Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 6 (Cubiporter)


Hi guys, I told you all to find the language not to translate it! okie now here are two websites from which you can know about that language :

Use the second one to translate what ever is written on the Pic 😉 Read from Right to Left.

Here we go for another ride 😀 Hope you will enjoy this one…

This is the final translation I got,
enim si eh
mih evael
mih erutpac ot seirutnec rof gnitiaw neeb evah i
emit emas eht ta dna yad lived no nrob eno eht si eh
enim si eh
mih evael
em deyortsed eh
mih yortsed lliw i won
I thought to myself what gibberish is this? Then finally I understood and started writing the original form…
He is mine
Leave him
I have been waiting for centuries to capture him
He is the one born on devil day and at the same time
He is mine
Leave him
He destroyed me
Now I will destroy him

After reading it I felt like Purab destroyed her? Really? When did that happen? Will ask him when he wakes up. Why we have to learn all the oldest languages? Why can’t the old ones update themselves with new languages? I have to get inside him (Purab) before he/she or whoever returns. Wait a minute! Let me paint this room White, I never ever thought I will do this in my entire life.* Within a fraction of second every inch of the room was painted and illuminated with White* Okie now time to get inside him. After I went inside him I felt very tiered may be due to his bodily tiredness so I dozed off next to him (Inside Purab’s sub conscious mind).

Vishal turned towards us and said, “ Come on guys listen to me now! You will be trained by Miss.Soniya, Soniya come in dear.” We both gasped seeing a girl coming through a wall and materializing before us. Sid’s jaw dropped down to the floor seeing her. He said, “ What a beauty!? I have never seen anyone like this before.” Soniya said, “ Hello Guys, So you are the lucky ones to die on a full moon’s day? I will be training you guys how to use your newly gained powers. I said, “ I have a doubt.” She said, “ Yes proceed.” I asked, “ How on earth we have powers after we die? But not when we are alive? Soniya said, “ It depends upon your previous birth, the day you were born or how you died. For instance you were born on devil day (31st October) you will have immense power within you, you can use it before or after death.

Or if you died on Full moon day or died due to torture you receive the power from the God to finish off your business in Earth and move onto heaven. These powers are acquired only by pure souls not the evil ones. Evil ones do have some power they have to learn a lot more than you people.” I asked, “ What if a person died due to torture and on a full moon day?” She said, “ So you are the one right? Who made the lights flicker ? Don’t do it bro!” and asked, “ What that guy is doing?” I saw Sid ogling at her, like he would eat her up with his eyes. I went near him and said, “ Sid, Bro what are you doing? Stop it or you will end up in trouble!” Sid said (Shaking himself off from his dreamland), “ Hello Soniya, I am sorry I lost myself by seeing such a beauty.” Soniya said, “ Oh really then you got to see this.” She suddenly changed her appearance now all we both could see was blood dripping from her eyes and mouth, her tongue was cut off, her hair covered with blood and glistening due to white light present in that room. Her neck was pierced by a Knife, Her hands Oh my God we were able to see flesh at some places and bones at some places. Blood was oozing out from her chest, her abdomen was torn apart and we could see her intestines hanging out from it. Her legs were scratched or stripped off its skin and all we could see was blood blood and only blood in her entire body, she was standing stark naked in front of us.

I turned away from her, We asked her how you died (We understood this is how she died, someone killed her) She replied, “ I was raped and then killed.” Don’t know what happened to Sid he rushed towards her and hugged her tightly (You know with all those blood dripping over her and a knife in between her neck, he dint even hesitate a bit). She turned herself to normal form before he reached her. I cleared my throat, “ Ahem… Ahem…” Soniya said, “ You are the only person who hugged me in spite of what you saw. I have seen many guys like you praising me how beautiful I look but after seeing my other form they just run away from me.” Sid said, “ It doesn’t matter how you look anyway, I just fell in love with your presence, your presence makes me happy, I feel like I have some close connection with you.” I said, “ Love birds shall we continue with our lessons?” Both were embarrassed and said, “Ok.” Soniya went through the wall and came back with a cardboard box. She emptied them, two tin cans, two foldable tables were there in front of us now.

She kept those tin cans over those tables faced us within a few meters from us and said, “ For beginners, Try to do something with that tin can.” In front of me was a table on top of it was a tin can same for Sid. We walked towards it and were about to touch it when she said, “ Ah ah ah no touching! You should do something to it without touching something like this.” She moved the cardboard box from the floor to Sid’s head without touching it, It looked like Sid was carrying the cardboard box on his head. Next minute it was turned to a mini bot (Mini robot) and it started dancing on his head. We laughed at the mini bots antics, with just a snap she changed the bot back to cardboard box and was down in front of us. She looked at us and said, “ Your turn newbies.” *Smirking* We both gulped our own saliva looking at her, We both tried to move those tin cans at first. It must have been an hour or so we weren’t able to move. Sonia started to yawn seeing us, she turned her back towards us. I moved towards the tin can moved it a bit and was back to my place. When she turned I was smiling and Sid was fuming ,he told me to move his can too, but I dint *Winked* Sonia said, “ Wow Abhi you at least moved it a bit, it is appreciable for the very first day whereas others waste their time sulking.” Sid got irritated and blurted out, “ He moved it with his hands.” Sonia said, “ Ok let me check.” I tried to protest but she said, “ Stand right there Mr.” She switched on an invisible switch in the wall (white in color so it seemed to be invisible). She snapped her fingers and a video started to play, I was shocked to see this. That was nothing but whatever happened in this room. It is very hard to hide a camera over here, I looked around and found one zooming on me (Yuck! White in color). Now Sonia fast forwarded to the part where we both were practicing and it showed me moving the tin can and Sid asking me to move his. Sonia glared at us and was about to throw those tin cans at us. We both were afraid and raised our hands in protest, that’s when magic happened those tin cans were floating in the air in between us and Sonia. Now it was our turn to smirk, we pushed those cans towards her, it was about to hit her when she literally flew from there. We were gaping at her like a small kid seeing a magic show for the first time.

