Lurking in the light of love (KKB) (Chapter 20)

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Chapter 20 –  This was meant to happen


Taarika’s residence 8:50AM

All the guests are standing around the mandap raised for her marriage in which her love is waiting for her. Divya was bringing Taarika to the mandap, Oh! Yes, Where is Pragya? Let’s search for her. She is nowhere to  be found around the mandap maybe she is outside the residence, but what is she doing when it is time for Taarika’s wedding??  Taarika thought, ‘Where is this girl? Is she angry because I dint give a proper reason for screaming this morning? No, no! she is not that childish where would she go now though? Even Divya is clueless. I should have told her that Raghu came to my room the previous night and left without telling me *With a deadpan face*. Anyway, where is this girl?’ Divya’s face is also etched with worry thinking about Pragya. Divya thought, “Yesterday she was attacked by someone and today she goes missing, Oh! Where are you Pragya?’ Divya let Taarika’s mom lead her to the mandap and ran outside searching for  Pragya.


Outside Taarika’s residence (Lawn)

Abhi is seen standing inside a mandap like structure waiting for Pragya, since she told him to wait for her. She came running towards him and looked into his eyes with so much love, It was like seeing a twin rainbow, a Dinousaurs, a trynosauraus (I know this guy is a total Pre- historic Fan), Seeing the God himself. Abhi could only think of those, because for him it is such a surprise that he never thought would happen. She came towards him, pulled him by his designer suit Leaned in her toes to reach his height and kiss him. Yes, she kissed him, on his lips.

Abhi’s POV

Oh my !She is kissing me , This is like the most heavenly feel I have ever felt. The heat rushing up to each others lips, the feel of her lips on mine. It took me some time to regain myself and kiss her back with the same passion. With my lips gently pulling her upper lip, and hearing her sigh due to the sudden intrusion I made. I held her by her waist close to my chest lifted her a little so that she wouldn’t need to stand on her toes. We kissed until we felt we would die kissing like this.


Pragya’s POV

I got a call from an unknown person stating, “This time you escaped from my clutches, next time you will die at my hands Pragya! I don’t know who that girl is, I have never seen her with you. Yesterday from where did she emerge just like that. If not for her you would have died. How can you be so happy that too with him, I will not let this happen. Heard that you are going to propose him? *HA ha ha ha ha ha ha* Ok, I will let you do that, you know why? Because I am letting you get your last wish Pragya. After you propose him, that will be your end. Are you wondering how I know about this? I have spies everywhere whom you have no idea of. I will not let you live in peace. *Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha* Mark my words, YOU. WILL.DIE!”


I felt like I have heard that voice somewhere but couldn’t place where or whom. All I could think about was running to him and telling him what’s going on in my mind right now. Or I may never get a chance to, I don’t know who was that. But if she ever thinks of hurting him I would end her petty life then and there. I called Abhi and told him to meet me at the lawn before Taarika’s wedding and rushed to see him after adorning Taarika with all the jewels. I ran from there telling both Taarika and Divya that I have got something to attend to and I will be back. I just don’t want her to know, who knows, even walls have ears.


When I reached the lawn he was standing there in all his glory in a designer suit. That was a sight which no girl would deny, I wanted to tell him so many things, but was too occupied by unnecessary thoughts. I pulled him towards me leaned on my toes and kissed him pouring all the love I feel for him. I can feel the heat building in his body as I kissed him, I held his hair in my fingers and pulled him closer. He din’t respond I am so sure that he is taken aback by my sudden assault on him. Poor guy! He has no idea, how much I love him and how much I want to say it in words. But decided against it and poured all my feeling into one kiss. He reacted suddenly holding me closer by my waist and bit my upper lip using his lip making me gasp and sigh at the same time. When we Parted after our breath taking kiss I could his cheeks flushed with blood and his lips swollen and his hair in a disheveled manner. He does sure looks like A Demigod, My DG, yes, he is mine. Now all I have to do is tell him what I feel before he thinks something stupid.



Abhi called, ” P….. Pra….. Pragya…..” Pragya turned back and said,” I don’t know why I am repeating this, I have no idea why I did that. But I just felt to make you feel what I really feel about you. I am sorry I know you are shocked beyond belief. I…. I love you Abhi… I love you…” Saying this she turned her back towards him and went away from there running

Abhi’s thoughts : Actually, what happened now? Is she really bold or very shy? She showed me both of her face today. One said to me that she is bold like very bold. The other said no way she is shy, very shy. OMG! Which one is true? Anyway! She proposed to me that was the biggest shock, I never expected Pragya will propose me. I thought I have to work a lot to make her understand my love and then slowly propose her. I think I have been too slow for her that’s why she did that. But I still can’t believe it! Oh! My God! She proposed me. She could have done that after proposing me * bending his head shyly * Either way I enjoyed it * smiling sheepishly* I love you Pragya… I love you Pragya Abhisheik Mehra..! Yes! I am going to change your name very soon.


Divya who witnessed this was shell shocked and asked Pragya, “What was that? What did you just do?” Pragya who was now a bit relived replied, “Oh, dint you see? I just moisturised his lips, You know poor guy walking all day long with chapped lips. I felt pity for him so I mostourised his lips. Now shall we go? Taarika will be searching for us. Come on,  move, move , move.” Divya who was awestruck by her reply was pushed by her inside the mandap. She thought, ‘This was meant to happen anyway, I am so happy for them wiping away an imaginary tear.’

After their sweet assault Divi, Pragya entered inside the mandap who was followed by a kiss- sick Abhi 😉 (You guys read it right, Don’t worry :D) right on time for her rituals to begin. Taarika who saw them coming felt relived and shook her heads looking at Pragya and gave  her a sweet faint smile.


A voice is heard saying, “Oh! You did it!  I did see you both overcome by passion and your sweet assault on him. I won’t let this continue Pragya you can’t live with him because….”

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