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Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 7 – Will she love me?) (KKB)


Hello guys Prathi here, I hope all are fine, my dear friends, Lovely sisters and sweet silent readers. Someone (My suspense thodney wali) spoke with me today, which persuaded me to write at least a chapter now. I am bit down, tensed, stressed I really need some moral support now. Hope you guys will make me happy. And I know I am late like officially really late, so I have to give you guys a Recap of this story and here it goes:

Recap: Story starts with First night of Abhi and Pragya after which Pragya reminisces what happened to them that led them to get married. After a few scenes Abhi woke up and went to his Fuggi and few scenes follows where he discusses some of their intimate moments and Pragya punishes him for that which follows with scenes where he discusses mood swings of Pragya with Nikhil (His best friend) and Aaliya (His sister). They both, in their room reminisce some past scenes where it is seen when they first went out and shared some close moments followed by Tanuโ€™s screeches and Abhi trying to find out about Pragyaโ€™s past which is going on now.

Phew! Hope this helps you guys ๐Ÿ˜€

Both Divi and Pragya joined the same college, Whereas Aadi joined another college. They both started to drift apart slowly, Pragya wasnโ€™t able to take this anymore. She went to his college to confront him that is when she saw a big billboard in front of his college after reading that she left from there to another place with tearsโ€ฆ On the way she texted someone every detail.

Happy care Hospital 12:00 PM

She searched for someone in the reception area and rushed to the place mentioned by the receptionist. After reaching that place she had happy tears seeing the sight in front of her. A doctor approached her and she enquired about that patient in the I.C.U. When she heard what that doctor said she held the wall behind her to support herself hoping that would give support to her, but, she fell to her knees, her legs werenโ€™t able to support her at all. Seeing that the doctor asked her, โ€œAre you OK? Missโ€ฆ.โ€ She just kept on nodding her head as if saying yes and tried to speak, but no words came out of her traumatized self. She tried to get up only resulting in falling down on her knees again. She kept repeating something to herself and got up and walked away holding the wall again thinking that it will support her.

Divi who came to know about this through her message reached there at the right time to hold her when she was about to fall. Pragya was kept on murmuring something and Divi couldnโ€™t get her to speak another word other than that nor go inside leaving her in that state. So, she took Pragya and boarded an auto and reached their hostel while Pragya kept murmuring. Divi somehow managed to take her to her room. Left her there and went back to the warden and talked to her to shift her to Pragyaโ€™s room.

Wardenโ€™s Room 1:00 PM

Divi, โ€œExcuse mam, may I come in?โ€ . Warden replied, โ€œYes, come in now what do you want? Always everybody is disturbing me and complaining like little kids.โ€ When she looked up and saw Divi, she said, โ€œOh! Sorry Divya I had no idea it was you, What happened beta? Why are you so worried?โ€ Divi explained, โ€œI donโ€™t know exactly what happened to Pragya but I canโ€™t leave her alone in her own room. Can you tell her room mate to shift to my room and I get to be there with Pragya? Warden replied, โ€œDear, Divi, you know very well who shares a room with her. She is such a stubborn girl, but I will try my best.โ€ Saying this she dialed a number seeing her register and called a girl to meet her immediately.

A girl is seen coming to wardenโ€™s room furiously saying, โ€œWhat the hell do you want old Woman? Donโ€™t you know not to disturb others during morning time? You never let me out during night so I had to shift my schedules to morning because of you. Now tell me why do you want to see me so urgently?โ€ She saw Divi standing there and said, โ€œOh! Hey hello you there what are you doing here? Are you here to lecture on โ€˜Raghu Kalamโ€™ and other stupid stuffs? I am tolerating you in my room not here again, please.โ€ Both Warden and Divi were irked of her behavior. Warden continued to speak, โ€œTaarika, Listen Pragya is undergoing some worst emotional phase in her life according to Divi so can you shift yourself to Diviโ€™s room leaving her to be in your room?โ€

*Taarika is a final year student staying with Pragya*

Taarika replied, โ€œOh! Now come on I knew it, she was so soft as a feather someone would have pinched her slightly so she is going down to the gutter now? And why the hell should I leave my beautiful spacious room? Even though I share it with her *Making an annoyed face* and yes, I will take care of her you no need of shifting yourself to my room bye I gotta go. And hey, take care of her till I come back, she is fragile that she will break right? *Winking at Divi*โ€ Left the room, leaving Divi and Warden furious.

