Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 15 (I din’t Kill her)

Hi guys Prathi here.. I know I am late like very, very late. I am sorry wasn’t able to access internet. And thank you so much for your love and support guys.. Silent readers please do let me know how you guys feel about this chapter. And thanks to all those sweet hearts who commented in my 14 th chapter I replied everyone on except for Hari and Pooja so here it goes..
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TO the story…

Purab’s POV
Turn down for what… Turn down for what… I think that’s my mobile ringing, but when did I change the ringtone? Never mind. Hello, What? But how Nikki? How did this happen? You know right Pragya di hid it from the eyes of human none can see Aaliya’s corpse or smell it? How did this happen? Ok! We are coming stay there with Tanu.

Niki’s POV

Don’t just think I am just a clone! I am also a human being even I have emotions and all other traits of a human being. I just went out to use the restroom. When I was coming back, I dint notice Robin come behind me. I asked him for lime juice, I dint know he would come behind me to the basement. We both heard a sound coming from the basement and rushed towards it and found Aaliya lying in a pool of blood looking towards the ceiling. I had no idea how this happened. I heard tanu calling me, “Nikhil… What was that sound?” Later I hope she found the basement and said, “A hatch? Is there a basement here?” She came inside and saw Aaliya lying in a pool of blood and screamed in my ears. I said, “Robin inform the police! Tanu calm down dear, we will find out who did this and will punish them for sure.” I had to inform Purab regarding this. I excused myself walked out of the basement called Purab and informed him.

Bulbul’s POV

We both reached Mehra Mansion to find it flooded with police. I was wondering Di did hide Aaliya from the eyes of other human beings. Then how was it possible? How was Robin able to see her? Nikki was left to guard even when we know she was hidden. But who could have done this? We both were cleared off the case because of our Alibi given by the Coffee shop manager. We somehow manged to throw police off the hook. They left the place with Aaliya’s dead body for post-mortem and took everyone’s finger print.

Nikhil’s POV

I was led towards Median with the help of Irises. I was now face to face with a tall Muscular guy wearing White dress. The place in which I was, was completely mixed with both Black and White color. As though like a checked shirt. He said, “Hey Mr.Warlock I heard everything. I was requested to keep you here until claimed back. But since I know your story I am letting you go.” I said, “Thank you Mr..?” He said, “Oh, I am sorry I am Vishal.” I said, “Ok! Thank you Mr. Vishal. Can you help me reach home?” Vishal replied, “Oh, Yes, With pleasure. Here you go.” I opened my eyes to find myself inside the basement besides Aaliya. I was shoked to see her lying in a pool of blood. I went and touched her to check whether she was still alive? No, no hope there. She is dead for a long while now. I need to get out and have to do a work and then be back here. I really have to do that now or else I can’t do it ever.

Prabha’s POV
Oh my goodness I had to witness a girl being snatched off her arms and legs off her body lying in a pool of blood. She had her eyes closed as if she was sleeping. But I know things better, she had died in peace. But how is that ever possible? With her arms and legs being pulled out from her. A forensic guy came towards me and said, “Sir she has been torn apart. Her insides has been thrown out all around this place. Seems like she has been killed by an animal and not a human being. After that she has been dressed in a white dress. If you look carefully you can see that it doesn’t even have a drop of blood on it. She has been killed first and then dressed up.” My eyes were fuming with anger. Who would want to kill a beautiful girl like this? I will never leave that person. If possible I will kill him/ her the same way. I told him to take finger prints of every person in this house and check it with her body. I called my assistant Dinesh and told him to check all the people’s Alibi.

Bulbul’s POV
After our alibi was cleared we both were told to stay there for the night. Inspector Prabha had his doubts, If he finds my finger print on Aaliya’s corpse I am dead and gone. My di assured me nothing of that sort will happen. He can only find some unidentified Finger print which will be her’s and not mine. Even if checked with records it will turn out to be a dead person’s finger print, which will leave them confused. Purab came inside my room and started to pester me to tell about di and Jiju. Sometimes he behaves like a kid, Since I dint have any choice I started to narrate…
FB Begins…

From the next day onwards Jiju always came to college to pick up Aaliya which was unusual according to her. But we both knew the reason. Tanu was fuming from top to down when ever she witness Jiju staring at my di. And one day…

