Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 18)

A/N : I know, so many of you would have forgot the story so below is the Recap and yesterday had some issues with my laptop so wasn’t able to submit. weekends I won’t be updating. Expect next update on Monday. Saranya and Raithu : Thank you so much ppl <3

Recap : The story begins with the first night of Abhi and Pragya and travels back to the past of how they fell in love. In between comes another pair who love each other and has no idea how the other looks like, yes it is Sid and Soniya. Soniya always covers her face with her dupatta and Sid with his helmet. Both are longing to meet each other. Then there is another pair, one who is still in confusion or should I say confusing others by her decisions and the other who is quite confused about his partners behaviour and mannerisms towards Abhi even after accepting his proposal. Yes, It is Nikhil and Tanu. In between this roller coaster ride comes Fatima, Sid’s sister and her mother. Also Raj, a friend of Sid. Another important character would be Divya, a friend of Pragya. Pragya and Divya are in their senior’s mehendi function when they are attacked by goons. Abhi comes as a saviour to rescue them but how does he knows? Read the chapter 16, 17 and continue with 18 or else you will get confused 😀

Chapter 18 – Who was that?

Taarika’s residence 7:00 PM

He was so lost looking at her dreamily he failed to notice someone move towards her with a sharp knife. A scream is heard and Abhi is back from dreamland looking shock of the events that transpired…

(Everyone would have guessed something has happened to Pragya right? But who did that? Here’s what really happened.)

A person is seen moving towards Pragya who is being congratulated by everyone and Fatima was so excited seeing her idol being congratulated you can see her jumping up and down literally. That person nears Pragya wearing a shall covering almost most of their body and was about to stab her in her neck. That is when Divya screamed loud enough to wake Kumbakaran up and Fatima acted so quickly that the person had to run away without finishing their mission. Abhi who heard Divya’s scream ran towards her and saw Fatima’s hands bleeding and being attended by Pragya who is scolding her continuously. He saw a person running towards the store room and ran behind them only to be called back by Pragya to help Fatima.

Abhi understood what has transpired and said, “Thank you so much Short head! If you didn’t act so quickly I would have lost my… *Smiling sheepishly* my friend , my best friend, my..” Before he could complete Fatima stopped him and called him near her while Pragya went to get some bandages for her. She whispered in Abhi’s ears, “Your love for her is seen clearly in your eyes, what are waiting for? Her wedding? Come on ! Just say it! And this is just a little help I could do to her. You know, I know Karate, if you ever hurt her I will be back to break your back!”

Abhi noticed Pragya coming towards them and threw her a ‘I am ok smile’ and started moving away slowly. Pragya looked at him, puzzled because this wasn’t his usual smile this was like ‘ I am afraid of someone’ smile, she let it go and turned towards Fati. She came back with bandages and continue to scold her. Fatima looked at Divya and asked, “Is she always like this? Or anything special today?” Pragya narrowed her eyes and was about to speak when she said, “ You worry too much Sista! Calm down and for the record, I know Karate I could have handled her easily you know? And Now I know I am wrong about you being you know whom I mean (Sriti). One small advice from this little girl, That guy over there he loves you so much that you can see is love for you in his eyes whenever he looks at you. And I have noticed the way you look at him too, you both are made for each other. I am very sure he wouldn’t man up and propose you so you have to do it Sista 😉 ”

Pragya was about to say stop calling me Sista because that reminds her of Bulbul but kept mum and said, “Hey Fati, You are a very brave girl you know. Even I know Karate by the way 😉 I would have handled that person and why did you say it was her? Did you see her face?” Fatima replied, “No Sista, Her hair came out a little bit and I saw her eyes it looked like devil’s eyes. Me interfering has pissed her off and she tried to stab me too, but I kicked her knife off her hands. Be careful sista someone is so keen on ending your life.” Fatima gave her a hug and walked away along with Divya leaving Pragya alone to think, ‘Who was that?’

