Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 12 (Round 2)


Hi guys thought of posting this yesterday but I wanted to write more. Even now I am not satisfied with this, I still want to write more but I am too tired to write so here it goes.. Enjoy reading! Love you guys! I hope this is long enough.

Abhi who saw my confused face explained me, “ I don’t want to kill you so soon. Wait till you get to the next part of my torture. I will hurt you, make you bleed, heal you and then again the process will continue just like that. Now have this I don’t want you to die of hunger.” He placed a plate full of sandwiches. I gobbled them down my throat and felt satisfied. He came near me and said, “ Round two begins…” with an evil smile plastered on his face. I thought why can’t he just kill me? For god’s sake, why can’t he just kill me?

I asked, “What are you going to do this time Abhi? Are you going to put me in hot tub containing oil? Or drown me? Tell me what are you going to do now?” He said, “Hey I never thought about those now I feel like doing them. Before that are you satisfied with what you ate?” I drank some water given by him and said, “Yes.” He asked, “So how did they taste like? I said, “Usual, you know very well I love Burgers and they were awesome.” He said with a smirk, “ I am just curious because I have never eaten live roaches till now.” I wanted to vomit whatever I ate but he stopped me from doing so and said, “You ate normal Burgers but now you are going to eat roaches.” He opened my mouth wide enough without touching me and I saw some roaches being forced inside me by my clone. They tried to get out but in vain they were pushed inside. I tried not to swallow them but my clone forced a wooden stick inside my mouth and pushed them further inside. This continued for a while I felt them crawl their way in.

Now Purab/Abhi came towards me and said, “ You wanted me to drown you right? I think I have a different idea now.” My clone and Purab/Abhi spoke for some time and my clone came towards me and said, “Be ready to drink a lot of water.” I thought, ‘Oh my God! He is really going to drown me now’. And yes I am allowed to speak only before or after my torture not in between. He cuts off my voice or should I say he mutes me just like in T.V we mute the audio here he mutes my voice. Purab/Abhi came down with a big bucket full of water I was thinking what is he going to do now? How will he drown me ? Inside this bucket? I am too big for it though! Later I thought he could do anything so I shut down all my thoughts and watched him curiously. I heard ‘Get Low’ (Fast and Furious music), I see Purab/Abhi taking his mobile out from his pant pockets and answering. I was so engrossed in it I missed to see my clone walking towards me with that bucket full of water.

My clone led me to that needles filled cot, cleared them off of needles and told me to lie down. I had to obey, Do I have a choice now? He tied both my hands and legs to the cot. Finally he said, “Now open your mouth bhai, you ate so many roaches now have some water.” He pushed a funnel into my mouth, closed my nose with pincers (From where did he get that?) and started to pour water into the funnel. He kept on pouring them into my mouth. I felt like my stomach was bloating drinking so much of water, I wanted to puke immediately. I thought I will die today due to gastric distension.

Abhi/Purab came back and said, “I have to go out now so let’s end this torture soon for him.” He closed his eyes and opened them to find a sharp knife in his hands. He called my clone (He even named him ‘Niki’) and whispered something to him. My clone obeyed him and left the basement. I think he is planning something worse for me now. He came towards me with that knife in his hands. He watched my stomach for a while and stabbed with full force which lead to explosion of Water, Blood and some gastric juices from my stomach. I was wincing in pain, I was not even able to move any of my limbs since they were tied to the cot. This time he dint do anything just watched me wince in pain with a smirk on his face and ripped the skin off of my stomach which made me wince again. I tried to wail but in vain no voice came out from my mouth.

My clone entered with a box or I thought so. My eyes were blurred due to tears that formed. Abhi/Purab said, “Your stomach was so full with water, Roaches and Burgers right? Now let these help you in clearing them.” All I could hear were squeaks.. I felt something running in my stomach now their number increased every time my clone held the box close to my now ripped off blood oozing stomach. I felt like they were biting me and their sound grew louder and louder. I felt excruciating pain in my stomach now, At first it was stabbed, then ripped off and now being eaten by rats? Why did I ever listen to that banshee ever? How did I betray my childhood friend for her? I am still confused by all this. She even changed Aaliya’s mind. Thinking about her, Will he ever hurt his own sister?

