Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 2 – Games played by Fate)

Hey guys! I know I kind of took a long break! This ff has been created for the sole purpose of showing Abhigay’s past (LITD) I don’t see those people who were very eager in reading FB of Abhigaya! Especially Pooja! I have answered your question in the very first update. This one is a very long one, please bear with me this time, next time it will be like a little bit easier to read length deal ok? Silent readers let me know how you guys feel too. And my other lovely readers have replied to your comments at the end. Now no more talks.. Enjoy reading… Love you guys <3 <3

After getting forms for Bulbul we reached our hostel and I was a bit broken by speaking to him in that way. I really wanted to admire him all time, every second I get to do it. But, will fate, let me do it? Fate has a way of playing its own games in its own way. We met yet again, this time I was in no mood to fight with him. I dint even get to speak to him.
I was walking on a road near a church speaking to Bulbul. She kind of accompanies me everywhere I go. Very nosy yet I like it, I need someone with me all the time. This one behaves just like my little sister. I saw a fast car approaching Bittu. I ran towards him, ignoring the incoming vehicle to save him. I saved him, but I was such a stupid that I hugged him in the middle of the road instead of moving away from the car along with Bittu. I thought this will be my end so I pushed Bittu away and stood there with my eyes closed. I heard Bulbul calling me but before the car could reach me, Someone stood between me and that car and said, “Yo bro could you just get down from your car??” To everyone’s surprise a girl wearing a little black dress got down from the car and wore sunglasses and asked, “ Who are you to stop me?” after noticing that guy, the girl suddenly became all lovely, Dovey saying, “ I am sorry I dint mean to…” He said, “ Enough of your drama baby doll say sorry to her and that kid”. She walked towards me and said, “ Why should I say sorry to that orphan? No way” saying this she turned away. Now somebody lost their patience and slapped her hard across her face and said, “ Say sorry now!” That girl became very shaky and finally apologized to me. (Yes, it was him who slapped her).
That girl turned towards the car and left in a hurry while going she was murmuring, “ Pragya because of you he slapped me, I will show you what Tanushri can do to you” (smirking).
I was sad, shocked seeing him, But my sadness overtook other emotions and tears traced my cheeks, I just let them find their way down to my chin. I never wanted to cry, I have decided not to cry after that incident. I just can’t bottle up my emotions forever and ever. I let my emotions flow through my eyes in the form of tears I dint mind to wipe it off. He came near me and asked, “ Are you ok sweetheart?” I heard him ask me something, but I wasn’t able to realize anything now. Bittu came near me, held my chin and said, “Don't cry sister, I will take care of her, when I grow up.” Now, since I came back to my sense I realized what he said. I was boiling with anger and asked, “ What you just said? Sweetheart? Really? I hate that don’t call me so ever.” He said, “ Hey, I just wanted to make you feel comfortable, cool down and I am sorry if I have said something that hurt you in anyway.” Bulbul came and said, “ Thank you so much for saving her, sometimes she is very emotional and the other times violent.” He said, “ Its ok I completely understand.”
I just wanted him to hug me and say, ‘Hey, it's ok, everything will be fine.’ I know he wouldn’t do that now. He is thinking I am angry because he called me sweetheart, but the truth is I don’t want anyone else to call me the same way someone else used to call me. I don’t want those memories to resurface, I want to forget them. I want him to be in my thoughts not anyone else. I was also angry for calling that.. that.. ‘Witch’ yeah perfect name for calling her as ‘Baby Doll’. Oh, come on, I am again lost in him. I felt Bulbul walking with me and I felt someone else was following us. I turned back to find no one but I am sure he must be the one who followed me. I was smiling like an idiot thinking about him following me. Bulbul shook me off from my thoughts, I really hate to say I love this girl so much, but at times she disturbs my most beautiful dreams. Yes, Being with him will be just a dream for it won’t be a reality, I will never let it turn into a reality.