Taarika’s residence 9:30 PM

After all the drama everyone retired to have dinner. Here Abhi also had the same thought, ‘Who could do this to her? Who has enmity with her? Could it be? Could it be? But how? ’While Abhi was thinking and whiling away his time two people is seen entering inside the house among them one hiding his face.

Taarika’s Room

Taarika was ready to retire for the day removing all her make up and other accessories changed herself into a comfortable clothing and was about to lie down when she heard a knock on her door all she could say was, “Who is that now!” suppressing her irritation she put a smiling face and opened the door to find Sid standing and smiling at her. She smiled back at him and within a second her fingers caught hold of his ears and she said, “Because of you I lost the bet with him, where is my sweet sweet brother in law? I want to do the same to him too.” Sid replied with pain, “ Bhabhi (Sis- in-Law) I am sorry very sorry please leave my ears its hurting please. And why Raj? When you can directly show your anger to Raghu bhai itself?*With a naughty smile*” Taarika was shocked and thought, ‘Is this gut telling me the truth or trying to escape from me or..’ Before her mind could conjure further thoughts Raghuveer appeared in front of her with a charming smile.

Sid said, “Bhai, Bhabhi I will be here outside you can speak anything you want or you can do anything you want 😉 ” Before Raghu could catch him he disappears from their sight. Now Raghu and Taarika are left on their own in Taarika’s room. Raghu spoke, “So my dear wife is angry with me? For winning the bet? Or for not visiting her in Sangeet as promised?” Taarika was looking at him as if it was a dream. He kissed her on her forehead and said, “It’s not a dream Taarika, I am here in front of you. Tell me what’s bothering you.” That was enough for her to melt and she started pouring out her emotions in tears hugging him tight. Raghu who was shocked to see Taarika like this consoled her and asked again, “What happened Taarika?” She composed herself and said, “So many things happened here Raghu, you would have known about goons attack this morning I hope? And in the evening someone tried to kill Pragya, you know how much important she is to me. They tried to kill my little sister, who wants to kill her now? I am so worried about her Raghu. I wish that dumb head Abhi proposes her soon and marry her soon too.”

Raghu replied, “It’s ok Taarika, nothing will happen to your little sister, she is not only your sister mine too. We will take care of her, after your marriage, we will take her with us and make that dumb, who was that again? Whoever to recognize his love for her.” She smiles hearing him speak like this and asked, “I have a doubt! How did you manage to come?” Raghu laughed and replied, “All thanks to the hero of the day Sid, he helped in this along with a condition.” Taarika who is still confused asked, “Nobody will search for you? I don’t understand how will you manage them?” Raghu replied, “Oh! My brother is there to manage them all. We would have reached much earlier if not for my silly brother. We had to train him you know.” Taarika looked at Raghu and mouthed ‘What’.

Raghu continued, “ We left him there in my room, It was Sid’s idea. We have the same body type, same voice we can fool anyone. Only thing is we have to hide our faces. That idiot was afraid and said ‘No, I won’t do something like this, I am not ready to’ blah blah. We both had to fight with him and made him practice to speak like me. Finally, we left him there and we both came here, since I left with Sid everyone thought Raj is leaving with him and I am still in my room sulking *Laughed*” Taarika giggled like a little girl and said, “Since you came here I will give you, your gift now.”

Doors closed 😉

Next day morning around 7:00 AM (Abhi’s home)

Abhi is seen walking to and fro in his room as usual and Nikhil comes in seeing his state. Nikhil sat down comfortably in Abhi’s bed and saw him intently and said, “What happened buddy? Why are you walking to and fro? I know you will empty your closet and say this dress doesn’t suit and all that so I bought you a new one. And I can see that, you are wearing it, so what’s the problem now?” Abhi replied, “ Nikhil… Nikhil, yesterday somebody tried to kill my fuggi.” Nikhil gasped hearing it and said, “What!? Who ? How?” Abhi replied, “Don’t know Abhi, but I heard that it was a girl form the person who rescued her. And my mind immediately thought of Tanu. I know don’t look at me like that, I know she was with you yesterday. But who was that? Who could that be?” Both looked at each other with confusion.

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