Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 7 (An Invite)

Guys I am very tierd today so the epi is small Rajesh bro and Ashika you will be seeing Pragya from here on.. Enjoy reading guys

I Woke up hearing someone scream, I realized it was Purab (Inside Purab’s Subconscious mind). I shook him up he was saying, “ Go away, Leave me alone!” I slapped him across his face his eyes opened up, he saw me. He hugged me and dint let me go, I said, “ Bro I am not your girlfriend this is kind of becoming awkward now let me go.” He said, “ You don’t have any idea what happened here when you left last time.” I said, “ I know someone possessed you and you were levitating said some incoherent words and passed out.” He said, “ Oh this is what she did after she pushed me down.” I asked, “ She, Who?”

Purab’s POV
FB Begins…
After I released your hands to scratch my neck ( Inside Purab’s subconscious mind)
A lady came walking towards me she resembled my grandmother, I thought, ‘ I was fooled once not anymore.’ I asked her, “ Hey who are you?” Her appearance changed from old and Tiered to Scary Women. She looked like she was wearing a long big black frock type gown and her eyes coal black in colour were piercing me as if it would kill me the very second. She had a long curly, unruly hair which was flowing on her sides. If you look at her you will feel like you are seeing a witch from movies. First I thought maybe my mind is playing some games with me but no it wasn’t , she was really a witch she pushed me down and started to speak in a different language I felt like my body was levitating. I started to speak to her in the same language I dint know how I know that language. I said, “Go away from here or else I would banish you again. This time you can’t even come back as a spirit.” I dint know what she understood but she went away with fear in her eyes. I had no idea I can scare away Witches! Wow Purab you got to tell this to Abhi by the way where is he? I feel tiered its better I sleep now.
FB ends…

Abhi told me to look into his eyes (Why does he do this all the time? What he wanted to show me now?) This time I dint get to see anything. After a few minutes he pulled me into a hug saying you saved everyone who were there! You are a Hero Purab! You are a Hero I love you Bro! I pushed him off and asked, “ Abhi what are you doing? This time I dint get to see anything but you saw something. What did you see?” He said, “ I will explain you later darling, now shall we go to our room and sleep? Because of that drama our training has been postponed to next week.” I said, “ Darling? Are you serious? Ok anyhow I myself feel sleepy, So let’s go.” We both headed towards our room, when we woke up it was around 9 O’ Clock my mobile sang. Abhi looked at me like ‘I will kill you change the ringtone’ I just shrugged and attended the call. I said. “ Hello.” That was all I could say before I could say anything, here is what happened.
Me : Hello

Person: Come on! You came here to Mumbai it’s been a day, You dint even call me or message me after you reached. At least I would have come to visit you right? Oh well why should you tell? Hope you are so busy with your new girlfriend.
Me: Bulbul
Bulbul :Don’t speak in between I will cut your tongue out. Now tell me who is she?
Me: Bulbul I am sorry I was busy yesterday! Shall we meet today?
Bulbul: Ok fine come to ‘Pipe hot Coffee’ shop at 11 O’clock my favourite! Bye take care love you.
Me: Bye love you too
Abhi was laughing hard hearing our conversation he said, “ So shall we go?” I said Laughing , “ Do I have an option?” So I fresh up, I mean we and get ready to go to that coffee shop. We hired a cab and reached there I said, “ Abhi mera bhai please lock yourself inside it’s been a while so maybe we both! You know what and I blushed. He said, “ Wow you know how to blush?” We entered inside the Coffee shop there were only few people scattered to very corner of the shop and saw her sitting near a window she was wearing a white shirt and a blue jean with a red scarf like in the picture I have in my home, She has left her hair open, I was thinking it’s been a while I played with her hair. Before other thoughts surfaced I just walked towards her sat across her she said, “ Suniye…” I was like what?
Abhi’s POV
I heard my Fuggi’s voice I know it is definitely her voice I am sure about it. I just pulled Purab inside and took over his senses and said, “Fuggi, What are you doing here? She said, “ When you can come why can’t I ? I have taken special permission to be here with you from now on I will be here with you.” I said, “ Fuggi, You don’t know what we are going to deal with! Its lot more than Tanu or Nikhil or Aaliya. I don’t want you to face any danger or Bulbul so please go.” She said, “ Oye chup! You know about me right? I came here only after knowing what you will be facing I can’t sit peacefully in heaven while you struggle here ok? Do you want to see the old Pragya? If not let me be here. I said, “ Ladikiyon tho Akiyon se maar tha hai tum tho apni baathon se! Teek hai baba (Girls always kills with their looks but you kill with your words! Okie) you can stay but at first we should ask Purab is he ok with Bulbul being in trouble along with us? Purab Purab….”