Now I notice that she is jumping with excitement! Oh, My God, What has gotten into this girl now? I asked, “Bulbul, why are you excited now?” She replied, “Di, Just think of it. How it would be if you both fall in love?” I replied, “First, stop calling me di, I am just one and a half year elder to you. And speaking of that handsome hunk, No way!” She said, “Di, you said Handsome hunk!” I said, “Yes, Of course he looks handsome and that doesn’t mean I have to fall in love with him ok? And stop calling me di! *I will kill you Bulbul look* She turned to the other direction and murmured something like, ‘Oh! My goodness! My di is an ‘Angry Queen’, but I think he will be the right person for her.’ I thought, ‘Even Bulbul thinks he would be a perfect match for me.’
Yes, I am Orphan! I was living in that church and Bittu was also from that church. I was loved by all and I loved them all. I had a family earlier before I became an orphan. I… I… I lost them in an accident my sweet family. My Mom, who always sides with me, My Dad, who always lifts me up first instead of my sister. Oh, yes, I had a sister now nobody is there for me. I don’t even remember their names anymore. I dint remember I had a family after the accident later I remembered everything slowly. I was just 5 years and my little sister was just 3 and a half year old. I only remember I used to call my sister as ‘bubble’ I don’t know why I used to call her so. I miss my family a lot and now I don’t even remember my last name. I wish I just wish I died along with them in that accident. I just wish! I was lost in thoughts of my family I once had all the way to the hostel after leaving Bittu inside the church.
That night I again had that nightmare, the day I lost my family that accident. I somehow had managed to jump off the bus. Suddenly I heard an explosion. Yes, that bus exploded in front of my eyes. I saw the flames, burning people running around, others trying to help them with water buckets and blankets in their hands. I was thrown away from the bus. I walked towards the bus and saw so many burned corpses. I felt bile rise from my stomach to my throat and I was about to puke and then thought about my family. What would have happened to them and ran towards the bus. That’s when fate decided to play with me. I had injured my head and felt dizzy and fell down there. I woke up with a jerk, What did I do, to see this wretched thing happen again and again in my dreams I am trying my best to forget it but I am not able to. When he (not Abhi) was there with me, I had a reason to forget and now I don’t know what am I going to do? My heart says, ‘Abhi, came to make you happy! Just accept him’ but I am afraid to lose him too. If, he is to die, I will die before him. But I want him to be happy. I want my ‘RC’ to be happy, is that something very big to ask for? I don’t think so.