She landed near us and said, “ Well survival instincts does teach people very quickly than silly practices, That’s all for today you both can leave from here. Tomorrow be ready for a ride guys, bye have fun.” She left us both in that training room and vanished into thin air. We dint know where to go or what to do that’s when a guy emerged through the same wall from where Sonia came, He walked towards us and said, “ Abhi, Sid lets go to your room now and hey I am Robin.” We both said, “ Hi Robin.” We followed him to our room, We walked straight for around 30 minutes turned a left then a right and then Robin stopped near a door and said, “ This is your room Fellows enjoy!” He walked away who knows where. We both entered inside our room which was obviously white in color, It had two cots and two side tables, a T.V and a couch opposite T.V. We both settled on the couch and switched on the T.V with great difficulty. There was a news telecast showing about my death and how much my family members missed me. Reporter was asking Tanu, “ Mam what do you think, Did someone tortured Abhi sir?” Tanu replied, “ No no he met with an accident while walking.” Reporter asked, “ Mam, sir has so many cars , why should he walk? What was the reason?

Tanu said, “ Oh come on I have to support my friend, his sister who is grieving on her brother’s death and Can’t a person walk? You know very well accident took place near his home. There are chances that he just went for a walk and accident happened.” Reporter asked, “ Mam, Don’t you think this is a planned murder? Abhi sir doesn’t go out without his car and there is no use in walking in this place at that time. He was injured badly even before the accident took place.” Tanu said, “ For God’s sake leave us alone.” Reporter said, “ One more question mam.” Tanu said, “ If you will leave me after this then go ahead or just leave me already.” Reporter asked, “ Mam, Are you in any way responsible for his accident or murder?” Tanu stood numb by hearing that question for a second and said, “ Excuse me whoever you are mind your words, why should I do something like that? He is my best friend’s brother.” I switched off the T.V immediately being irritated. Sid was about to ask me something but understood my situation and let me go. There was no track of time in this place we both weren’t hungry so we decided to sleep. We lay down on our cots and said simultaneously, “ What a comfy bed !” That’s all the next thing we remember was waking up to an alarm like sound. We both went outside and saw many people wandering here and there, We got hold of one and asked, “ What’s with that sound bro?”

He said, “ It’s an alarm for all of us to wake up.” We both went back and decided to take bath *Psst we have separate bathrooms too* I went inside mine and wow what a sight! Nobody will feel like they are struck somewhere in a white world , There was a Jacuzzi I went and hit it straight. After an hour or so I came out to find Sid staring at me and said, “ Bro, even girls won’t take much time to take bath.” I smiled sheepishly, that was when we heard another alarm. We walked ahead and saw everyone walking in a straight line. We understood we had to join the line and joined it. We walked for 15 minutes I dint notice any turns this time, We entered a big dining hall. The size of the dining table increased with every member entering inside and also the size of the hall. Sid said, “ Don’t know why I remember Harry Potter now, you know that big Dinning hall and ghosts flying around and others walking around?” I said, “ The only difference is we ourselves are ghosts and we are the ones walking around here.” Breakfast was over, We went straight to our training room from there we were directed to go to the border where Soniya is waiting for us. I said *Excitedly*, “I know the way.” and led Sid with me. We saw Soniya waiting for us near the border (Border from Chapter -3 Tormented Souls). She asked, “ So guys ready for the ride?” We dint know what kind of ride or where we would go so just said, “ Yes Mam.” She laughed and said, “ Just call me Soniya, Now come with me.” She led us to a room near the border. I thought. ‘ I dint see this last time when I came with Vishal.’ My thoughts were broken when we went inside the room there were so many controls and many monitors like the one in control room and we found a ball like thing (White in color) in the room inside a hollow tube. She said, “ Guys listen carefully now I will be sending you both to the black Zone in the Cubiporter.” We both said, “ Cube what?” She said, “ Cubiporter, It is used to travel from White zone to the black zone. It will turn to black color once you reach the black zone, inside of it remains white in color. There are certain simple terms and conditions which you both have to follow. Read them” *Handing over two papers one each*

Terms and conditions:

1.Never ever open the hatch of the Cubiporter.
2.Follow No.1 Without fail.
We both looked up and said, “ Really terms and conditions?” She said, “ It’s for your safety guys, Never ever open the hatch whatever may happen. For instance you will feel like a pure soul is in the black zone or one of the evil one is inside the Cubiporter. All these are just illusions created to make you open the Cubiporter so don’t do it. Now hop into it.” We both went toward it, It was in the shape of a cube but it had many open spaces around it. Before I could ask anything Sonia said, “Touch those spaces.” I touched it followed by Sid, No they were not spaces there were something hard. She said, “ They are the invisible portion of the Cubiporter just to play with the Evil ones *Winked*.” So with those terms and conditions we hoped into the Cubiporter. As soon as we closed it, It started to move.

To be continued…

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