Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 11 (I was a Witch?)


Hi guys Prathi here! I know many ppl will be angry on me for not posting as promised but this week 4 chapters for sure, Tomorrow is a holiday since TN’s CM passed away. In this chapter I have added two of you ppl as a cast and that was for finding out the translation for my 5 th Chapter. Almost everyone found out but only those two wrote it fully in comments they must be appreciated right? I don’t know whether they will be reading this or not, anyone reading this pass on to them please. My dear silent readers let me know how you fell about this. I know it’s short you will get longer epi’s very soon. Ok no more talks to the story.. Enjoy reading guys…

Aaliya told me to take rest, I went to wash my face. When I washed my face and looked up in the mirror I screamed. My face was covered with blood, I checked the tap it was normal water. I splashed water on my face again and checked was I hurt? Nope, not at all. So from where did this blood come? I was confused, I splashed water again on my face and saw the mirror. To my shock I wasn’t seeing my reflection, it was of somebody else’s I see an old Woman staring back at me with blonde hair almost going bald. I touched my face and I found it doing the same. I was about to leave when the doors slammed shut.

I heard a voice calling, “Anamika….” To my shock, I turned back and said, “ What do you want Amoriya?” I stopped myself and asked, “ What did I just say now? And in what language am I speaking?” I heard a voice say, “Oh dear, you know very well nobody can forget their past life, if it comes in front of you. If you know I am Amoriya you must also know whose reflection you saw just now. Don’t you?” I remembered something and said, “It’s me.” Amoriya said, “ Yes of course it is you, dear.” I asked, “Why can’t you come in front of me Amoriya? Are you scared?” Amoriya in rage said, “Don’t try to hypnotize me with your honey flavored voice I know….” Someone slowly starts to appear in front of me, I almost gasped and said, “Tell me Amoriya, How are you?” The person in front of me looked like a very young lady with black hair and thick hair touching her shoulders. She was wearing a black colored Gown with an overcoat (Why does she wear something like that?) She said, “ I am fine but dead Anamika and you know that too.

I asked her, “ Who are you? And why am I calling you Amoriya? Who is this Anamika? Is it me?” She spoke like a zombie, her reply, “I am a witch back in 11 th Century my name is Amoriya. Your name is Anamika we both belong to the same Coven. We both were guarding our coven along with Nini and Ashika they both were White witches and we both Black witches. We were guardians for different directions of our coven which is wide spread around 500 square kilometers. We were covering half of our country. Our country was Lebanon it spreads across 10,452 square kilometers. They both were guarding North and South side, while we both Guard the East and West. Everything was fine until one day our head of the coven decided to throw out the black witches for their unbearable behavior in the country. The rest you know.”
She finished her conversation I was reminded of what all happened after that and I was not able to bear the pain inflicted by those thoughts and I fainted. When I woke up I saw her staring at me, I ran to hug her, but I wasn’t even able to touch her. I was pushed back to reality that she was no more alive and I was no more Anamika. I said, “ I really feel sorry for whatever happened to you, but now we can’t do anything. You are a ghost and I am as powerless as you are in front of him. But wait, isn’t he powerless too now? I meant Purab sorry I mean Mahrus.” That’s when she explained that Abhi is with Mahrus I mean Purab. Oh my God, I am going to be sandwiched between the present and the past. She told me that now Abhi has possessed Purab and Purab has given him the permission to be possessed by him. Too much information for my brain now.

And she said something more interesting too, like, “You still possess your power to hypnotize people to get things done. You wouldn’t have noticed when someone says no to you, you just look into their eyes and say it again and they just say yes. Don’t they?” I was like yes, yes, and yes, that happens all the time and I just thought that I am being lucky no not at all. It’s my power, my power to hypnotize people at my own will. She asked me, “ How do you feel when you are extremely happy or sad or irritated?” I asked irritated, “ What would anyone even feel other than being happy or sad or irritated at that point of time?” She said, “No you are always different you do something different from us which nobody has done except for our honourable head.” I said, “ Come on just spit it out I don’t know what I do or how I feel.”
She was pestering me to an extent that I wish I could burn her alive I was burning with rage and I felt like I was holding something in my hands. That’s when I remembered it happens all the time when I am extremely happy, sad or irritated I feel something in my hands. I hope she understood my situation she started to explain, “ Every Witch has their own special powers and you have 2 of them one is hypnotising and the other is getting your wand in your hands when you are in extreme situations. You never keep your wand in your possession, you used to forget it in your room or misplace. But wherever it may be it just appears in your hands when you badly want it.”

I was thinking of Harry Potter and said to myself, ‘It’s fun being a Witch.’ I hope she read my thoughts and she said , “Yeah for you it was fun being a witch.” Just then I remembered seeing blood on my face and I asked her, “Amoriya, Can you explain yourself about that blood which was on my face sometime back?” She replied, “ You loved blood, human blood and that too Virgin girl’s blood. You even had a slave for that sole purpose you fed her well and drink her blood as and when needed. Your slave back then was none other than Aaliya Mehra.” I was taken aback by her statement, In this century I took away her brother and sister-in-law from her and in my previous birth I was drinking her blood?

She continued, “Don’t fret thinking about that old women image in the mirror it was just a sample of how would you look if you were alive till then. Now look at the mirror you will know how you looked back then.” I looked at the mirror to see a very young and charming women with blonde curly hair wearing dress similar to Amoriya. I just kept looking at my reflection. She said, “Enough Anamika, we have to do something now, otherwise he will win this time too. Abhi came here to kill you and everyone who betrayed him. Little did he know that you were the reason behind their betrayal. But we have no time he will learn about all this very soon. For now he has some kind of block in his memories, he doesn’t remember learning about you, me and all the other witches. If he remembers them we are gone forever.” I asked her, “About whom are you speaking now Abhi or Purab?” She replied, “Abhi and Mahrus” I understood that she meant Abhi and Purab. I asked, “ What about Purab does he remembers anything about us?” She said, “ I don’t know but me being inside him would have triggered his memory lanes. Till now he hasn’t found out who you were so I hope he doesn’t remember anything about me either.” I asked her, “You being inside him? What? Why? When?”

She explained me what happened back then. So have to act fast otherwise I am gone for sure. This means what I saw was real it was Abhi and not Purab. I explained her what all happened here with me and she said, “I never thought you will fall for his trick Anamika. Can’t blame you, you were brought up by weaklings who know only to get afraid and nothing else.” I was angry as I understood she was speaking about my parents. I may be Evil but not evil enough to hate my parents I love them. I was glaring at her in rage I felt something in my hands, I held it firm and…

Precap : Purab where are you? Was there a basement in our store room? Oh my God Nikhil is that you?

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