Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 11 – My Love)

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Abhi and Divi were standing silently near them behind a pillar heard all this and were thinking about how brave she is. She faces everything alone. Abhi made a silent promise to her, ‘I will always love you no matter what! Even if it ends my life.’

Someone from above said, “Be careful with what you wish for, young man” inaudible to his ears and everyone surrounding him.

Near the college campus
A girl is seen running huffing and puffing all the way, her face is covered with her duppata completely only revealing her eyes. Not just any eyes, they are the most beautiful magnetic eyes lined with kohl. Anyone would say how beautiful she is just by looking at her almond eyes . Another girl running along with her asked, holding her breath, “Why… Were… you late today?” She dint reply and ran towards the college gate leading her and her friend inside the campus before their warning bell rang. Both reached inside their class and sat next to each other, she removed her duppata and said, “Sorry, he came again!” These four words were enough for her friend to understand what would have happened. Her friend replied, “Sorry Soniya, I dint know.” Soniya smiled even in her intense pain and replied, “It’s ok Priya I am used to this.” Their conversation was cut short when their professor entered inside their class.

Outside the Campus…
A guy is seen waiting on his bike, another bike arrives and calls him, “Sid” He turns back to him and reveals himself (Vin Rana 😉 ) Sid replies, “Hey, you reached, got any details about her? Please tell me at least you came to know about her name. Raj, please tell me something, please.” His friend Raj just shrugged inferring ‘ No idea’. All Sid could think was about her beautiful almond eyes begging him to take her away. He held his friend’s collar aggressively and said, “Why don’t you understand ? It is very important for me to know about her, You saw it with your own eyes too right? How she was tortured? Don’t you have some sympathy?” His friend replied more aggressively shaking off Sid’s grip from his collar, “I am trying Sid, but those Bastards have hid her identity very cleverly I am not even able to find her name (Stupid guys, If you eavesdrop on their conversation while following them you can clearly hear her friend saying her name, * Author sighs for creating stupid and love sick characters* ). Sid hugged his friend letting out a silent tear and said, “Sorry Raj, I.. I… Just..” Raj consoled him by patting his back, silence speaks more than words. They both contiuned to wait till she leaves her college of which they are not sure because there are two colleges in that vicinity. They saw her coming with her face covered along with her friend and you know our love sick puppy started following her.

Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere
Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere
Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere
Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere
Aankhein Teri,Aankhein Teri Kitni Haseen
Ki Inkaa Aashiq, Mein Ban Gayaa Hoon
Mujhko Basaa Le, Iname Tu
[ishq Hai
Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere]
[ishq Hai
Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere]

Ki Inakaa Aashiq, Mein Ban Gayaa Hoon
Mujhko Basaa Le, Iname Tu

*All he could see was her eyes, yet he keeps looking at them with ardent admiration. His heart tells him to rush towards her and hide himself in her beautiful eyes. All he ever wants is just to be in her eyes and forget all his sorrows and also to make her forget all her sorrows. All he wants is to be with her.*

She walked past him, not even glancing at him. He wore his helmet and followed her…
Mujhse Yeh Har Ghadi, Meraa Dil Kahe
Tum Hi Ho Usaki Aarzoo
Mujhse Yeh Har Ghadi, Mere Lab Kahe
Teri Hi Ho Sab Guftagoo
Baatein Teri Itni Haseen, Main Yaad Inko Jab Kartaa Hoon
Phoolon Si Aaye, Khushaboo

* Every second she moves away from him all he could feel is to somehow steal her and keep her in his heart. All he wanted now is her safety, keeping her sane and alive. He heard her talk and laugh and all he could remember were the sweet smelling roses he used to cross every morning. He has one every day to give her, but he doesn’t have that courage to give her.*

Rakh Loon Chhupaa Ke Main Kahin Tujhako
Saayaa Bhi Teraa Naa Main Doon
Rakh Loon Banaa Ke Kahin Ghar, Main Tujhe
Saath Tere, Main Hi Rahoon
Zulfein Teri, Itni Ghani
Dekh Ke Inako, Yeh Sochataa Hoon
Saaye Me, Inake Main Jiyoon

*He continues following her, at the point he notices her mole on her back and admires it. He feels that he should hide her from other’s eyes. Only him, he can admire her in all means and all ways, even her shadow shouldn’t be admired by anyone. Only him, he has the rights. His eyes slowly drifts to her hair, which is braided and black in color all he could think is he wants to live amidst them.*
[Ishq Hai
Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere]
[Ishq Hai
Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere]

[Mera Dil Yahi Bolaa, Meraa Dil Yahi Bolaa,
Yaara Raaj Yeh Usane Hai Mujh Par Kholaa
Ki Hai Ishq Mohabbat, Jiske Dil Mein
Usko Pasand Karta Hai Maulaa]
*He just kept following her till she reached her home and happily turned to leave from that place* ( Stupid guy knows her home but not even her name Ufff!!).

My God My God My God My God

Your Eyes are So Beautiful
That I have become their lover
Keep me give me place in your eyes
Its love
My God My God My God My God
Its love
My God My God My God My God
Its love
My God My God My God My God

I have become your lover, keep me in your eyes
every moment my heart tells me that
you are its desire
Every moment my lips tell me that
only talk about you all time
your talking, speech, is so beautiful
that when I remember them
all atmosphere becomes scented as if a scent of flower is flowing
Let me keep you hide somewhere
even I will not give your shadow
I will built a home for you somewhere to keep you in that home
only I will stay with you there
Your hairs are so beautiful long
when I look at them I think that
I should live in their shadow only

Its love
My God My God My God My God
Its love
My God My God My God My God
Its love
My God My God My God My God
my heart told me that my heart told me that
oh my friend he has opened ,told me a hidden secret
that whose heart is full of love
God only loves that person

Raj, who was tired of following him asked, “ Do you… Do you really love her? Or is it out of sympathy?” Again, our angry bird held him by his collars and said, “You know how much I love her, She is My Love, only mine and this is not out of sympathy I know her before that incident happened. Hope you understand.” He let his friend go and said, “I am sorry Raj, I am just worried about her and you are asking me if this is out of sympathy. I don’t know I just lose my cool, whenever other people ask me about her.” Raj consoled him saying, “It’s ok, I completely understand you would have held somebody else’s collar if they spoke ill about me and I have seen it. It’s just your way of showing love I know it buddy. You are a great lover, but control your temper for god’s sake. It might end your dear life, my dear.”

Sid casually replied, “Hey! I don’t bother dying defending my loved ones.”

Someone says , “Here comes another one, Why don’t people value their life? I don’t understand and regret whatever they said after loosing it.” These words after left unheard by those two friends .

Back to Haldi function…

Pragya is seen walking towards the dinning wall to have something as she was feeling very hungry, that’s when she noticed Abhi coming towards her. He held her wrist firmly but not tightly and led her away from the dining hall and said, “Pragya, I need to know something.” She understood that he is going to ask something serious by the way he spoke and ushered him to continue. He asked, “Did you ever fall in love before?” Pragya stared at him for a minute and then said, “ Oh! It just happened and ended that’s it, no big” Abhi raised his right eyebrow and asked, “Really?” Pragya sighed and continued, “So Divi told you everything? I won’t spare her for telling you this.” She about to sprint from there and Abhi held her by her waist. Pragya dint give up and was trying hard to loosen her grip from his hands. Suddenly they realized their position and Abhi let her go, Pragya blushed (Oh! After a long time in her life to be exact) she adjusted her saree looked at him only to see his eyes already fixed on her waist which was exposed.


You guys are right Pragya hit someone, but whom?? Keep guessing 😉

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