I heard her voice, “Purab where are you?” I can see Purab / Abhi hitting himself on his head and muttering curses under his breath. That must be Purab I suppose not sure though. Now I hear her voice again, “Hey what is that?” I hear Abhi/Purab asking my clone, “ You forgot to close the hatch stupid? Useless Clone.” Before they could act or react Aaliya was in my sight. She saw me gasped and said, “Oh my God Nikhil is that you?” That’s the last word I heard from her. I felt like I was floating in the air again I hear Aaliya saying, “If this is Nikhil who is that?” I hear Purab replying her, “He is a demon Aaliya, we were about to destroy him before that you came here.” I shouted back, “Don’t believe them Aaliya he is not Purab, he is Abhi.” That’s all I remember I was healed completely like earlier but I was no longer in our basement.

I was still floating somewhere in a dark abyss, I felt like my soul being pulled away from me. I heard Wails, Laughter, I felt like I will die if I stay there for one more minute. I felt like all my positivity being pulled away from me. At one point I was free from my floating trance. I felt like I got up from my bed, I started to walk. I felt I was walking in a tunnel filled with darkness. After sometime my eyes adjusted to darkness, I was able to see things move around me, about which I had no idea. I was clothed, I dint have any idea when did that happen in between my torture and Aaliya’s entry. I reached for my pant pockets to find my mobile phone. I used the flash light to see what was in front of me. When I brought it to my head level I saw a face as pale as a white sheet looking at me. You really can’t tell it as a face more like a skeleton eyes wide with dark circles around it as though it has been painted black. Every alternate tooth was blackened, he looked at me for some time and said something in some language and I could feel the ground beneath me tremble. He pounced on me and said, “Feast! Feast! Feast!” Now he was on me but I was not even able to feel his weight on me. I pushed him away and started to run, in this process I lost my phone. I felt like many were coming behind me, I was quickly out of breath. I felt something near my legs and the next moment I hear me scream like a women in pain. I ran again from there with much difficulty after reaching a considerable distance I felt my legs, my left leg was perfect but my right leg I was able to feel my bones. Yes a big chunk of my flesh has been bitten by something or someone. I felt this was just the beginning the worst is yet to come and it did come.
I wasn’t even able to make out a silhouette in the darkness. It was so dark that I won’t even able to see my own body. I felt something coming towards me. I started to run because now I know this is not a place to wait for something to happen if you feel something you just run for your life. I ran again till I reached the end I hope because my face hit something hard. I dint even know in which direction I was travelling so I just took a random direction and started walking towards who knows what? I am not a nocturnal animal to see in dark right? Something caught my eyes, I looked carefully and saw a group of green coloured eyes moving towards something. I thought it would be better to follow it since it was the only light source for me in this dark hell. I think Abhi did send me to the hell! The green light from the those eyes became brighter and brighter allowing me to see the surrounding. I was surprised nobody wanted to follow me and eat me now. I dint know why, but the sight I saw during this visit I will never ever forget in my life.

I saw a man or I think he is a vampire feasting on a girl’s neck lusciously and the girl was enjoying it. I was thinking doesn’t it hurt her? And the next was, I saw something thrown in my direction. I should have just followed those green eyes silently but I dint I was just so curious to know what was that so I bent down for a moment. Those green eyes were waiting for me and increased its brightness for me to see what was in front of me. When I saw what it was I gasped for a moment. It was a head a human head perhaps. I saw a man coming running towards me, when he came closer I just wanted to run away from there which again I dint. He came closer I saw his face it was disfigured in the most disgusting way ever. His eyes were aligned one below the other, his nose were just slits and his mouth was big enough to swallow anything in sight. His ears were bat like. His eyes were glowing red in colour. He just came took that head and walked away from me as though he dint see me at all. I went behind him followed by my source of light (Green Eyes) I saw two men playing you know with what? With the head of the third men who was running in between those two to recover his head. The thing which you should definitely notice here is 3 of them were enjoying playing with that head. Now I think it was turn of that man or whatever he is to remove his head and used as a ball. When he took his position in the middle I just moved a bit away from my light source all the three heads turned towards me in unison.