Pragyaโ€™s Room 1:30 PM

Divi is now trying to feed Pragya because she dint have anything from morning but Pragya would stop repeating what she was saying. Divi became worried and contacted Warden using her mobile.
Divi spoke, โ€œMam, please can you help me in taking her to a doctor? I think she needs to visit one. You know most preferably a physcatrist?โ€ Something is said from the other side and divi replied, โ€œOk mam, I am trying to feed her but she is not at all budging. Sure mam, I will wait for your call thank you so much bye.โ€ Divi turned towards Pragya and saw her still repeating those words. Tears threatened to leave her eyes but she would never let it down. Diviโ€™ s cheeks has been traced with tears seeing her friend like this. She moved towards Pragya hugged her and said, โ€œ Please cry it out so that you can move on in your life, please Pragya do it.โ€ *Sobbing looking at her* still there was not a hint of expression in her eyes.

Half an hour laterโ€ฆ

Divi got a call on her mobile she picked it up and said, โ€œWhat? No way! We canโ€™t? Why? I canโ€™t see her like this. Itโ€™s killing me and her a lot please mam do something. What? No, I canโ€™t do that. Yeah, she used to have them, but not now. Oh! The doctor said so? If so ok, I am fine with it. I am trying for a long time mam. *She turned to look at Pragya and found her missing* Mam I will call you back she is missing.โ€ *She ends the call and found Pragya taking her sleeping pills along with the juice Divi gave her. She felt relieved, but she never knew that she will regret being relived. She saw Pragya walking towards the cot and lying down. Divi left the room, seeing her lie down on the cot.

Pragyaโ€™s Room 10:00PM

Taarika is seen entering her room speaking to someone on her mobile, โ€œOh! Sweetheart that so sweet of you. What? She did? I dint know ok bye, I reached my room will speak to you later ummmah!โ€ She entered her room and found Pragya lying on her cot and thought to tease her, โ€œHey Miss. Fragile, heard you became very fragile today?โ€ she dint get any reply and thought she was sleeping so walked away to change her clothes. After she came back, she heard a knock in her room door, โ€œWhy canโ€™t they leave me aloneโ€ * Murmuring that she opened the door* She found Divi with a plate full of food and let her get in. Divi asked, โ€œShe dint wake up yet?โ€ Taarika replied, โ€œI think so, why?โ€ Divi became tensed and was speaking to herself more than to Taarika said, โ€œSleeping pills effect wears off after 7- 8 hours she must be awake by now.โ€ She noticed a small bottle near Pragyaโ€™ s hand took it and found it to be empty and said, โ€œOh! No, I never expected you would something like this.โ€

Taarika who was seeing all this asked Divi, โ€œHey, what happened to Miss.Fragile?โ€ Divi replied, โ€œShe took an ovedoze of Sleeping pills.โ€ Taarika smacked Diviโ€™s head and said, โ€œWhat the hell are you waiting for? Call an ambulance Idiot!โ€ Divi came back to her senses and called an ambulance. She called and informed Warden about this. Taarika and Divi lifted Pragya from her bed and took her to the Wardenโ€™s office (Since they are staying in the ground floor so no problem). The Ambulance arrived and she was taken to hospital Taarika and Divi accompanied Pragya in the Ambulance. Staffs in the Ambulance were working with tensed faces and one of them asked, โ€œDoes her parents know about this? I think we should inform them.โ€ Divi replied, โ€œShe โ€ฆ Sheโ€ฆโ€ Before she could complete in between her sobs Taarika replied, โ€œWe are her family what do you want to inform us tell us.โ€ Hugging and consoling Divi in between that.

The staff replied, โ€œI donโ€™t think she will live to see tomorrow, I am sorry to say this, but thatโ€™s the truth.โ€ Divi lashed at him, saying, โ€œDonโ€™t lie God will burn you into ashes I know her, she is a fighter she will fight at least for me! I love her, she is not only my friend but also my sister so quit giving up and attend to her you swine.โ€ Taarika was shocked and at the same time happy hearing her say so. Divi said, โ€œI donโ€™t know what kind of person you are, I always thought you were rude and heartless but now you proved me wrong here. Why are you acting as if you are rude?โ€ Taarika replied, โ€œSometimes, something changes people beyond recovery and I am one among them who has changed beyond recovery.โ€ Her lips curved in the upward direction while saying this. She continued, โ€œI hope Pragya doesnโ€™t change like that, I always tease everyone only to change certain characteristics of them, I call Pragya Miss.Fragile so that she makes herself strong to face any situation but I think she is not as strong as I thought. I hope I just hope everything becomes normal for her.โ€

Happy care Hospital 11:15 PM

Divi hugged Taarika again and slept in her embrace like that, when they reached hospital premises. Taarika woke Divi up saying, โ€œRise and shine, we reached hospital.โ€ Divi opened her eyes with a pleasant smile only to lose it the next second seeing Pragya being carried on a stretcher. Both ran behind hospital staff who were taking Pragya to the emergency ward. Both were waiting and again, they saw the staffs taking her to the I.C.U (Intensive Care Unit). Now they were waiting outside I.C.U praying for her well being.