Pragya said, “Mr. Stop staring at me as though I am your world. I hate people staring at me so will you stop?” Abhi said, “Miss. Angry Queen, How do you know that I am staring at you? So you are also staring at me right? If I am not wrong?” My di murmured something and said, “Please! I have a feel when someone stares at me. I feel like something is crawling on my skin. I felt the same and found you staring at me. So will you stop doing it?” Jiju is jiju right? He never stopped staring at her. Then I found both of the sharing eye-locks now and then. When enquired di murmured , “I don’t want to get hurt again.” Her eyes spoke more than her words. I sensed something was wrong here. So I went and told my Jiju about this. I said, “Abhi bhaiyya….” He turned towards me and said, “Yes, tell me Bulbul.

What can I do for you?” I said, “I need to speak to you about Pragya di. I know you like her and want to spend your time with her. I know her only after I joined this college. I think something has happened before I joined her. Whenever you stare at her she always keeps saying, ‘I don’t want to get hurt again.’ So Bhaiyya will you help me sort out the problem?” I saw his face I was able to read like a book. He was worried for her, much like his life depended on her. He said, “Sure thing Choti.” We have to make her speak first. She never opens her mouth to speak always speaks only to fight. But I like that too. Fighter hen” He winked at me and left the place. See this is the reason I said he is made for her. If it was some other guy he would have said, ‘Who does she thinks she is! I never want to see her again. Girl with too much Pride!’

Pragya’s POV

He never stops staring at me, in one way or the other I am reminded of myself even I did the same with him. I really don’t want to get hurt again or to hurt Abhi. His eyes speaks volumes and volumes of Love I can read like a book. His feelings for me are genuine, I don’t want to fall in love again. I went towards him and said, “Mr. Stop staring at me as though I am your world. I hate people staring at me so will you stop?” Abhi said, “Miss. Angry Queen, How do you know that I am staring at you? So you are also staring at me right? If I am not wrong?” I said to myself, ‘You notice all these kinds of stuff perfectly, very well Mr.Abhi.

Very well. I said, “Please! I have a feel when someone stares at me. I feel like something is crawling on my skin. I felt the same and found you staring at me. So will you stop doing it?” He never stopped staring at me and all I could do was plead him with my eyes. If someone noticed us it would seem like we are having an eye lock. I love to do that! You know just keep staring at his brown balls. I just want to loose myself and stay there in his eyes forever. His eyes! Ufff! I just can’t take my eyes off them. They are so… so… Oh come on ‘P’ get a hold of yourself. You don’t want to get hurt again right? So shut up and stop staring at him as though you will eat him up.
Meanwhile somewhere near the college….

A girl with long flowing hair is seen walking with her friends. Laughing and teasing. On the other end of the college a guy with a group of friends is seen walking hitting each other and teasing. They are just seperated by the college in between them.
Present time

Prabha’s POV
I heard my mobile ring I picked up and heard a morffed voice saying, “ I know who killed Aaliya Mehra. You can even check with the finger prints on her body with the one’s you took in this mansion. It is none other than Nikhil, Nikhil Lambha. I hope you will take necessary action.” Before I could say anything the person on the other side ended the call. I thought really weird but what’s wrong in checking things out? It was just 10 pm and I am also staying in Mehra Mansion.

So I called my assistant Dinesh and asked him about the finger print match and he said, “Sir, how did you know about this?” I said, “I said it’s magic! Now get me an arrest warrant and be here within half an hour.” He said, “Yes sir!” and ended the call. He felt like he was standing in front of me and giving me a full hand salute. Weird guy intelligent though.

After half an hour I found my assistant coming inside followed by Mr. Lambha. I called everyone out with help of my assistant and found Bulbul and Purab coming out from the same room something fishy. According to Nikhil and Tanu he was her boyfriend. Will check that out later. Everyone was present there I said, “ Finger prints results has come and I found Mr.Lambha to be guilty.” He started shouting,

“No… I dint kill her… I dint.. dint… kill her.” He knelt down holding his face. I knelt down beside him and said, “ Sorry Mr.Lambha you are under arrest.” I don’t know why I really feel like he dint kill her but the finger prints matched with his. I am totally confused now.

To be continued….

Who are those two people walking on either sides of the compound of the college? Any guesses? And what Nikhil wanted to finish off so badly? And how was Aaliya seen by others?
Keep thinking 😉

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