The next moment they were in front of my face and said, “We are bored playing with each other’s heads why don’t you join us in a most heinous voice I have ever heard. I stepped back and saw the three of them fuse together to form something so uncanny to look at. Now the thing which is standing in front of me had 6 hands, 6 Legs,3 pairs of eyes and looked like a ball made of human parts. It rolled towards me, I wanted to run but no I dint even flinch may be due to fear that was induced in me. Just then my light source came and stood above my head, Now the ball disfigured itself to those three terribly disfigured human beings and they continued to play with their heads now one of them tore one hand from the guy in the middle and started hitting the head with it. The other guy in the other end copied him. All this happened as if they never saw me I thanked those Green eyes silently and walked behind it as it led the way. I promised myself, ‘No more crazy adventures just walk behind those eyes.’ That’s when I saw something. A face completely made of hands, human hands, It opened its mouth to devour 5 people standing in sight. It was like those hands pulled them all at once and pushed them inside its mouth. Inside its mouth instead of tongue there was hands which pulled those people into it. And I saw the face turning into a ball made of hands and roll out from there.

I continued to follow my saviour now without paying much attention to whatever was happening in my surrounding. I heard a beautiful voice singing, I was attracted towards it and walked towards the voice. I felt like someone saying, “ Don’t follow that voice follow me.” I dint pay heed to it, I just followed that voice forgetting everything about my saviour. I saw the most beautiful women in front of me I walked towards her forgetting everything. That’s when I felt a sudden pull and I felt like falling in a pit. It was a long journey. At the end I fell with a thud, I got up and said, “Ouch.” I looked up to see my saviour coming behind me. With its illumination I was able to see a wolf? Or what was that? It was made up of snakes or ropes? I observed closely, ok it is made up of snakes actually. It was approaching me with full speed, I forgot where I was and who I was and screamed again, “Help!!!!!!!” I heard a voice say, “Juno stay back he is a guest. And Bryan welcome to my place.” I don’t know how I understood what she said it was in a different language. Her eyes lashes were burning, her eyes deep black in colour and she had wings black wings. I asked her, “Who are you? If you are an angel why do you have Black wings? Where is your halo? Why do you call me Bryan? And Why are your Eye lashes burning like in ‘Ghost Rider’?” She said, “ I am Cyla, Yes I am an angel black wings are there because I am a fallen Angel. Please we don’t have halos above our heads. I call you Bryan because you were Bryan. Ghost rider what is that?” I completely ignored her last question and asked, “ What? Explain yourself please.” Cyla said, “Before that show me your leg I shall heal it for you.” She healed my injured leg and I felt good, like my whole body felt rejuvenated. I asked, “Can you please explain now?” Cyla said, “Okie to cut a long story short you were a Warlock who went in search of your mate to find her burning in middle of a crowd. You also jumped into the pyre and joined her to become ashes. She is none other than ‘Anamika’ who is now your wife. You vowed to destroy the person who did that to her.” I tried to remember but I wasn’t able to remember anything at all. So I told her to narrate the whole story. I was about to sit down when a chair like thing appeared I was only able to make out a silhouette of it. I sat on it comfortable while she narrated my story.

Precap : You have to get into the Median to get out from here otherwise you will be stuck here for eternity.
Aaliya, “Bulbul you?” Bulbul, “No, I am Pragya!” Aaliya *shocked*

To be continued….

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