Lurking in the light of love (KKB) (Chapter – 25)

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Chapter 25 – It’s me! Darling!

Taarika’s Residence 12:00 PM ( I keep forgetting to mention the time someone let me know If I haven’t mentioned the time ok?)

Sid and Raj are seen entering Taarika’s home and sees the commotion happening there. A man was talking with police officials repeating a name again and again. Both Raj and Sid seem to remember the name but wasn’t able to remember the when and the where. They tried to see the man’s face so they could match the situation, but no, his back was turned towards them. They sneaked inside the house and reached Taarika’s room to check for some clues only to be…

Somewhere in a dark place …

A voice is heard saying, “Shall we continue the game darling? Oh! How much I love to play with you! *Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha* Coming to the point, I mean the game, Any idea where Bulbul is? Or what is she doing now? Any idea darling? Oh, I know you are just grieving for Taarika now and you can’t even think about anyone now. Don’t worry, I will tell you where she is, she is in a mall in front of my eyes with what was that girl’s name again? Yeah gotcha! Aaliya. Both are happily shopping without knowing the trouble that will be approaching them soon. You have an hour to reach her before I change my mind. Your TIME STARTS NOW!”

Express Mall 12 :15 PM

Bulbul and Aaliya are seen shopping happily chatting with each other, A person follows them closely with a knife in their hand. Bulbul’s mobile rings, she picks it up and says, “Hello Sista! Remembered me just now? How was the wedding? It must be over long back right? Where are you? And where is Abhi bhai? Me and Aaliya decided to hang out and we are shopping in Express mall. You too come and join us di please please. Oh, you are coming Wow! I am super happy right now. Di…” *Call ends* Bulbul turns towards Aaliya and said, “She never let me speak you know? She ends the call just like that! How dare she?” Aaliya replies *Laughing*, “She. Dint. Let. You speak? Who are you kidding Bulbul? I bet she only said that she will be coming here. You are the one who never let her speak you Quack Duck! Always keeps Quacking… Quack , Quack, Quack, Quack.”

Bulbul was looking at her with heat radiating around her Aaliya who felt this started to run away from her, she ran , ran and ran . When she turned back, she found that Bulbul was missing. She tried calling her only to find her number busy and thought, ‘Who is she quacking to now? Oh my! How am I going to find her now?’

Express Mall 12:45PM

Aaliya was so tired searching for Bulbul for nearly half an hour and sat down near a shop in a bench waiting for her to show up or call her that is when she received a call, “Hello Pragya bhabhi! What? She is in trouble? Oh my! She is not with me now. I am searching for her for half an hour now, don’t know where she went. I am sorry bhabhi I dint know that she is in trouble otherwise I wouldn’t have let her leave my side. I am waiting near Cola Café, ok Bhabhi I will wait for you and bhai here. Sure, I won’t move from here.” Aaliya thought, ‘What happened? Why is Bulbul in trouble now? The one who wanted to kill her is now targeting Bulbul?’

Express Mall 1:00 PM

Abhi and Pragya met with Aaliya and explained her what all happened that day , about the two bomb blasts , how Taarika died , how Pragya escaped from the other bomb blast. And the threatening calls she received from different numbers. After hearing all this Aaliya could only say, “Shit! That woman a is real Bad news!”

Finally, they found Bulbul waving, to someone who was covered with a shawl, Pragya ran behind that person only to lose them. She came back and hugged Bulbul tight and said, “ I don’t want to miss you too Bulbul be safe for me please. Will you?” Bulbul who has no idea of whatever happened just said, “Sure di”

Aaliya was fuming with anger and yelled at Bulbul, “Where the hell did you go? I have been searching for you for 45 mins and them 15 mins where the hell where you? And to whom were you quacking to for such a long time?” Bulbul understood that something was amiss and said, “I dint speak to anyone, that woman with a shawl she spoke to someone.” Aaliya asked, “What for an hour? For one Freaking hour? I know very well you dint have that much balance in your mobile.” Bulbul replied, “Actually Sirtel to Sirtel Free for me.” Abhi, Pragya and Aaliya looked at Bulbul and asked, “Sirtel?” Bulbul replied, “Oh! Sorry! That was ‘Airtel’ slip of my tongue, you ppl are making me nervous tell me what the hell happened at least now.”

That is when Pragya noticed blood oozing from Bulbul’s wrist. Like it formed a line showing a scratch mark. Pragya held her wrist and asked, “When did you get hurt Bulbul?” Before Bulbul could reply she fell unconscious. Abhi understood that something is wrong, lifted her up and immediately rushed to hospital in his car along with Aaliya and Pragya. She got a call from an unknown number yet again, knowing well who it might be she puts her mobile in speaker mode and attends the call, “Hey Darling! How is Bulbul? You did come before 1:15, but I changed my mind you see. Now within an hour it will ‘Two down and one more to go’ that is if you don’t reach the hospital on time *Ha ha ha ha ha*”

Pragya yelled at her, “Who the hell are you? And what the hell do you want from me?” She replied, “It’s me! darling! It’s me find me out! To End this game or you will lose more than 3 ppl. Will see you in the next game Bubye till then.”

Somewhere in a dark place…

A voice is heard saying, “I should make you understand right? How much I suffered? Now it’s time for you to suffer!”

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