Inside Purab’s subconscious mind
Purab said, “ Come on now you both got to speak not us! Very bad how did she come?” I said, “ No idea she said some special permission and all that stuff but if you know her well she would have made them agree with the way she spoke. You heard it right? She kills people with it! Nobody can win her in an argument.” Purab asked, “ But she looks so innocent! Every seems so at first 😉 Are you ok with Bulbul being with us in this fight?” he said, “ I have to say yes because she has come here with her own consent so if I say no woh baathon se nahin joothan se maarungi! (She will beat me with slippers not with words).” We both laughed and said, “Dangerous sisters.”
Inside Bulbul’s subconscious mind

Pragya’s POV

Bulbul said, “ So spoke with him are you happy di?” I said, “ I am happy but I don’t think he is! You know dragging you into this and all.” Bulbul said, “ Di I came here with my own consent I will not back off Purab knows that very well if he says no tho zaroor Joothon se maar doongi ussey (Then I will beat him with slippers) *Evil Grin*” We hug each other.

Purab’s POV

Suddenly he pushed up to take control of my senses I was like why bhai now? I came and checked whether it was Bulbul or not. I said, “ Bulbul…” She said, “ Yeah it’s me Pragya di is taking rest inside. Now tell me Purab are you ok with me coming with you guys?” I swallowed my saliva and said, “ Ok I… don’t have any problem with that (In a single breath).” She said, “ Ok we will meet later now I have to go bye take care love you.” She pecked on my lips and got up to leave. I pulled her back and Pecked her lips and said, “ I don’t have the habit of keeping something others gave *winking at her*” She went away shying.
Abhi’s POV
We were about to go when she came back again, This time I know it was Pragya so I pushed him off and we both shared a passionate lip lock. It’s been a while since I kissed her, We both broke the kiss looked around found none in the vicinity kissed again and she left. We also decided to leave, when we moved we bumped into someone, a girl all her belongings fell on the floor and she started her rant, “ Hello mister can’t you see while you walk?” she raised her face to look at us I said , “ Aaliya?” Purab said, “Oh my God.” Aaliya asked, “What?” but the anger which she had earlier was subsided seems like she is smitten by Purab. Purab too did a great job see for yourself what he said. Purab said, “ You are that angel who fell off from heaven yesterday right?” She smiled sheepishly and said , “No, Hi my name is Aaliya.” She held out her hand and I said, “Purab she is the ticket for us to get inside my home go ahead.” He said, “ Hi I am Purab very pleased to meet you.” *Shaking hands* She asked , “ Where are you from? I haven’t see you in Mumbai?” He replied, “ I am from Theera (My imagination) a village near Pune, I am a writer so I travel a lot.” She asked, “ Are you free tonight ?” She noticed his ‘Why do you ask me so’ look and said, “Just to invite you to a party at my mansion.” He said, “Sure why not? That too when an angel calls who would say no?”

Minu , Priyanka, Honey, Rithu, Rajesh,SV,Aishu,Saranya,Aliza,Hemu sampath,divya(di), cute vanshu,Suhani,Hari,Lucky,Reshma, Asmitha,Sugan – Please tell your full name I had a friend named Suganthi your name reminds me of her we both lost contact I miss her so much,Surbhi-Yes they dint ,Maha, Ashika, Thank you so much guys for reading patiently Love you all I wanted to give individual reply as always but too tiered I don’t even know whst I am typing there may be some mistakes forgive me.

Doll, Moni,Mukund bro, Durga,Myna ,Rithu – Where are you guys? not only you there are few more too I am too tiered. I am posting around 9 don’t know when TU will post. Feedbacks please.

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