Lurking in the light of love (KKB) (Chapter – 29)

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Chapter 29 – Yo! Crazy women

Sneha’s place

Sneha asked Aaliya, “So how was the story? If you have any doubts you can ask me about it.” Aaliya thought for a second and asked, “Where is your so called Prince?” Sneha took long strides and came near Aaliya so quickly which made Aaliya to close her eyes in fear. She replied *Standing dangerously close to her face*, “He is still in the prison. My prince is still there left to rot, you know he spoke in favor of me and let me go off the case. *Walking away from her in short strides* My Prince loves me so much that he is ready to suffer instead of me. Oh My Prince! *Dreamily*”

Aaliya thought, ‘Why I became her target I am not able to tolerate this woman even for a second, she is crazy plain crazy. Somebody help me out. Sneha walked to and fro looking at her mobile for a long time, And finally she said, “It’s time to take you there.” Aaliya asked, “Whaaat? Where?” Sneha replied, “I have told you I hope I hate interruptions. Now shut up and get up.” Aaliya thought, ‘Hey! Oh! Lady I am tied up here and…’ Before she could finish her thoughts, her hands were free and Sneha spoke near her ears, “Don’t try anything funny ok? I will slash you with this *Pointing a pocket knife to her* this is laced with the same poison I used for Bulbul. Now we walk out like the old friends we are.”

Aaliya had to abide by her rules else she may end up in trouble, so she agreed with her and walked out of her apartment and into a lift to the ground floor. When they were out from the lift, Sneha suddenly hugged her and said, “Nice meeting you dear! I had an awesome time with you. Now I will drop you back no need of calling your brother.” Aaliya dint know how to react to this, that is when she saw a few people approaching her and Aaliya replied, “So nice of you to do that! But ok thanks, I can go on my own.” Sneha reminded her, “I still have that knife with me Darling!” Aaliya laughed and replied, “You are still the same person Awww! Ok, I will let you drive me home.”

Happy care Hospital 5:30 PM

Pragya, Sid, Raj, Divya and Bulbul are seen discussing still about their plan. A doctor came in to check Bulbul and said, “She is a little weak take care of her you can take her home around 6.” Pragya looked relieved and told Divi to take care of her and was about to leave With Raj and Sid. That is when….

Tanu’s Residence 5:30 PM

Tanu’s POV

I hope everything is fine with Aaliya I just want her to be fine. Now where is this Nikhil? Hope he dint leave me all alone here in my home when my parents have left for their so called important me. Since I am alone, let me have some ‘Me’ time. Everybody has been alone and they don’t have any problem with that but me being alone makes me crazy. I hear voices telling me to do terrible things, I Have no idea why things like this happens to me. From my childhood, I can’t walk out in the sun without a sunglass. I can take off only when the sun goes to doze off, leaving the moon to shine in the sky. But why? Why I can’t walk out in the sun without wearing a freaking sun glass? And I hear voices when I am alone, thank God since I am speaking to myself I don’t hear them. But if this goes on like this I will become crazy soon. Finally, he came back to me, I asked, “Nikhil, Where the hell did you go? I am sorry, but I can’t be alone in this situation hope you understand. Yes, I do have maids to help me, but they can’t give the personal support you and Aaliya gives me all the time.”

I think he smiled at me and said, “I am sorry Tanu caught up with some urgent work. It’s done now, I will be here with you now, don’t worry.* He kisses my forehead*” That kiss gave me the needed warmth that someone will be there with me no matter what and I dozed off .


A Man’s voice is heard saying, “I am here to Meet Aaditya Srivatsav, Here are the necessary documents.” After checking with the documents he was let inside. That man thought, ‘ You will be out soon now and you will you get to see certain things too, hope you will enjoy the show. I am going to get you out today! For my sister’s sake’

Somewhere else… 6:00PM

Aaliya was taken aback when she was pushed down harshly by Sneha inside a Godown and when she tried to get up Sneha helped her up and said, “I am so sorry Darling some times I just get carried away with fury. Just half an hour for the final showdown hope he reaches here by then. I am waiting for you my Prince come soon, your Princess is waiting for you.”

Aaliya was thinking, ‘How can he come here? She just told me some time back that he is in jail, then how can he come? Oh! No! No! No! That can mean only one thing he will be out soon and also brought here. I don’t know the exact relationship these both have with my Bhabhi but I can only imagine that she won’t be able to handle this. Ehh! Where the heck is my so called brother right now? Hope he isn’t eating my bhabhi’s brain inside out and helping her cope up instead. Oh Shit! Completely forgot about Tanu! Oh my! What would she be doing now? With her voices all alone? She will end up crazy again for a few days. Hope Nikhil is there to handle her now, else have to deal with Crazy Tanu for a few days. Oh! God! How did I ever end up in a crazy situation like this? After getting out from this crazy woman I will end up with another one! Hope I don’t end up crazy now.YO! For all the crazy women out there.’

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