Lurking in the light of love (KKB) (Chapter-26)


Chapter 26 –  It’s You!

Taarika’s Residence 12:00 PM

Sid  and Raj are seen entering Taarika’s home and sees the commotion happening there. A man was talking with police officials repeating a name again and again. Both Raj and Sid seem to remember the name but wasn’t able to remember the when and the where. They tried to see the man’s face so they could match the situation, but no, his back was turned towards them. They sneaked inside the house and reached Taarika’s room to check for some clues only to be hit by Divi on their head by a lamp.

Pragya rushed out to find out about Bulbul, leaving Divi, Sid and Raj alone in the room. Both woke up after sometime mumbling incoherent words and saw Divi smiling sheepishly at them. Raj was the one to speak first, “You!? Ahhh! *Holding his head* why the hell did you hit us? And what’s with that stupid smile on your face?” Divi replied, “I am so sorry I thought someone is coming to harm Pragya again. I am very sorry, after hitting you both only I noticed who you were. And that smile means I have done something stupid forgive me please.” Sid, who heard this spoke, “Hey… Ms…. Whoever May I know why is she attacked?”

Divi replied, “Hello Mr. Whoever, no idea who the hell is doing this, because of them we lost our bitter – sweet sister Taarika and you *Pointing at Raj* lost your brother. We really have no idea who the hell is playing with us. Now Bulbul is in some danger and she has rushed out hope she takes Abhi with her.” Raj was fuming now and started yelling, “So Fati was right! But not my Bhabhi’s enemies, but so called your friend’s enemies killed my brother. I lost my brother ! how will your friend know the loss of a family?” A slap’s sound resonated the room. Sid stood  shocked seeing his friend Raj getting slapped by Divi.

Divi replied, “How dare you say something like that?? She has lost her whole family when she was a young girl. You know not only her sibling, her WHOLE DAMN FAMILY! Think before you speak ok?” Sid pulled Raj away from Divi before he would end up doing something stupid. Sid mouthed ‘Sorry’ before he left the room along with Raj. Sid spoke, “Idiot! Why can’t you speak calmly? I know losing your brother has made you crazy, but remember she also has lost someone like her own sister so we should give them sometime too and they have no idea who the hell is doing this. We need to find that out before more problems arises.” Raj just bobbed his head while tears traced his cheeks.

Somewhere in a dark place…

A voice is heard saying, “I should make you understand right? How much I suffered? Now it’s time for you to suffer! How can you forget me Pragya? For all that you have done to me? We tried to trick you and you in turn tricked us and we, freaking ended up in a freaking cell, behind the bars. If he dint say so, I would also have been in there even now. * wiping away a stray tear* Now it’s time for you to cry, cry and cry. *Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha* Time to check up on Bulbul, here I come Pragya. Ready to shed tears once more.”

Happy hospital 2:00PM

Abhi, Pragya and Aaliya are walking to and fro outside an I.C.U waiting for the doctor to come out and tell them what happened to Bulbul. The Doctor came out and informed, “We have to keep her under observation for some time and will let you know.”  A woman wearing a face mask is approaching the I.C.U in a nurse uniform with a tray in her hand. Since few were going in and coming out, nobody noticed her. Abhi who dint know what to do sat on the bench and was watching people who walks around him and observing them. Aaliya is trying hard to console Pragya who is sitting just like a statue now . He had called Divi and informed her about Bulbul and she in turn explained what all happened there with Sid and Raj and assured him that she will be there quick. Bored out of wit and not knowing what to do he continued watching people that is when he noticed a nurse wearing slippers getting inside the I.C.U.

Abhi sprang from his place and rushed towards the I.C.U to find the nurse trying to inject something. Pragya who saw Abhi rushing went behind him, followed by Aaliya. Abhi asked, “Who are you? I know very well that you  are definitely not a nurse working in this hospital.” She stood there without moving and turned back to see Pragya and also Aaliya standing in front of the door blocking it. She replied, “Oh! Abhi! You found me, I wanted her to find me it’s ok anyway, it’s time to show myself to her *Removes her face mask*. I hope you remember me now you good for nothing.” Pragya could only say, “It’s you, Sneha” . Abhi stiffened in his place purely out of anger, he wanted to rip her heart out of her chest and feed it to the crows.

Sneha spoke, “You have no idea you orphan! How much we both suffered in that cell. We weren’t even given proper food, proper hygiene too. He said that I don’t have anything to do with this in the court and told me to leave the and enjoy my life. But I wanted to see you cry, cry and cry and here you stand in front of me with a pool of tears. Aww! What a sight to enjoy! I am enjoying this. Abhi don’t even think of doing anything I am standing right next to Bulbul and you too Aaliya no funny business ok? So I have to let this one *Pointing at Bulbul* to live some more time huh? My bad time, it’s ok will meet again Darling bye till then.” Took out a pistol from her nurse uniform and walked away slowly pointing it at them.

Following Divi Both Sid and Raj had reached the hospital and has heard everything standing outside the I.C.U and was waiting for her to come out. Sneha came to be greeted by a furious Sid and Raj! She pointed her gun at them and walked away coolly saying, “Big baby misses his big brother *Ha ha ha ha ha ha*” Divi was watching all this helplessly . Sneha was walking backwards with a pistol in her hand till she reached the lift and left the place. Sid and Raj rushed to stairs to catch up with her to only lose her on the ground floor.

A/N : Thank you Reshma

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