Lurking in the light of love (Chapter – 32)

Chapter 32 –  Rage consumes you



On the way to Police Station 8:30 PM

Sneha’s POV:

 I just can’t understand what just happened! If what had transpired before me is true, then that guy Abhi cheated me playing with his own sister’s life? Oh my God! How can he take such a big risk? Now I am worried about Aadi and Suhaar. Especially Suhaar who is just a pawn in my game and was not involved in the whole process at all. I can’t do anything now I am completely messed up.

Because of me my brother has to endure all the pain now, the pain of being jailed, the pain of isolation, the pain of being pushed and bullied inside the jail. I hear someone telling me to get down, the police station has arrived. I got down with zero emotions etched on my face, I have decided what to do and will do it definitely. I hear so many people chattering away all I could hear is muffled voices and nothing.

I was pushed inside an empty cell, Suhaar isn’t accompanying me in this cell I hope. Good for him, otherwise he might go crazy, seeing what his sister was about to do. Food and water were pushed inside my cell, I was having a staring contest with my food and finally drank the water completely emptying the mug and pretend to sleep. I noticed all the other police men and women were feeling sleepy and tried to take a small nap. This is what I was waiting for all along.

Abhi’s residence 6:00 AM

A mobile phone is heard ringing and a guy picks it up cursing through his teeth whomever called him so early in the morning . “What the hell? What were you all doing? Oh my God! Ok,should I be there? Oh, it’s not necessary fine then. Bye.”

Abhi’s POV:

WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?? How am I to inform this to the others? I hope it’s better I don’t tell anyone about this, yes, that would be a better decision. I think informing  Nikhil would be better I just want to get this information out of my head as soon as possible.

Police Station

 Suhaar’s POV:

 It must be somewhere around midnight all I heard was someone cursing through their teeth and calling all the other policemen to the cell where my sister was pushed I was sleepy, confused and couldn’t understand what was going on. I somehow managed to shut my eyes with so much difficulty and this is what I heard. Later I came to know what the problem was and I heard someone shouting my sister’s name so loudly that I am so sure they would have damaged their vocal cord.

My throat suddenly felt dry and parched that is when I realized I was the one shouting so loudly tears escaped the prison of my eyes, whereas I wasn’t even able to get out of this prison to see my sister for one last time. I hope they let me do that at least since everyone here knows that she is my sister, my one and only living *gulp* relative. This is not done sister I never expected you will do something like this. Never did I ever! I heard someone calling my name I wiped off my tears and looked up to see a police officer with a folded paper in his hands. He gave that to me left me in the cell once again.

My hands started quivering and that paper escaped my grasp and my eyes betrayed me yet again by shedding tears in the memory of my sister. I wiped off my tears and took the paper in my hands and started to read it.

Dear Suhaar,

I know in what kind of mind set you would be in now, because trust me when I say that, I have been there. When mom and Dad left us because of my actions. Yes, I am truly responsible for whatever happened in my life and not Pragya. I can’t even blame my fate because I know well it has nothing to do with this. Yes, I realized my mistake very late too late indeed. Whatever happened in my life I was the one responsible not anyone else. I did a forgery along with Aadi where did Pragya come in between this?She just did the right thing by  informing about us to the Police.

  I should have left it at that and moved on with my life when I had the chance to do so, but now I am finished they will never let me out. I have killed 6 people just to hurt her. What I got in return?Nothing but confinement ,all my life to those guilty feelings. All I am trying to tell you is Revenge is not a solution to any of your problems nor is suicide. Do not follow my footsteps my dear brother don’t do it. You have listened to every word I told you till now, listen to this one too. Revenge happens when you are completely consumed by rage. 

 Never ever let Rage consume you, it only hurts you in return, it doesn’t give you anything it just destroys everything and everyone you love the most. It just destroys you completely, you will never ever gain anything from it. I have given all the details about bombings and kidnapping to the police in another letter. They will definitely let you go, Promise me that you will forget everything and move on in your life. I hope Pragya forgives me one day or the other in her lifetime  

Move on Suhaar ! Consider this as my last wish, our dad’s friend will be happy to help you.





I looked up to see some people take her away on a stretcher. I was shouting at them to open the cell door and one of them looked back and let me out. I ran towards her, held her hand and said “I promise you that I will not let rage consume me, I will forgive you and myself for whatever happened and I will move on in my life. Thank you for everything, goodbye sister”.

Author’s Note:

Hey pooja first of all thank you for remembering me and consistently reading this story which i update rarely nowadays. I am fine hope you are fine too. Take care too. 

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  3. Hey sis… Finally read this! Mind blowing update. I pity sneha. But it’s good that she realised at last and yeah, I m happy suhar promised her that. Somehow I guess this prob is over once nd fr all… I don’t knw what’s nxt. I guess it’s the main plot… Aaliya, nikhil nd tanu conspiracy, rit? As much as I dread the coming, I can’t stop the urge to want more. I really want to read it soon.
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