Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 3 (Tormented Souls)

Hi guys! I have to tell you all something coming Tuesday there won’t be any update! That’s because I will be updating on Monday! This Halloween get ready for a roller coaster Horror ride! Full Fledged Horror track! Back to the story! Enjoy reading guys…

Tormented Souls
I heard a familiar voice, “Hey wake up sleepy head” I opened my eyes to find myself surrounded by white, White everything was White around me I was confused I questioned myself, “ Where am I?” I heard a Voice saying, “ You will know only if you listen to me Abhi, come here.” I woke up from that white bed and just blindly followed the voice and entered another room. It wouldn’t have felt like another room if it dint have a door. I entered and found a person smiling at me. He said, “Welcome to the world of Tormented Souls Abhi!” I was like, ‘Tormented What?’ I found myself wearing white T-shirt, white Jean in that room there was nothing expect for a white table and 2 white chairs like the one you find in movies when criminals are interrogated. The room was illuminated with white light, I was sick of seeing white everywhere and again I questioned myself,“ Where am I?”

That man smiled yet again and said, “ Abhi as I said you are in the world of Tormented Souls, this is a place between hell and heaven.” I asked him, “Why am I here? Where is Fuggi? And what’s with this white surrounding? And you are also dressed in white! I feel like I will go blind with all this whites in front of me *Closed his eyes and opened them acted as if he went blind*. That man asked,“ Tell me what’s your favorite color?” I said, “ It’s black I love black.” He said, “ I am sorry Abhi, any other color?” I said, “Fine blue”. I dint even finish saying blue completely my jean was changed to blue color I gasped and asked him, “ What just happened now? And why dint you turn my T-shirt into black color?”

He said, “ Abhi the word black is banned from this place you can’t even say that word when you step out of this room and you can never find a black dress to wear. That is because black represents evil here. Come with me I will show you something.” I went behind him we walked and walked and walked through a lobby I was about to ask him something that is when I noticed a place where the white surrounding ends and the black surrounding starts. (For this scene imagine a room separated by a line drawn in between where one side is fully painted white most pure form of white and the other side painted black in it’s pure form).

I dint know why, I just kept walking towards the black surrounding and when I was about to forward my hands towards it, something came running towards me and got hit on a glass in front of me that’s when I realized both the white and black territory are separated by a hard clear glass. When I saw what came running towards me I almost wanted to puke. It’s eyes were out partially of its sockets, it’s nose Oh my God! How can anyone tell that was a nose. It’s lips were half eaten by something, neck twisted, skin peeled off and burnt, I don’t want to describe the rest I looked away. That’s when he came and said, “ Like Hell and Heaven this is white and black zone of this world”. I looked again now I was able to see many eyes struck to that glass lingering on me those were red in color and they were out of their sockets hugging the glass. (Eyes came out from their bodies and stuck on the glass).He went towards the glass and murmured something all those eyes went back to their sockets and I was bit relieved. He came back to me and said, “ They love you, You look very hot it seems” and chuckled. I felt like running away but stayed there and asked him, “What ? They love me? Really? *Made faces like he was going to puke* Fine forget that, what’s with that glass? I wasn’t able to see it before how it suddenly came in between?”

He said, “ It was there but you weren’t able to see because it was a clear glass not just clear glass it is clear toughened glass to keep them away from white zone. You asked about your Fuggi right? She is fine and is in heaven. Any questions about this place you will know about it eventually. Any other questions?” I asked, “ What is your name?”. He said, “ My name is Vishal(Vishal Kotiyan from Akbar Birbal) and you have a message from your Fuggi, come with me I will show you.
Again inside a White Room (Phew!)

Again we went back to one of the White room, Seriously I am sick of this color. I don’t have a choice here so I have to adjust to my surroundings. He took something like a CD player and inserted a CD and projected it towards obviously white colored wall. Brightness of the video has been increased to the maximum instead of switching off those white lights stupid people! I was getting irritated and turned my back to the screen, that’s when I heard her voice calling me ‘Suniye..’

