Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 16 (Soniya)

Hello guys! I know I know I am not keeping up my words! I am not submitting on promised time. This one is short please bear with me I am not able to write kind of writer’s block and no horror for 3 episodes now! (Girl, you are writing a horror story for God’s sake). No more talks.. Here it goes! Enjoy reading guys.. Love you all <3

Abhi’s POV
Niki is being arrested for what he dint do and I heard that Vishal let go off Nikhil because he thinks he didn’t do anything bad. What the hell! I see Tanu‘s knees hit the floor and her cries piercing my ears. Bulbul walked towards her and tried to console her. Inspector Prabha and the rest of the police force left the place. We all stood there in complete silence when we heard Nikhil’s voice from inside the Mansion. Purab was in control, he was about to grab his collars, but before he could do anything Tanu ran towards him and hugged him, letting her tears pool on his shoulders, her cheeks pale, her lips dry. I have never seen her that way. So she really loves him a lot isn’t it?They both went towards their room. Purab and Bulbul to their room, It was good that her parents are out of town for now so she never need to give anyone any sort of explanation.

Purab’s POV
When I was about to close my door, somebody held it in that position when I looked up I saw Nikhil. I again tried to grab his collars and hit him. Before I could do anything he just said, “Cool Purab I am Niki, the one who got arrested was Nikhil not me. That Foolish guy he touched her corpse I saw it so everything happened. But I really have no idea how Aaliya’s corpse was seen. I said, “ We can discuss about this later on Niki, go get some sleep.” I slammed the door hard leaving the sound to echo in the empty hallway.

Bulbul’s POV
After the encounter with Niki Purab came towards me and said, “Well, you can sleep here or here.” Pointing towards the bed when he said both. I asked him, “So where will you sleep?” He replied, “Of course on bed.” He came closer to me and said, “You know how much I love you? Want me to show you how much I love you?” raising his eyebrows. I was reminded of my di she always raises her left eyebrow like this. I came back to senses when I felt someone shake me. I said, “Yes, of course you can, but…” He asked impatiently, “But…?” I said, “After marriage” I put my tongue out looking at him, covered myself with my blanket and turned towards the other side and said, “Can you switch off the light? So that I can sleep well?” I heard him murmuring something followed by a click sound and the lights went off.”
Dream continued from Chapter-10 (The Black zone)
Sid asked her, “ Why wasn’t she able to lure us?” Vishal appeared in front of us and said, “ People who are loved cannot be lured by her. You both are lucky to be loved and Soniya can I speak with you for a moment?”

Sid’s POV

I was jumping up and down like a kid who just got his favorite toy. Abhi stopped and slapped me to stop myself being a stupid. I kissed him on his cheeks and hugged him tight. He said, “I think you dint realize that Soniya left and I am standing here in front of you Sid.” I looked at him with no words to explain my joy and jumped up and down again like a kid. I stopped myself and started to use him as my punch bag. I started to speak only after my adrenaline cooled a bit. I said, “She is the one, she is the one, she is the one Abhi!” He gave me a puzzled look and hit me hard on my head. I said, “Ouch! Let me explain.”

FB Begins…
A girl with long flowing hair is seen walking with her friends. Laughing and teasing. On the other side of the college a guy with a group of friends is seen walking, hitting each other and teasing. They are just separated by the college in between them.
One of the guys said, “Hey Sid I saw your girl, I think she studies in this college. Want to see her?” I was nodding my head like a kid. So we, a group of guys entered the college and was ransacking the place. I saw a girl with long flowing hair and I thought it was her and I was about to touch her that is when…
Abhi said, “Stop! Stop! I think I know the rest man, so you were the one I beat blue and black for touching my fuggi.” I looked at him with ‘Did I really touch her’ look. He smiled sheepishly and said, “You were about to anyway. Ok, I know the rest now come back to your story of meeting her.”

I was pushed outside the college through the other side, When I was pushed out I saw a girl with long flowing, jet black hair braided and a mole on her back with her face covered walking in front of me. I shouted, “It’s her ! It’s her!” I ran towards her and was about to reach her. That is when a mini- van came and pulled her into it. I ran behind the van, One of my friends came with bike looking puzzled, I got the bike from him and let the others explain the situation to him. I followed the van I memorized the number of the license plate. I kept following it and I met with an accident bhai. I was in coma for 6 months after that I came to know that she was raped and murdered brutally. Using the license plate number I found the owner which took me another 6 months .I tried to kill him and ended up getting myself killed. You know what I never saw her face, whenever I tried to, something or the other happens. I was following her for a long time bro, I identify her with her long flowing hair and that mole on her back. I felt tears rolling down my cheek and to the floor. Abhi hugged me and consoled me. I said, “Bhai, If I had not met with an accident. She wouldn’t have been raped or I wouldn’t die. We both would have been…” No words came out from my mouth.

Soniya’s POV
I badly wanted to ask Vishal what does that demon mean by those words. It is still ringing in my ears. YOU STUPID’S THINK YOU CAN DESTROY HER? NO YOU CAN’T SHE IS MEANT TO DESTROY OTHERS! I WILL FINISH YOU OFF. That is when he kept his hands on my shoulders I flinched. He understood and took them off and said, “Soniya, You need to hear this” I heard Sid speak my Sid speak so he was the one who risked his life to save me? He was wearing a helmet and I wasn’t able to see his face. I was overjoyed, but Vishal pulled me back and said, “Not until the mission is over Soniya. You should maintain your distance.” I nodded my head.

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