first… Sanskar was coming but get busy in office call… Swara gone in washroom and changed her dress… she came out and lie down… soon doze off thinking about whatever Sanskar said… Sanskar came in and saw Swara sleeping… he felt bad and guilt… Sanskar also changed and lie down… he doze off thinking about Swara…days passes and its been a week since that fight… Swara is now totally changed… neither she talk to Sanskar nor she smile like before… Sanskar is restless… whenever he try to talk or to start a conversion with her… Swara just nod or say yes and no in answer and if by chance she have to say she just simply reply to the question… not a word more than that…

One Day In Night
SwaSan were coming from Ragini’s house as Laksh want to meet Sanskar and Ragini wanted Swara to come… they were in car… there was a pin drop silence… Swara was looking out of the window remembering Sanskar’s words… it was still hurting her… she was weeping silently… Sanskar was really upset for hurting Swara… its been a week but there’s no chance Swara talk yo him… he was dying for her… he was dying yo hear her to talk to her… he know he had hurted her in the worst way possible… Sanskar felt inexpressible pain in heart… Sanskar was confused… he don’t know what he’s feeling… Sanskar ignore his feelings and thought to say SORRY to Swara but again he was not able to think how… after much struggle he came to an conclusion… Sanskar looked at Swara and saw her sleeping… he didn’t realized when she fall asleep… Sanskar smile seeing her she was looking like an Angel… correction she’s an Angel… his Angel… Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari… Sanskar smile… then Sanskar stop the car on side and get down ever so slowly because he didn’t want to disturb his Angel… without making noise Sanskar came out of the car and call someone and give instructions… after sometime Sanskar sat in car again ever so slowly without disturbing his Angel… Sanskar stat the car and took turn… after almost 1 hour they reach near a small ship… Sanskar park the car and came out… he came toward Swara and open the door… Swara woke up because of sound.. Swara open her eyes and saw Sanskar standing in front.. Swara look around and said
Swara:whe..where… r we
Sanskar:come out
Swara look at him confused… Sanskar said
Sanskar:come you’ll know everything in a bit… Swara came out and Sanskar took her near ship… they sat in and the ship started… after an hour they reach near a cave… Swara was bit scared seeing the darkness all around… Sanskar saw her and forward his hand and said
Sanskar:hold my hand
Swara look at Sanskar and then his hand… Sanskar said
Sanskar:don’t be scared I promised I will NEVER leave ur hand
Swara don’t know why felt immense happiness… she give her hand in his and both came out of ship… they came in cave… Swara was scared… she tighten his hold… after a walk of 5 mins Swara saw some light… before she could ask anything Sanskar blindfold her… Sanskar said
Sanskar:don’t be afraid I’m here na just wait for sometime I have a surprise for u
Swara nod and they start walking again… after sometime Sanskar remove the blindfold and ask Swara to open her eyes… as Swara open her eyes and saw where they r she was shocked as hell… they were near water fall… there was a place where a big tent was for rest… the tent was decorated beautiful with lanterns… Swara turn to Sanskar… he came toward Swara and hug her tightly and said
Sanskar:I’m really very sorry jaan please forgive me
Sanskar:I know I have hurted u in the worst way possible and I’m really sorry for that but please don’t behave like this I can’t handle it anymore I’m sorry I won’t do this mistake ever again please NEVER but please talk to me I’ll die like this babe I’m dying to talk to u to hear u please jaan u r right u r my wife and u have every kind of right on me just like I have and I promise from now I’ll NEVER ever made that mistake u r the only one I can call mine but if u would go away I won’t be able to live Swara u and Laksh r my only family if Laksh is my life u r my breath I can’t live with u both…
Swara felt her neck wet… Swara make Sanskar looked at her and saw tears… she felt bad seeing him like this… she can see the guilt in his eyes for hurting her… Swara wipe his tears and said
Swara:Sanskar please don’t cry
Sanskar:please Swara forgive me
Swara hug him and said
Swara:it’s ok don’t cry
Sanskar hug her back tightly and both stood there for sometime… then Sanskar looked at Swara and said
Sanskar:I’m sorry for hiding the truth Swara but sometimes there is somethings we don’t want to talk about or discuss because it hurts and that the reason I didn’t told u
Swara hug Sanskar again and said
Swara:I’m sorry for not understanding
Sanskar:I’m sorry too
SwaSan looked at each other and smile… both stare each other for sometime… its been a week… and feeling Sanskar this close feels good… Swara don’t know why but she was getting mad to be in Sanskar’s arms… she want to hug him and want to he loved by him… Sanskar was also getting crazy seeing Swara this close… Sanskar hold Swara tightly from waist…. Swara know what was coming so she closed her eyes as if giving +ve sign to him… Sanskar got her sign and lean closer and within a second he captured her lips in passionate kiss… Swara also reciprocate and both kiss each other passionately…

Next Episode: SwaSan Romance
hey frds h r u all
here is the episode 11
how’s it I know it’s short but time was less and I know u guys were waiting so that’s why I hope u guys like it tell me please till then bye tc and love u all ?????

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  1. Superb episode dear . I am fine & how r u angle ? & rozy kaisy ja rahy hai?

    1. Mavo

      thanks… I’m fine ALHUMDULILLAH ? really good I’m loving it a lot

  2. Omg you r back I am happy i am waiting for next epi plzzzzz Come soon this epi was nice finally sanskar said sorry to her love it

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      thanks alot

  3. Awsum..loved it..finallu everything is fine nw b/w swasan..waiting fr Hot Romance ahead fr swasan..do continue soon

    1. Mavo

      thanks alot

  4. Ariba

    I don’t have words 2 describe this part ?? it is beyond awesome ??? in love with it although it was short update❤❤❤❤❤ eagerly waiting 4 next epi

    1. Mavo

      thanks a lot

  5. Hey Angel…. ur a darling u know……. love u yaar… u r fabulous….. love this epi waiting for next……… love u tc

  6. When u post ur ff part 12 plzz post asap its awesome ff dear I’m waiting for next part

  7. Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it very very much

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