Lurking in the light of love (KKB) (Chapter -28)

A/N: Thank you so much Reshma and Pooja : Thank you so much dear 🙂 🙂 Within two chapters Sneha will be out!

Chapter 28 – The Prince, The Princess and The Monster

Happy Care Hospital 4:15PM

Sid and Raj are seen waiting near Bulbul’s room’s door waiting for Divi, Pragya and Bulbul give permission for them to enter. Divi and Pragya looked at each and gave each other a stiff nod and said, “Come inside Both of you.” Bulbul, Raj and Sid looked at Divi and Pragya for an answer. Again silence prevailed for some time only to be broken by a phone call. Pragya attended the call and put it on speaker again, “ Hello Darling, How are you doing now? Tensed? Excited? Feeling low? Did you cry? Did my cry baby cry? *Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha* Ok, I will come to the point, that sleepy head hasn’t woke up yet I am bored that’s why I called you. Oops! I think I gave her an overdose. Now will you tell me how you feel? Pretty please?.”

Pragya replied, “What do you want from me? You want me, right? Tell me where should I come? I will be there now let her GO!” Sneha said (Still on speaker phone), “Oh! You got my point! But if I let her go what’s the guarantee you will be here? How can I believe you?”

Raj and Sid showed something in sign language to her. She bobbed her head to which Divya and Bulbul shook their head, mouthing ‘No’. Pragya went ahead and replied, “ Ok! We will make a deal! I will come there and then you can let her go. Deal?”

Sneha thought for some time and said, “Ok, Deal! But no funny business ok? To make sure you don’t do that I am going to poison her the moment I see you and she should be treated within an hour just like Bulbul ok?” Pragya shook her head at first, then thought, ‘This is the only way out!’ She replied, “Ok! But I will be coming with two people , someone has to take Aaliya to Hospital right?” Sneha enquired *Smirking*, “ Who are they?” Pragya signed asking both Raj and Sid their name they wrote it down and showed her. She replied, “Raj and Sid!”

Sneha laughed, laughed and laughed and finally said, “ Fine, Fine bring them along I have no problem at all. *Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha* May I know something? Where is that oaf of your boyfriend? He is not with you, right? He left you already? No wonder! Who wants an Orphan and that too one who is being chased by a crazy lady like me *Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha*. Ok, be here around 6:30 PM and the address will be sent to you through a message *In a sing song tone* *Call ends* Sid, Raj, Divi, Pragya and Bulbul are seen discussing something while a pair of eyes watch them closely.

Somewhere in a dark place…

Aaliya wakes up in a chair tied to it with a rope and a pain in her neck reminds her of her surroundings. Her neck hurts badly because of the bad posture she slept , she wonders, ‘ Where the hell am I? Ouch! My neck hurts like hell too, Can’t see a thing here in this darkness. I can just feel that I am tied to a chair using a rope. Oh! No no no no no no no no no no! Not that Witch’s lair please! Oh please oh my God!’ As if answering her questions she heard footsteps reaching her and a bright light hits her eyes with full force. She strained a bit and then adjusted to the new bright surroundings.

A neat room with a bed, couch and 2 chairs flooded with a bright light from a tube light. And then she saw that Witch, A witch named, ‘Sneha’. Aaliya spit out, “What the hell do you want? Who the hell are you?” Sneha replied calmly, “Hey sleepyhead, Calm down, I will tell you a story now. Do not interrupt, I hate interruptions, so be a good girl and listen to my story ok? Yes!! Story time” Aaliya gave a ‘Whatever look’ and kept mum.

Sneha *smirking*, “Here goes a story, Long, long ago lived a princess, who has no idea about how it would be to feel hurt or to live behind the bars. She lived a happy life with her parents and her sibling, Happy family, Her father adored her a lot, her mother would do anything just to see a smile on her face. Her brother would kill anyone if she wants to be happy. Then came a prince asking for her hand in marriage to be only rejected by her parents saying he doesn’t have much wealth. The Prince dint give up and took it up as a challenge to earn more money within a short period of time through a business only to end up in loss. Then the Princess and Prince hatched a plan to dream their own kingdom, everything was going on as per their plan. But… But…”

Aaliya looked at her and thought, ‘Oh, just tell me what? Why the heck are you dragging the story now?’ She dint dare to interrupt since she was in the Witch’s lair and had no idea what would happen if she said something. Sneha continued, “But, then entered the Villain of the story in the name of ‘Pragya’, She destroyed all their plan and showed their plan to the whole world saying it’s a scam. The princess, The Prince and the one who helped them all were locked behind the bars. This news reached her parents kingdom and then they… They….”

Sneha started to shed tears, Aaliya felt sorry a little, but then thought, ‘Pragya Bhabhi did the right thing and exposed a scam, I am proud of her now. What would have happened that this so called Princess turned into a monster. Shit! I can’t even move my hands, so that I could keep them under my chin and think.’ Sneha wiped off her tears, cleared her throat and continued, “They killed themselves.” Aaliya gasped hearing this and thought, ‘Oh! So this turned The Princess into a Monster.’

Sneha continued, “Her parents had killed themselves and her brother was out with his friends to another kingdom, and she was locked behind the bars, nobody to help. Her brother, when he came to know about this became furious and was about to hunt the villain down and get her killed to be only stopped by The Princess. She assured him, that they shall do it, but not now. First she has to get out and then they need a solid plan to trap the villain. And Slowly , slowly The princess hatched a plan to trap the Monster, yes the Villain became a monster when the Princesses Parents killed themselves. *Her eyes gleaming with fury* And now the time has come, The princess is going to destroy the Monster with her own hands.” *Held up her fingers in the shape of a claw* *Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha*

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