Happy care Hospital 1:15 AM

Doctor came out of the I.C.U saying, โ€œShe is a fighter indeed! She is fine now, but unconscious let her wake up, you can take her home. What happened? Why did she overdose herself with sleeping pills?โ€ Divi explained her situation. Doctor said, โ€œPlease meet our physcatrist before leaving tomorrow I think he might help her in this. He is Mr.Kannan, one of my best friends too, I will talk to him about this. Please be regular for all the sessions.โ€ Divi and Taarika nodded their head and said in unison, โ€œThank you Doctor.โ€

Fast Forwardsโ€ฆ..
FB endsโ€ฆ

Hard Rock Cafรฉ 5:00 PM

Tears found their way down his chin and to the table before he could wipe them off and all he could manage to say was, โ€œWill she love me?โ€

Precap : โ€œ Oh! It just happened and ended thatโ€™s it no bigโ€ Another person, โ€œReally?โ€

What was in that billboard? Why did she go to hospital? Whom did she saw there? And guess what happens in that Fast forwarded part which will obviously be the next chapter. Love you all <3

Di (Dhivya) โ€“ Thanks a lot dear love you too <3 Hope you will like this one too.

B_Ani โ€“ Even I love Divi a lot. And yes, Pragya says, โ€œ I will leave her if she apologizes after my hands touches her cheeks making a slight sound. ;)โ€ Ooh! Pragya is not so angry be happy!

Reshma โ€“ Thank you so much for your expressions Reshu. Donโ€™t we all love to see her getting slapped?

Priyanka โ€“ Thank you ma. Yes, I love her too ๐Ÿ˜€ Love you too take care <3

B.K. Maha โ€“ Thank you dear <3

Saranya โ€“ Baby doll, yeah she suffered a lot lot lot! Even if that is a word.

Achu โ€“ Hey, Achu! Yeah I completely understand no worries, and love your new story a lot itโ€™s so good! Love you too <3

Lopez โ€“ Oh! Another Fan of Tanu getting slapped. Yes, there are more slaps stocked ๐Ÿ˜‰ And hey yet to read your story dear I will read and let you know my feedback.

Sangi โ€“ Thank you Sangi.

Akshya โ€“ Yes, we all love to slap her as much as possible donโ€™t we? You have to wait for the next chapter to know that. Love you take care too <3

Lokha โ€“ Yeah, my ears were begging me not to think about that again. You can go ahead and slap her as much as you want to. Itโ€™s ok dear and love you too <3

Pooja โ€“ Finally after a long time! Yeah I am fine and hope you are fine too. I know you are really busy else you would definitely comment. We all are busy in some way or the other. Love you too, take care <3

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  8. B_Ani

    know what??? read it thrice!!! next one to go…
    believe it or not… i say, that was awfully wonderful…seriously…. i find it so well written *ofcourse your style and so common of your writings…*
    the start was simply creating curiosity and the end of this part… wah! what a piece it was… i am trying hard to find the right words and phrases i can pick to express what i am going through now… and it took me a great deal to write what i have just written till now…literally in short of words as though my dictionary suddenly became empty or rather, expired and outdated!!!
    abhi’s phrase at the end… no words!
    taarika… just loved her… ‘we are her family’ enough to show her good side.
    Divi… no words… as usual loved her…
    but never thought pragya will go to this extent… whatever may be the cause…angry on her for this!
    coming to the epi overall… thank god… why? read on…
    know what was my reaction after reading this ‘oh my goodness… i am still alive…’
    After all, that level of excitement and inquisitiveness that it created upon me… was just stunned to read further…ok i dont want to stress you more by reading my comment…

    all i want you to know is that this was just mind blowing and you nailed this one too…thoroughly enjoyed it *u night hv very well guessed it by nw* one more added to the masterpieces of prathi…bow my heads and hats off…

    so finally, dont take stress or become upset… i dont know what the reason is… but yeah, if its actually depressing, dont stick on to it *know what? figured all these when i was dealing with my own, similar, problems!!!*
    and yeah, so kind of pragya… so sweet as ever… will be my pleasure to get that slight slap on my cheek…
    but tell her not to be so hard and the ‘slight slap’ shouldn’t become a ‘tight slap’ ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
    Anyways, will love to see her smile when i say her a ‘sorry’ *definitely she will smile, wont she?*
    so finally, have to stop my never ending horses and time to post this comment…
    love u akkaa๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜….

    1. B_Ani

      OK!!! THAT WAS A DREADFULLY AWFUL SIGHT I GATHER *i meant the size of the comment, you see…* I AM SORRY FOR THAT!!!
      SORRY AGAIN!!!

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