That was much more than a sweet music for my ears. I turned back and saw her, How much did I miss her beautiful eyes under her spectacles, How much did I miss playing with her wavy hair, How much I missed her calling me like that, How much I missed my lips on hers. I rubbed everything aside and listened to what she wanted to say. She said, “ Suniye I know now you will be in the world of Tormented Souls, Don’t worry you will be back here with me once you have finished all your business in the Earth. Before I died I wanted to say this, At that time I was pregnant.” My whole world crashed beneath me because of those idiots I not only lost my Fuggi but also my unborn child I am never going to forgive them for this never ever. I felt the lights in that room flicker and ground slightly trembling beneath me. Vishal came running towards me and shook me of my thoughts and said, “ I never thought you will be so strong enough to do this! Don’t do this if the lights goes off , The Glass separating White and Black will break!! Please stop it Abhi!” I dint know what he meant I wasn’t listening but once again I saw her face which calmed me down. She was telling something again I told him to rewind and it started from where she left. She said, “ Come soon, I am waiting for you here, We can be here together.” The video message ended abruptly. I was furious again but before anything could happen I was locked inside a white cage it was fully illuminated with white lights I wasn’t even able to open my eyes. I felt calm more calmer than usual, then the cage disappeared. I felt like an animal being injected with something but I dint feel dizzy so probably I wasn’t injected. Vishal cam towards me and said, “ You are more powerful than I have imagined, here we teach you to control your powers. You have to know how to use them wisely or you will end up tampering your soul and you will be pushed to the black zone so calm down Abhi calm down.”
He took me out of the room and we were again in the lobby we turn 3 lefts and 2 rights to reach another room, Before entering the room I asked him, “ Can you tell me how do you know the difference between all these rooms here? Everything is white in color here! Could you please help me out so that I don’t get lost?” He smiled at me and said, “See carefully on the door can you see some letters engraved?” I adjusted my eyes and was able to see something engraved on the door that too in white color (Come on I am going to hate this color hereafter).

It was written Training room for Newbies in several languages. We entered inside to find another guy wearing White t-shirt and white jeans. He looked at me and said, “Vishal this is not fair! How come he is able to wear a different color?” Before he could finish his pants turned blue too, He was smiling happily at me and said, “ Hope you asked too many questions.” I nodded and smiled back at him. Vishal was walking towards a table in that room. I asked him what’s your name dude?” He said, “ I am siddharth you can call me Sid.” Vishal turned towards us and said, “ Come on guys listen to me now! You will be trained by Miss.Soniya, Soniya come in dear.” We both gasped seeing a girl coming through a wall and materializing before us. Sid’s jaw dropped down to the floor seeing her. He said, “ What a beauty!? I have never seen anyone like this before.”

Get low from Fast & Furious plays…
Who is that playing this music now it’s too loud stop it I said clasping my ears that’s when I realized I was at Purab’s home and inside his body and nobody was playing it. It was him alarm tone. I woke him up, He was sleeping peacefully within him letting me dominate his senses. I kicked him in the ass to wake him up! (Imagine a dark room where both Purab and Abhi are present, Purab is sleeping and Abhi is kicking him. This place is nothing but the subconscious mind of Purab, It has enough illumination to see each other). Purab woke up with pain in his ass and said, “ Come on Abhi why don’t you let me sleep for some time *Half sleepy voice*” I said, “ Idiot your stupid alarm tone woke me up!” He said, “ Sorry Abhi we were having an awesome dream I suppose? What’s with that white color everywhere? My girlfriend loves White color don’t make me hate it please.”

I said, “Sorry Bro you have to endure this and that wasn’t just a dream this is what happened after I died.” He said, “ Oh! Then rest of the story? When will you tell me that? You dint show me what happened after you died. And who was that beautiful girl?” I said, “ I think you have a girlfriend Purab!” He was smiling like an idiot and said, “ Just to make her feel jealous.” We heard the calling bell ring and I gave him back his control over his senses and he went to open the door and found his grandmother and hugged her. She said, “It’s just been a day and you already missed me?” He asked, “ Actually you said you will be back only after a week why are you here now?” I said, “ Don’t let her in Purab she is not your Grandma, she is another Spirit an evil one.” He was shocked and I took over his senses and said, “ Baby doll please don’t disturb us because I reside inside his body now get lost! *Almost shouting*”

She disappeared from our eye sight. Purab asked me. “ What’s going on buddy? Who was she?” I said, “ I have no idea but we have to be careful from here on. And be ready we are leaving to Mumbai tonight!” He said, “ Yaay!!! I am going to meet her after a long time bro, she resides in Mumbai. I need a favor from you will you do it?” I asked him, “ Tell me bro what is it?” He said, “ Can you come out from me when I am with her?” I said, “ Sorry buddy that’s like taking a big risk, you saw right already one came looking for you even when I was inside you. So I can’t take that risk, If an evil spirit gets inside you it will destroy you completely. I don’t know why tha spirit came looking for you! Is it because of me or do you have a background story!?” He said, “ I think I don’t have any background story buddy, So you will be inside me when we are together?” I said, “ Don’t worry I will lock myself inside you I won’t feel a thing until you call out for me.” He smiled sheepishly and said, “ Thank you Bro I wish I could hug you!” I said, “ Come in here we can.” He came inside that dark room we both hugged each other and he took control of his senses now. We both packed everything and went out to get some fresh air. I felt like someone was watching us we turned back to find none. The day was coming to an end when we got inside a train to reach Mumbai! It was way Past Midnight when we reached Mumbai! We said, “ We are coming for you.” Our reflection was seen in a glass opposite us we could see our eyes turning completely black again and we smiled evilly!
To be continued….

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