The Next day we were walking towards our class, I felt someone was following us I was turning back and looking around again and again. Bulbul asked me, “ Di? Sorry Pragya, why do you turn back? I have been noticing you for a while now.” I replied, “Bulbul, I feel someone is following us.” *Almost a whisper* She also whispered, “Di, what do you mean? Who will follow you? I mean you know right, people run away seeing you. You never speak gently to anyone around here except me and Divya.” I thought for a second, ‘Yeah, Noboody dares to follow me, I used to be that rude with boys specially.’ I came out of my thoughts and replied, “I have no idea Bulbul but I am sure someone is following me.” I thought if that guy is following me I have to teach him a lesson. If he is following me blindly he will definitely be trapped. *Evil Grin* I suddenly went towards the restroom. And for your information this particular restroom has two doors. We got in through one and exited through the other. We heard a series of scream coming out of the restroom. A guy came out hiding his face, Wait! I have seen him somewhere. Come on, show me your damn face. We heard a girl shout, “Bhai, you, here? What were you doing in the ladies room?” He had his back towards us and was facing that girl whose voice is very familiar to me. He spoke, “Choti, I was following a girl and ended up going inside without thinking. It was so embarrassing!”
I knew it, it was him, it was him, Oh, My God! It was him. I wasn’t able to contain my excitement, but controlled myself and went behind him and tapped his shoulders asking, “Excuse me! Why were you following me?” Abhi replied, “Hey, where are your specs?” I thought, ‘Wow! He noticed even that? Huh, what happened to me? Wouldn’t anyone notice that? ‘P’ you are completely out of your mind.’ Aaliya asked, “Bhai, you were following Pragya?” Abhi replied, “No… I wasn’t” I raised my left eyebrow crossed my hands near my chest (I never noticed I did things like this until Bulbul told me) and looked at him ‘Oh really’ He immediately said, “I was following this girl (Pointing towards Bulbul). She…She… left this near the gate.” *Showing a paper, more like a piece of paper*
I understood he was following me, I thought, ‘What would Bulbul say now?’ . She said, “Yeah, I left it thank you so much it is very important you know *Saying this she got that paper from him* Aaliya asked, “Bhai, don’t tell me you were following her just to return that piece of paper. If you like her I have no problem I am ok with it. She is single.” Both (Bulbul and Abhi) said almost immediately, “No…..” They looked at each other and smiled . What is happening here? Both me and Aaliya exchanged looks. I know very well Bulbul is not interested in him, but wait who am I kidding? He looks so Hot and smart who won’t be interested in him? I was looking at both of them with rage in my eyes. But all my doubts and rage vanished when he asked, “What do you mean? So Pragya is not single?” Bulbul said, “She is single, I don’t have any issues if you both go out on a date.”
We both went from fair to beet red within seconds only I noticed him blush or may be Bulbul also noticed. That’s when that ‘Witch’ came, yeah, I mean Tanu. She came and said, “Aaliya I was searching… * Her voice suddenly changed sweet as honey * Hey… You are here *Looking at Abhi Lusciously*” He replied, “Hey Baby doll! So you are here too. What are you doing with my sister?” Aaliya replied, “She is my friend Bhai! So you were the one about whom she speaks non-stop.” He said, “Yeah, I hope so *Looking at Pragya*” He was looking at me, I was literally able to read his mind. His eyes were asking me, ‘Dint you miss me?’ I looked away because I would end up looking at him just the way he is looking at me or hugging him. Don’t know what transpired between them Bulbul said, “Di, tell him that you were very disturbed after meeting him *Winking at me* I said, “Bulbul if you miss him, tell him that you miss him ok? Don’t pull me into this” I just walked away, leaving Bulbul behind with Abhi. I heard her say, “She is, you know a very reserved type, she hates to get attached to people. She literally avoids everyone.”
I walked very fast from there, people used to ask me why do you run? I used to reply, “Bhai, It’s my walking style I walk fast, that’s it.” My thoughts drifted to him again. I know you are following me, why do you follow me? What do you want from me? Just like the others you just want to look at me and satisfy your lust? Or are you really interested in me? I don’t want to get hurt once again! Please leave me in peace. But why do I get attracted to you? When I first saw you, you were wearing a White shirt with blue Jeans. You were looking like a DemiGod! Why does my mind think of all such non-sense now? But you are hot man! Damn! I just wanted to speak with you and was waiting for a chance, so when I saw you hurrying towards the queue I wantedly came in your path we both fell and fought. Lovely memories… The very next day we again met and I heard you tease me indirectly I was so happy that you still remember me but dint show it. Instead, I was being angry with you. I know sometimes I can be so unpredictable . Next time, you saved me from that ‘Witch’. I was hurt by her, but when you called me ‘Sweetheart’ I was happy and I really dint want you to know that. I was angry with you for calling that ‘Witch’ as ‘Baby doll’ I hate her! And today man you almost killed me. Black T-Shirt! Wooh! A Feast for my eyes… I don’t want anyone else to look at you like I look at you. But then your sister came and Bulbul was pulled in between us. She is my sister and I know she is definitely not interested in you, but still I felt Jealous. Oh come on, ‘P’ stop thinking about nonsense and where is this Bulbul? Oh God, I left her there! I will get another chance to look at you my dear DemiGod! I am gonna call you DG hereafter. Stop it ‘P’! Enough now go drag Bulbul and leave. I went back in time to hear Aaliya say, “If she likes someone, she never leaves their side.”
Someone else is watching all this and says, “Come on! I know you like him why don’t you just accept the fact?” Someone else says, “Wait! It will take some time for her to accept. She is not needed in this process so why do we bother?” The other person says, “He should be strong enough not weak like this! He will be strong if she is with him.”
Meanwhile outside the campus…

Somewhere in Mumbai…
A Guy is seen pleading to a man cladded in suit ,“Sir please just give me a chance, I know you like this story. Just give me a chance and I won’t disappoint you.” Person in suit replied, “Mr.Khanna, I just need some time to think. Can you come and meet me after a week? I will definitely help you. I really like your story, but I need some time, I hope you understand. Now you may leave.” That guy left saying, “ I hope you keep up your word Mr. Kapoor.”
Someone else is watching this and says, “Don’t go there, now it’s not the time to meet her. It will take three more years, just go away from Mumbai Purab.” Another guy came and said, “ Why are you doing Cupid’s work here? If they are destined to meet they will definitely meet. Now come and help me.”
Purab was headed towards the college, He was walking, thinking, ‘It’s my dream to at least publish a book before I die. I was inspired by ‘Robert Frost’s’ poem’s last few lines, ‘I have promises to keep and Miles to go before I sleep.’ So for me, it’s like this I have books to publish before I sleep.’ He neared the college gate and felt like something is pulling him towards the entrance. He ignored it and walked away, Bulbul is seen coming out with Pragya in tow. She turned back to see a man walking in the opposite direction she turned back shrugged and walked away. Purab turned back to see two girls walking in the opposite direction one of them jumping in excitement. An unknown smile formed in his lips, he turned back and walked away.
The one who was watching this said, “Wow! That was so close. Indeed, God is great! They will meet in three years from now.”

Precap : Bulbul, Pragya, Aaliya, Nikhil, Tanu and Abhi going out.

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